Trax Demolished

By Waldo Jaquith
Trax, the Charlottesville club where Dave Matthews Band got their start, is almost completely demolished. The University of Virginia announced in January of 2002 that they would be buying the property for $1.2MM in order to tear down the building and use the property to store construction debris for the nearby UVa hospital. Demolition started a week ago, and the work is nearly completed. Dave Matthews Band performed at Trax weekly throughout the early 90s, holding the release parties for Remember Two Things, Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash at the venue. Trax changed hands a couple of times in the past few years before finally shutting down in June of 2001. It was sold to UVa by its new owner without ever reopening, sparing it the indignity of ever becoming known as "Tahiti Joe's," the name that was briefly planned as its new moniker. A picture of the half-torn-down building can be seen on the website of Charlottesville weekly The Hook.