Warehouse Top Ticket-Seller

By Waldo Jaquith
An article about music fan clubs in today's Wall Street Journal features some interesting information about Dave Matthews Band's Warehouse. The Warehouse was announced in December of 1998, and special ticketing for members went into effect for the spring 1999 tour, and has been available for every show since. According to the Journal article, there are now 80,000 members of the Warehouse, bringing in over $2,000,000 in dues in 2001 alone. Perhaps the most interesting fact presented in the article is the example of a recent show at a 17,000-seat arena: 7,000 seats went on sale to the general public, an astounding 2,000 were given away by the band, label and promoter, and an amazing 8,000 tickets were sold via Warehouse. Our thanks to Adam Fishman for the news.