Who Hasn't Reviewed L@LC?

By Alex Wendt

It seems that flipping through my school's paper today on the shuttle ride across campus (yes, I'm quite lazy) I came across a pretty wack review of L@LC.

You'll just have to read it to see what I mean. This has got to be one of my favorite quotes:

"To make up for the absence of the other band members, Matthews vocally improvises the parts of saxophonist Leroi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley. Reynolds, on the other hand, goes past the recorded versions of the songs and frequently adds new rhythms, such as on the tracks 'Warehouse' and 'Dancing Nancies.'"

If you'd like to explain things to Patrick Miner, I'm sure that he'd love to hear from you :).


Now for another reivew. This one submited by University of Wisconsin student Marc Fischer. It appears that his school paper has a clue ... even though she couldn't remember Carter's name.

" ... But this release proves that with or without Tinsley, Lessard, Moore and company, Matthews is an amazing artist and performer who can put on a great show."