Dave Matthews Band
Ontario Place - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: DJ Logic and Project Logic

onstage 8:26pm
When The World Ends
Rhyme & Reason
Ants Marching
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
What You Are
The Stone
If I Had It All
Help Myself
Where Are You Going
Two Step
What Would You Say
Grace Is Gone
offstage 10:25pm
onstage 10:36pm
The Maker
Stefan intro -->
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:52pm

* entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Jeff K.
WOW! This show was unbelieavable and I am not going to lie when I say that it was the best show I've been to. Highlights were ALL over the place, and sooo many surprises on the night. Ants Marching as the 3rd song blew me away, it really got the crowd going early just the way it ended it off at the ACC last year. Crash was a nice surprise as well after that with the sick Dixie Chicken outro. Warehouse was great! One of my favourite songs, and the WOOOOs in the intro from the crowd were sweet. Although no one knew Help Myself, I enjoyed it very nicely, it's an awesome song. Then came the two biggest surprises of the night, Spoon and then the highlight Two Step!!! When Boyd positioned himself in front of Dave, I knew it was Two Step! The 10 minute outro was amazing, Butch's solo alone was awesome. For like 5 minutes during Two Step, LeRoi disappeared for a little. WWYS was sweet, with the nnice little jam. GIG was really cool because Stefan did that sick intro on the bass guitar on a stand, heh, I thouguht it was Watchtower at first. Stay was GREAT to close the set. It was a nice long outro. I was sooo anxious to see the encore because the show was just sooo overwhelming. The Maker was sooo cool, Sweet outro with some sick beats, and perfect setup for the finale of AATW. Watchtower was just insane. Everyone was into it. The place was rocking and I was going nuts, the jams were soooo cool. Boyd had me jumping around. All in all, AMAZING night, especially because of the great seats in section 202.
Great show. Made the trip up from Buffalo to see it, very glad I did. Sat 6th row, sure that helped a bit. Opener killed me, I had just finished telling someone that I never wanted to hear it again. Plenty of songs that were pretty odd for the middle of the set (Two Step/Ants/What You Are/WWYS) but I wasn't complaining. R&R and Ants were awesome. Crash was all too visible by the funky chord fingering, standard but solid. Warehouse was fantastic as always. What you are, beginning to love the outro. Hate it as a closer, but don't mind it at all in the middle. Stone, standard but great. If I had it all, dunno...took a bathroom break. Help myself is always fun to see, but no one really knows what it is. WAYG, I can easily live without for the rest of my days. Spoon, highlight of the night for me...great to finally see, very well jammed out. Two Step - great jam, well done. WWYS, solid...again, love it midset. GIG + Stay kinda ruined the set but so be it, can't get all songs you love. Am I the only one that heard the lovely ladies on background vocals (obviously prerecorded)? The maker was nice, but I'd have killed for a #40. Watchtower, phenomenal. Great jam, still bring new life to that song everytime. The scream at the end was ridiculous. All told, 8.5/10...very nice show. Guy had a mic in my row (101 Row F)...should be a nice pull.
Colin S.
How do I start?? I went to the Amphitheather hopeing to see ONE of three songs. Seek Up, Warehouse and Two Step. I got the hear two of them. Needless to say I was a VERY happy man!! I'll do a quick song by song...WTWE and Rhyme and Reason got the show off to a good start and really got the crowd into it. The crowd was really noisey all night which made for a great atmosphere. Ants was a huge surprise so early in the set but was played to perfection. Crash was pretty standard with the Dixie Chicken Outro. Warehouse was highlight number 1 for me. All that I can say is incredible. What you are has a GREAT new long intro that Im sure most of you have already heard. The stone was very solid with a great outro. Im not a huge fan of Help Myself but it was good none the less. Where are you going - again it was pretty standard. Spoon was a big surprise. The band plays a very very good outro on this tune. Very noisey and driving. Two step was highlight number 2. I had never seen this song live - what an experiance. Carter and Butch have taken that whole jam to a new level. I highly recommend getting a copy of a two step that has been played this year - you will not be dissapointed. What would you say is always nice. Im loving Stefans slide guitar intro into GIG--a very nice touch on a great tune. Stay was played to perfection. Butch and Carter coverd 'the laides' part very well. THe outro blew my mind. The encore was awsome with The Maker and then a wicked version of Watchtower. I was hopeing Neil Young would have come out and played it with them since he is in town for his own show on the 4th. Aw well... Out of the 4 DMB shows I've been to this is #1 and in the top 5 concerts of all time for me. Just missing Grey Street and Seek Up - Thanks to the band for treating us so well here in Toronto!!!
