Dave and Friends, Vedder Play for Glaser

By Waldo Jaquith
On Saturday night, Dave Matthews put on a private concert at The Show Box in Seattle, as a part of the wedding reception for
Rob Glaser
RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser
Rob Glaser, CEO and founder of RealNetworks. The show opened with several songs between Dave and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, followed by an acoustic set by Dave and Tim, and then a Dave Matthews and Friends set. Glaser is known to be friends with Vedder, and, reportedly, Dave, as well, making this not a repeat of the 2002 bat mitzvah performance, but instead something closer to a party with friends. In years past, this would have prompted speculation about DMB's relationship with RCA, but since they renewed their contract earlier this year, it seems to have really been nothing more than a party. Thanks to Sandeep for the tip.