Trey and Dave Go to Africa

By Waldo Jaquith
As a part of VH1's "Inside (Out)" series, they will be broadcasting a documentary on Saturday night about Dave Matthews and Trey Anastasio's recent trip to Senegal. The hour-long piece, entitled "Trey and Dave Go to Africa," was recorded early this year, and begins backstage at the Oakland Dave Matthews and Friends concert, the last of the tour, and follows them as they travel to Dakar, attend a soccer game, visit Goree Island, learn some of Orchestra Baobob's songs, and finally perform at Dakar's Yengoulene Club.. Songs by Phish, Dave Matthews, and Orchestra Baobob will be included, including "So Damn Lucky," "Bouncing Around the Room," and "Bul Ma Miin." The show will be broadcast at 10pm EST, and will repeat frequently on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.