Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
You Might Die Trying *
Rhyme and Reason *
Hunger for the Great Light *
#27 *
Warehouse *+
The Idea Of You *
Corn Bread *
Lie In Our Graves *~
Some Devil *
The Maker *
Louisiana Bayou *
Shotgun *
Crush *
Sweet Up and Down *
Anyone Seen The Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Gravedigger #
American Baby Intro *
All Along The Watchtower
Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Toots Hibbert on guitar and backing vocals
~ Trey Anastasio on guitar
# Dave Solo

Joe B.
Trey Anastasio!!!! Rediculous! Great Show Overall--Much Better than the Two Shows Earlier this Month in Boston. Quick Rundown: PNP-->Rapunzel: Standard-but Always Great, Especially as an Opener, it Really Get's Everyone Pumped! YMDT: Not a Fan, but a lot of People Really Like This Song, it is Much Better Live Though. R&R: Huge Surprise, it Actually took me a Little While to Remember What it Was, Glad to See it Brought Back Tonight! HFTGL: Love This Song--and Everyone Was Singing Along! #27: 3rd Time Hearing This, This and Idea of You are Going to be the Foundation for the Next Album! Warehouse: Always Great! Toots Hibbert is a Little Nuts, He was Fun on Stage Though, I think he May Have Been on Something, lol--The Louis Louis Chorus Started Early and was a Lot of Fun. IOY: Miss the Fenway Lyrics. Cornbread: This Song is a Blast! I've Heard a lot of People Don't Like it, I Think it's Great--Sounds Like a Song that Should Have Been on Stand Up! LIOG: Heard that He May Be There--Surprised at How Many People Didn't Stand Up and Cheer, I Can't Believe There are DMB Fans Out There, or Music Fans Out There for that Matter Who Don't Know Who Trey is?!?! Trey Was Unbelievable, No Final Verse of the Song--but Still a Treat to Hear DMB and Trey! SD: First Time With Full Band--Sounded Okay--Better Solo! Maker: Standard--Glad they've Brought This Back into the Rotation. Bayou: So Sick of This Song, Good Song, But Sick of it--Bring Back Hello Again!!! Shotgun: Finally Heard it Live--Another Definite for the Next Album! Crush: Always Great Especially with Everyone Singing Along. SUAD: Highlight of the Night For Me! ASTB-->TM: The Into to ASTB was Hilarious! Dave was Chatting with Charter and I Thought There Might be a Suprise Song, but Dave Did This Kind of Funky Dance Before the Jam--Too Much--Kind of Sick of This Song Too, but Always Great to Sing Along With. Stay: Ants Would Have Been SOOOO Much Better! Gravedigger: Love the Dave Solos on This Tour, Looking forward to an Upcoming Dave and Friends Tour. ABI-->Watchtower: Sick! Love this Combo!!!

My 23rd Show! Overall Has to be the Best Show of this Tour So Far...A Lot of Standard Songs for this Tour, Hoping they Pull Some Older Songs Later This Summer Maybe You Never Know, Fool to Think, JTR, Crazy Easy???
Dan A.
The show from an overall point of view was really good, the set list provided a lot of variety which i enjoyed. when trey started rippin it in the middle of lie in our graves i was estatic cause i did not expect to see him. overall i had a great time and loved every minute of it..... SPAC is a great venue.
Charlie H.
This was a solid show with nice guests and minor changes to some tunes. SPAC is top 3 in my opinion for venues in the U.S, great park to hang out in prior to show, good sound and excellent crowd. Cornbread and shotgun have a nice sound to them and were played very well, #27 is ok but does not impress me too much, song does not go anywhere. Good to see Trey on stage after all he has been dealing with the last few months, such a talented musician and good ambassador for music. Some devil was great and so was the intro to ASTB, never seen anything like that from Dave the past 12 years. Rumor has it that Last Stop was scratched from the set after a person had to be detained after making it on to stage,oh well. All in all the show was great, band was in good spirits and played well. Hoping for 2 shows next year at SPAC. If in doubt, go catch a show and enjoy, band is having fun and making some good new music.
I thought this show was somewhat average compared to previous shows from DMB at SPAC. Although Trey suprised fans while joining the band for LIOG, I thought his guitar riffing robbed the songs essence in live format. I prefer Boyd going wild as the song typically jams out of control then slows down to a beautiful mellow glide. But Trey was obviously the focal point for the song and when he left the stage and the band didn't finish I thoughtit to be lacidasical. I enjoy Dave's solo album and new album "Standup," but hearing Hunger for the Great Light, Louisiana Bayou, Gravedigger, Some Devil, and Sweet Up and Down didn't get this show going where I had hoped. No 41, Two Step, or Ants. No Everyday, Jimi Thing, Bartender, Seek Up, Loving Wings. I had hoped for Break Free, but got Shoutgun and The Idea of You. I would have cried for Dreamgirl, Tripping Billies, Cry Freedom, Typicial Situation, 36 or so any others, but I got these new songs Cornbread and 27. Was the show a disappointment? Yes. Will Im still go to SPAC again? Absolutely.
This was definitely a solid show. The band really sounds great and they put on a solid show throughout. I'm really getting into the new songs. Can't wait for the new album.

Trey was rediculous. LIOG with Trey was one of the my best DMB moments of all time. Hopefully someone recorded and will upload to the web. One question thought -- What happened to the end of LIOG? That was crazy. Has the band ever not finished the song before? Trey just DOMINATED!!!
I thought this show was great. I've been to most SPAC shows over the past 8 years. At first I was disappointed at the lack of old favorites but hey, they rock what ever they play. Trey on LIOG for me started off a little slow and disjointed. It looked like Trey was looking for a hook to run with. He found it and really blew it up at the end. At one point I thought he was gonna tounge kiss Boyd when they were jammin. That's a total joke, kinda. The only down side was they didn't finish the song. What the heck was that all about. Trey just up and left!! Toots on warehouse?? Why was he even up there?? Listen, I'm all for guests. I love it when they bring people out. But, did any one feel that he just stood there for 90% of the song?? Overall, the guys really nailed warehouse. You can tell when they are on. Whether it's Dave pumping his fist toward carter or all the guys grinning from ear to ear. There was plenty of that tonight. Hunger, Bayou, Gravedigger, 27, Cornbread all kicked ass. I heard them playin Some Devil with the band during the soundcheck and I was like "what?? Some Devil with the band?? It can't be!!" Well, it was and it was good. The Maker was a nice treat. Sweet up and Down they rocked out. Idea and Shotgun are two of my new fav's and they did not dissapoint. American Baby intro blew me away. I thought Dave's head was gonna pop right the fuck off!!! I have to say, I do love it when he screams. He really let it go on that one. He also let it fly for hunger and watchtower. All in all it was a great show. I would not say it was the best. Last year second night was the best ever. I was in the 10th row in front of Boyd and could see the veins in his arms I was so close. But SPAC this year is in the top 5 for me.
In my opinon....the show was killer...rapunzel was an amazing opener...really set teh mood for the rest of the night....however...throughout the setlist...i noticed they werent plaing a lot of the older tuens..i woulve liked to hear ants 41 2step SEEK UP...but thast my opinion..When try came out i thought it was took him quite a while to get going...but i noticed dave signal to carter to quiet he in to it..then pulled out a killer jam that gave me goose bumps...the encore was amazing...dave was about to explode on ABI...cant wait for next year...he bettter come for 2 nights tho1