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nancies.org gets a shocking amount of e-mail every day. 95% of it gets ignored, because it concerns something listed below. Before you proceed with e-mailing nancies.org, please review the below list to see if your question has been answered, or if we already know about what you're going to e-mail us about.

Current Events and News

  • "A rerun of an old broadcast involving DMB will be on."
    • Yup. Most of these things rerun dozens of times.
  • Do not e-mail us about anything in the Frequently Asked Questions or that's on our news page.
    • We've been e-mailed about some things so many times that we have a whole webpage listing the questions and answers. This is called The Frequently Asked Questions. Read this. Please do not e-mail us to tell us about things that we already know about. This can be ascertained most easily by reading through the news section of our website. There is more news than what you see on the front page. Please read the news section before e-mailing us about news.
General DMB Questions
  • We cannot make psychic predictions.
    • We do not know what the unannounced tour dates will be. We do not know when DMB will be visiting your country. We do not know what will be on the as-yet-unannounced new release. If we knew these things, you would have read them in the news section. So, please, do not ask us to foretell the future, because we can't do it.
  • Please do not e-mail us factual questions about Dave Matthews Band.
    • We get an absurd amount of e-mail. Seriously. It's nuts. We maintain the FAQ and discussion boards, both of which are rich sources of information. We simply do not have time to research for you how many times that 'Grey Street' was played on the radio last week, the total number of albums that the band sold in Germany in 1998, or what the lyrics are to that one Neil Young song that DMB once performed that one time. If the answer is not in the FAQ, and a search doesn't reveal an answer on the discussion boards, then start a new thread about it on the boards. But don't e-mail us.
  • We cannot get in touch with DMB for you or your sick and/or dying friend. We cannot arrange for you to propose marriage in front of DMB or on-stage.
      We are very sorry that you and/or your friend are sick and/or dying from a rare disease/an impending car accident/dutch elm disease. It is, indeed, nice that you/they find solace in the music of Dave Matthews Band. But, dying wish or not, nancies.org is not capable of providing you with a command performance/getting you backstage passes/getting you an autographed CD. Likewise, it is nice that you want to propose to your girlfriend in front of DMB (actually, it's not nice; it's really creepy, and you should probably know that), but we can't make that happen. In fact, nobody can. It's not going to happen. So stop trying. Take her to a nice restaurant or on a balloon ride or something, and get down on one knee like a real man.
  • "I took out a text ad, and it never showed up."
    • It probably did show up, but you just never saw it. If you bought less than a few thousand ads, you probably never got to see them because so few would have been exhausted pretty quick. If it has been less than 24 hours since you booked your ad, it may be that it just hasn't been approved yet. But if it has been longer, and you got more than a few thousand ads, then something may be wrong, and it's definitely worth asking about.

Tour Reviews
  • "Can you erase my show review?"
    • You went to a show five years ago. You got stoned out of your gourd and saw "like, a totally kind version of LIOG, dude." You wrote about it, under your real name. Now you're out of college, applying for jobs, and oh shit, it's, like, third in Google. No problem. Just tell us the date of the review and we'll pull your name from it. And, yes, this is a life lesson.

The Discussion Boards
  • "My account has just stopped working."
    • Odds are excellent that you recently changed your e-mail address in your account preferences. When you did that, our system automatically sent you an e-mail to your new address, to confirm the change. Until you follow the instructions within that e-mail, your account will remain on hold. If you want your account to start working again, find the e-mail and do as it says.
  • "I created an account, but I can't seem to post for the first time."
    • Remember when you created your account, you were told that you'd be sent a confirmation e-mail, and to just follow the instructions in it in order to start using your account? Do that. Did you lie about your e-mail address? Then let us know what your username is, and we can change it to the real one. Did you erase that message? Then fill out this form and it will be re-sent to you.
  • "Why is there a black dot on some threads?"
    • That means that it's a thread you've posted to. It's to help you tell, at a glance, which threads that you might want to follow.
  • "Can you tell me [username]'s e-mail address?"
    • No, sorry, we cannot do that. Read through their past posts and see if they have posted their address before, Google their username, or simply ask them in an existing thread. Don't start a new thread just for them. It irritates the board moderators.
  • "Can I change my user name?"
    • Nope, sorry. You're "luvdmb34ravengirl" for life.
  • We need a link to the thread.
    • If you're telling us anything about a specific discussion, please paste in a link to the thread in question. It makes it much easier for us to see what you're talking about.


I have read the above, and my e-mail does not concern any of these things. I understand that if I click on this link without reading the above, I may burn in the fiery pits of hell for eternity.