Well. Where do I begin? This was my 6th DMB show and it was the best performance I have ever seen, and I saw it front row centre....I mean dead centre!! Thank you Bo. I loved you in Ottawa, and I love you tonight. You could just feel the energy on that stage tonight, they tore it up! How many great songs can you fit into one setlist? The entire show and setlist was just amazing, but my one highlight was Warehouse just because I haven't had it, thanks Dave. But, Watchtower, now that just #@$*ing rocked the Amp, I couldn't have been more excited. I am sorry for anyone that missed this show, it was truly a unique experience to be there. Just a thought to someone: there really is no need to be rude to the people in front because YOU love Dave. I admire his music and hey, he is pretty sexy too. It was nice to share a great show with everyone in front row and behind ;), thanks.
Matt K.
A very laid back vibe to the show. Came in part of the way through the opening act, and after seeing them last night, I went to fetch some drinks. WTWE ends to open. Hmmm.. repeat from last night, and it wasn't as good. I was hoping this would not be a signal of things to come. Thankfully, it wasn't. R+R has never been a fave of mine, but Ants sure is!! Very very nice to hear Ants so early in the show. Well played - Boyd was really ripping into it. Crash was nice, not much else to say. Warehouse was really good! Leroi starts making his presence felt. What You are was a shock (I totally bet on it for the encore), but what a great place for it. Dave was hollering like a maniac at the end. Good stuff. Stone - was better last night as an opener, but to hear Stone back-to-back nights is something that you can't really complain about. The next real highlight was Spoon. I've been waiting a long time to hear this one. The ending really took off. After the string of slower, more mellow songs, it was easy to call a pick me up. But we were very lucky to get the best pick me up ever - Two Step! Maybe not as long as Two Step can be, but still very intense. I loved hearing Butch do his thing and I don't get why people were sitting down for it. Good song. WWYS had everyone dancing like fools. Grace was much much better last night in Montreal. Stay was solid, not too much better than any other one you've heard. The Maker!! There is a God! The crowd quieted down for this fantastic song by Daniel Lanois. Beautiful! And then into a very strong and intense Watchtower. The final verse especially sent chills through me. There is no better way to end a show, in my opinion. Overall, I'd say the previous night had more flow. But this show was just as good in it's own way. No two concerts are ever the same, right? Hope everyone had a good one!
Good show. Crowd was great: Intensity was definitely felt by the band as shown by dave before the encore. Well done opener. Ants was very well executed. Amazing intro to "what you are". First time to hear "help myself" so we were very impressed. Spoon was amazing but some idiot was talking to me through the whole song. Listen your chatting and networking between tunes and have a little respect for people who don't give a rats ass about what you do or how many shows you've seen. Two Step - Wow. WhatWouldYouSay - very very well done. Grace is Gone...Stefan was so trippy with that intro and that screen that was going on. Stay tore the roof off of the place. The Maker - very happy to hear it live. Finally Watchtower - amazing to see Stefan taking the spotlight. I think the band enjoyed watching him go off too. Such an amazing jam for watchtower, i honestly couldn't believe how long they played that jam - phenomenal, amazing intensity. Well done on T.O. to show their faces. What ups to Woody Harelson too...hope he enjoyed the show. Stay well y'all.
Lee R.
The show started with a very chilled opener. Then Dave came out and played Ants Marching. This song had the whole crowd singing and everyone was freaking that he played Ants. To top that Crash and Warehouse were played in order next... Everyone was soo happy that he was playing older songs and the crowd was into both Crash and Warehouse. The next highlight that stand out in my mind is Where Are You Going. It was played extremely well and even the new dave fans could sing this song. Next highlight was Two Step... The outro was f!@#$% amazing. Dave appeared to be having a great time ajmming to two step. Next highlight was Stay which ended the concert on a good note. As the crowed roared , as usual Dave came out to do an encore. The Maker was a rare preformance and a few ppl I know said at the beginning of the concert. I wish he plays the maker, but I dont think so. They got their wish. All Along The Watchtower, was a great song and he jammed in the middle which would make it the best preformance of that song I have ever heard. The concert was f!@$#$ awsome. I think the setlist was amazing. Thanks DMB!
