DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Anyone Seen The Bridge?
Too Much
You Might Die Trying
Stir It Up [tease]
Corn Bread
Donít Drink the Water
Grey Street
#40 [tease] +
Gravedigger +
Eh Hee
The Idea of You
Stand Up [For It] ~
Jimi Thing
Louisiana Bayou
Stay (Wasting Time)
#40 [tease] +
So Damn Lucky +
All Along The Watchtower *
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet.

~ Joe Lawlor on guitar
+ Dave solo

The show was delayed by ~45 minutes due to severe storms, but the band played after the local concert curfew (presumably paying a hefty fine to do so) to avoid abbreviating the performance.

Simon D.
We got a little wet standing in the rain on the hill... but that was fun too. Dave said he had hoped it would kick our asses a little more... which proves the storm wasn't that bad. Of course they send Dave out to give the bad news about the delay... luckily those guys are so cool they will do anything to please an ever dwindling crowd, including pay fines. This was my sixth DMB show, and It was great. I was a little dissapointed by the setlist for a majority of the show (including songs from the two previous summers in different states) but made up for it by playing "Jimi Thing," and a fantastic Dave solo of "So Damn Lucky." If only he had done a solo of "Eh Hee" The live DMB version falls flat next to the live Dave & Tim version... still a clever twist on a clever song. All in all a great show... but every time I go I'm hoping to hear the songs that always get played either the night before or the following night (Ex: "Seek Up" "Minarets" "Dancing Nancies" "Rhyme and Reason" etc...) Keep on touring boys... because I'll keep buying tickets... even if I am paying to stand outside during a thunderstorm.
Joe R.
The setlist was pretty disappointing and the band seems to have lost the energy they usually have. I also have to say I'm over the 30-40 minute Jimi Thing jam... maybe it's just me but I'd rather have a few more songs to listen to as opposed to one song dragging on for 45 minutes. I don't know if the band is getting older or if I'm getting older but the show was my 10th and definitely the lest exciting I've seen. Sorry Dave but it had to be said!
F. S.
Sound Board was way way off on Daves mic. Seeing that the setlist this summer is pretty much the same unless he is in town twice makes me wish he was here for two days and I went on the other night. Jimi was by far the highlight. I have seen A+ shows (setlists) but this one gets a C+. I was reading the reviews for a few other shows and noticed that the sound board has been mentioned other times.