Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Crush *
You Might Die Trying *
Dancing Nancies *
When The World Ends *
Dreamgirl *
The Idea of You *
Grey Street *
Sister +
#27 *
Still Water *~ -->
Donít Drink the Water *~
The Maker *
Jimi Thing *#
Crash Into Me *
Louisiana Bayou *#
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Corn Bread +
Two Step *

Show Notes:
* with Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Dave Solo
~ with Xavier Rudd on on saxophone
# Sam Kininger on saxophone
This was the debut public performance of #27. It had been played by Dave and Tim at a $15,000/ticket event a few days previous.

Danielle L.
This is my first time submitting a review about a DMB Show because this is only my third DMB show that I have ever been to. I felt that the show was good and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the show but I felt that Dave didn't keep the crowd guessing like he normally does. I mean Dave Matthews is known for keeping his fans "tied up in knots" so to speak when it comes to figuring out their set lists. DMB did start out the set list with Crush, which was an interesting choice to start out the show with because this is not a typical Dave opener, however, that was the only "highlight" of the show. There was nothing special about the show.Dave did do some solo stuff like Cornbread and #27 which had an upbeat southern feel but faded out behind Sister and The Idea of You. Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun and couldn't stop dancing to the jams but it was just satisfactory not incredible. My friends and I were hoping they would pull out JTR or even Dreaming Tree but he just kept the night mellow with Jimi Thing,Dream Girl, and Crash Into Me. It was fun but I am hoping for some surprises on night #2.
I attended the 8/1/07 show. The band sounded great, with excellent horn accompanyment from Rawshawn Ross. The show started strong, but really bogged down during #27 and Stillwater when Xavier Rudd joined in. This 30-minute+ portion never really got off the ground, as Rudd's didgeridoo was an awkward addition to the band.

The band finished with a flourish, reenergizing the crowd with Crash Into Me, Louisiana Bayou, and Stay. The encore disappointed, with new song Cornbread a poor substitution for such tried-and-true staples as Ants Marching or Warehouse. Corn Bread was a good song, and Dave handled his new guitar well, but the encore did not appear to be a good spot for it.
My sister and I also attended the 8/1 show at the tweeter. It was our third show. We had an awesome time. Stefan teased us with the bass riff then finally the rest of the band joined him to make crush. Oh man so sweet! I thought The Maker was so great and to my suprise one that not many knew. #27 rocked! The things i could of done without... The digeridoo? it was kind of weird and didnt really fit during D.D.T.W, still water,yes, but not the song. During the song the band drowned it out. Im a drummer so i concentrate on drums and carter the whole show, and i didnt like the way he drummed the verse during the idea of you. He did a 8th note snare tapping along with the high hat.The cymbal bell i.e fenway is much better. And how could you do Nancies and not warehouse! ouch!!!! oh well. And i loved corn bread!
Well this is my first review after 9 years of seeing the boys. This was about my 20th show and i gotta say it was a good one. Crush, what a great way to open the show, can't see this one enough. You Might Die Trying has slowly grown on me live, as is the same with most of the material from Stand Up. When the World Ends and Dreamgirl, 2 standard versions, always tight. I'm not one of those dave fans who hates on his new material, I'm actually glad to see the band grow and mature and take on different sounds. I believe a band from way back when, I think they were called the Beatles did that. But anyways I digress. The Idea of You was amazing. Just as good as the Fenway version. #27 is a decent new song, I think I'll have to hear it a few more times live to have a good opinion on it. Then OMG, still water intro into Don't drink the water. Holy moly, what a great version of an already awesome tune. Was hoping for the stone, but i'll take DDTW. And to top it off, The Maker!!! Out of every show I've seen, I have never seen this live and it blew me away, awesome awesome song. And the rest of the show was great as well. Killer version of Jimi Thing, better in my opinion than the Central Park version. Bayou is always good, and Stay is a solid set closer. Now the encore, Corn Bread is one of the best new tunes out of the bunch, kinda strange how he played it in the same spot both nights. And Two Step, great way to end it, really hoping for a #41 though. Well until the release of the new album and their next tour, I'm outta here. Dave Matthews is GOD!!!