Hardware: The majority of this website was made on Apple Macintosh and Linux systems. Much of the code is maintained on Macintosh PowerBooks and PowerMacs, and the server itself is a homebrewed box.

Applications: The code was written entirely by hand in BBEdit. The images were created and processed using Adobe Photoshop, ImageReady and Illustrator.

Utilities: File transfer is done using Peter Lewis' Interarchy and BBEdit's built-in FTP.

Web Browser: Testing has been done using all major releases of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator for Macintosh and Windows and, where available, Linux and similar Unix-based OSs. Additionally, testing has been done with Safari, Mozilla, Opera, Lynx, iCab and Konquerer on all available platforms. And, finally, WebTV. The site worksin all browsers, due to our strong belief in supporting web standards.

Server: The machine is home-brewed, owned and operated by Meticulous. It runs FreeBSD, MySQL, Apache and PHP.

Code: The site is created entirely in PHP, and data is stored in XML and in MySQL. All code by Munk & Phyber, Inc.. Some HTML assistance provided by Sara Fleming.

Fonts: The logo font is Modern Number 20. The side boxes are titled in Jason Kottke's Silkscreen. The main site font is, in fallback order, Verdana, Lucida, Arial and Helvetica.

Food: The appetizers include softened brie with blackberries and stuffed potato skins. The main course is roast beef with a light honey mustard sauce and capers. And for dessert, raspberry chocolate cheesecake.