Text Ads
nancies.org text ads are a simple and cheap method of promoting your website to thousands of Dave Matthews Band fans. It's perfect for up-and-coming bands, established artists looking to test the waters of advertising to DMB fans, proprietors of DMB and other music websites, or anybody that thinks that DMB fans are the sort of demographic that might be interested in whatever they've got on their website. You can see a list of all currently running ads to get an idea.

Banner ads are horrible. People ignore them. They're expensive and difficult to make. Text ads, on the contrary, are simple, inexpensive, involve no up-front cost, and can be done on a whim. So banners can either get bigger and uglier to make people notice them, or we can collectively move to something less horrible. Also, nancies.org has a lot of bills to pay every month, and we have to make money somehow. We're hoping that this helps put a dent in that.

How does it work? How much will it cost me?
It's absurdly easy. You type in the title (20 characters max) and body (50 characters max) of your text, plus the URL that you want to link it to. Poof: a text ad. It costs $1 for every 1,000 times that your text ad will be seen. You can spend as little as $1. This is not a major outlay of cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will my ad appear on the site?
    It will appear throughout nancies.org, on nearly every page on the site, with the exception of the discussion boards (for now.) It is not possible to have your ad appear on specific pages.
  • How long will my ad appear for?
    It depends on how many other ads are running. With a few dozens ads on the site, about 1,000 ads will last for approximately 2 hours. 10,000 ads will last for about a day.
  • How can I see how many people are seeing and clicking on my ad?
    Short answer: You can't. Long answer: You can see how many people are clicking on your ad by checking your website logs to see how many people have clicked to your site from nancies.org. But nancies.org provides no tools to monitor ad activity or success.
  • How do I pay you?
    We only accept payments via PayPal. It's the defacto web currency, it's really, really easy to sign up for, it can draw from your credit card or checking account, and it's basically all that we have the capacity to accept.
  • When will my ad show up?
    Within a day or two, but if you need it to show up faster, just contact us.
  • Are any other websites doing this text ad thing?
    You bet. Search engine Google pioneered it, but Matt Haughey's Metafilter and Rusty Foster's Kuro5hin popularized it among web communities.
Try making an ad!