Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Louisiana Bayou
Corn Bread
You Might Die Trying
You Never Know
A Dream So Real
(Typical Situation)
The Idea Of You
Jimi Thing
Eh Hee
The Stone
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen The Bridge -->
Too Much
Grey Street
Ants Marching
Entire show with Rawshawn Ross on trumpet

Over all, the show was amazing (as usual). The only thing was, it didn't seem to have the same "oomph" as past performances. The band rocked and they were definitely into everything, including the new songs, but that usual connection you get with Dave, seemed to be lacking. Dave had a lot less to say to the crowd than at any other concert I've attended, including last years in Raleigh. On the up side, the new songs sound amazing and to hear the progression "The Idea of You" has made since he first played it, was intense. A good chunk of the concert was new songs (which made a lot of people leave, which I thought was disappointing...)but it also felt as though the band was going back to its roots. But, what was up with the weird light show behind them on stage. I felt it detracted from the performance, not enhanced it. Most of the lights and images just didn't fit the songs. All in all, it was a great performance, with an encore of Grey Street and Ants, I couldn't have asked for a better show!
Ben V.
WOW! soo... first off this was my first DMB show... EVER! it was amazing!

Louisiana Bayou- sick! first time they've ever opened a show with it! nice! me and my buds swore that the guy playing the lap steel for REK was gonna sit in on it... no such luck but still an amazing song!

Warehouse- AMAZING! i was in total love with it!

Cornbread/#27- these songs are ok... not my favorites but i still enjoyed them.

YMDT- I wasn't a big fan of this song till' last night!

You never know- i was so stoked! My personal favorite (or one of them)and it hasn't been played in nearly 800 shows and the redemption last night! sweet!

Everyday- Classic... the lawn was alive and singin!

Stay- Classic... also! love butch and carter singin'!

ADSR- It's not a bad song... but i would've gladly substituted it for another!

Typical Situation- Another personal favorite! Didn't see it coming and flipped when it did!

Dreamgirl- I'm sure some of the ladies in the crowd loved it... but for me and my bud it was a bathroom break! (sorry guys)

Idea of you- My favorite of all the new ones! So powerfull!

Jimi Thing- I was totally hoping for this and it happened amazing!

Eh Hee- I think i am liking it dave solo... or Dave and Tim better but still nice!

The Stone- i was a bit distracted seeing as how there was a fight taking place near us... but as soon as he hit up the opening riff for this dave had my attention again! Loved it!

SMTS/ASTB/Too Much- ugghhh! (words can't describe this for me)


Grey Street- as soon as he picked up that 12 string i was jumpin man! I love this song and have always wanted to see it live! and i did!

Ants- YES!!! when i heard carter hit that snare i was freakin out! The best version i have ever heard! EVER!

The music was tight... the weather was perfect... the heavens shone with all there brightness... and so did the band! The perfect combo, of fall and DMB!