Folsom Field Date, Cover Art

By Waldo Jaquith
[Live at Folsom Field Cover]The official DMB site has released the artwork for the forthcoming live release, officially titled "Live at Folsom Field, Boulder Colorado." It is scheduled for release on November 5th. We reported in June on CDNOW's story that the CD/DVD was to be titled "Open Up the Curtains" -- obviously, CDNOW was wrong. The two-CD set is available for pre-order direct from the band for $20, or the CD and DVD for $40. Folsom Field was recorded on July 11, 2001, and was the concert featured on VH1's "FanClub," which aired in October of 2001. See our interview with FanClub subject Sarah Bay for more information about "FanClub," and our reviews of the show for more about the concert. Thanks to Bill Tracy for the tip.