history was the idea of John Athayde and Ryan Shepard, who started mulling over the idea of starting a Dave Matthews Band fan website in late 1997. Though there were many DMB fan sites at the time, there were only a few that had any original content. The official website had little or no information of consequence. John, who had taken over the role of editor of the DMB Frequently Asked Questions file, realized that they could improve the on-line offerings and help promote Dave Matthews Band.

Knowing that assistance would be necessary, they gathered together some of the best and brightest DMB fans on-line at the time: Dan Konigsberg, Christine Baginski, Brian Pace, R. Villanueva, Julia Wyatt, Alex Wendt, Luke Fowler, Devon Cavanagh and Waldo Jaquith.

Alex and Luke provided most of the programming, and Alex created the basic design. Waldo and John did a little bit of everything. Christine and Dan maintained all of the programming and content behind the tour section, and Pace and Shep wrote regular columns.

Site traffic steadily increased, and the team soon became known as the primary source of Dave Matthews Band information on-line. With timely news, near-immediate setlists and concert reviews and insightful articles and interviews, the popularity and respectibility of climbed throughout the next couple of years.

Beginning in late 1999, work began on the first major overhaul of Aaron Nathan, Ruth Dejam and Jordan Snodgrass joined the team with the intention of adding Jordan's discography and Aaron's media archive, and for Ruth to aid with database development. The plan was to streamline the site, quadruple the amount of content, and rewrite everything using SQL and XML. Waldo's company, Munk & Phyber, Inc., took on the job of writing all of the code that would power the site, which has largely been integrated into the site at this time.

In early 2000, Adam Krakowsky came onto the Tour Archive team, and in early 2002, Justin Hankins joined the tech team.

The goal is no longer to be the best Dave Matthews Band website. It is now to be the single best music website on the Internet.