This was my first DMB show ever. I enjoyed very much even though some of the songs were weak. WTWE was a great opener and it was followed by another great song (R&R). Ants Marching and Crash Into Me were next and it seemed like they were only songs the audience knew (except for the last encore song). That was probably the only negative aspect of this show. The people there mainly came to see the most popular songs such as Crash, Ants Marching, Everyday, I Did It, Crush, etc. Warehouse, What You Are, and the Stone followed CIM and I thought those were some of the best songs he played- especially What You Are. The next few songs lost the audiences interest (If I Had It All, Help Myself, Where are You Going, and Spoon), but I can understand that because they used very little energy for those songs. However, the rest of the concert was amazing. Two Step was full of jamming and the band was very energetic. WWYS was also a very fun song to watch, along with Grace Is Gone. I thought they played Stay really well and it too was one of the best songs that night- great closer. When they left everyone pulled out their lighters and it was a great view looking up from my near stage seats and seeing the dark sky with many little flames everywhere. Many Dave chants were chanted and everyone was so anxious for dave to come back out that they went wild when a roadie came out from backstage to fix the drums. Finally the band came back out and dissapointed the crowd with a long boring version of The Maker. After that they jammed for a while but every knew what was coming and when they heard the first few notes of AATW they went nuts. After almost five minutes of the AATW intro Dave finally began singing and everyone sang along. The crowd started jumping around and dancing when he yelled "All along the Watchtower!" and it was easily the best song of the night because they got the audience into it, they added a fairly long jam in the middle, and the band was very energenic. Overall it was a great concert and I cannot wait to see these guys again!
Ira C.
Ok, only one word can describe what was witnessed lasnight...WOW!!!!...This was my 3rd Dave show in the past year, and let me tell you, it was nothing like i've ever seen before. The emotion and passion from Dave, Boyd, Carter, Fonzie, Leroi, and Butch was absolutely incredible, from WTWE until Watchtower, it never died. Boyd's, Stef's, Butch's, and Leroi's solos in their respective songs were all played beautifully and with so much passion that i almost crapped myself. However, as Dave and the boys left me in complete AWE the entire show, i do have something to say on the negative side about lastnight that has NO WAY to do with the band and the show. Number one...THE CROWD..holy F*ck?? there were times where it was sooo quiet i could actually hear myself think. And another thing, who leaves during The Stone?? Alright, enough with the bashing of the crowd because there were times when everyone got off. I came with 2 friends, one of whom has been to every DMB show with me, and the other, a Dave virgian. By nights end, he was is sooo much shock as to what he just saw that i know he'll be coming with us to futre concerts. A funny point to the show was when Dave F*cked up during "Crash", saying the "Oh I watch you there..." verse twice. When that happened, Dave made a funny face and rolled his eyes backward. All I gotta say about that is, Dave, YOUR A GOD, you can screw up as many times as you want and we'll STILL love you to the end.....A closed remark directed toward this A$$hole old guy sitting infront of me who threated to kick my ass because i was singing and having the time of my life: F**K YOU, if i EVER see you at another DAVE show again, I will beat ur old man A$$ like it's never been beaten before...hilite songs include...THE WHOLE SET!!! haha..."Spoon" was an extremely pleasant surprise.......When all is said and done, this show was nothing short of spectacular...thanks to the boys for making it all possible...come back and see us soon...DMB 4 EVER
Tim B.
With our backs to lake ontario and the skyline of downtown toronto to the right this is definitely a great venue to see any band. Good vibe with the setlist tonite, everything seemed to flow nicely. rhyme and reason in the two spot was great then they kept it goin with ants. crash was a pleasant suprise for me. warehouse brought everybody back up. The intro into what you are was one of the highlites of the show, it made the song more complete. Help myself and spoon sound amazing live, hope they keep playin them. And to close, possibly the best encore i've ever heard maker and watchtower. Only negative thing about the show was the fans. It blows my mind that people would actually leave before the encore. It just shows that fans in the states are more appreciative. hershey is up next
Wow! What a great time. Thanks once again Warehouse for the tickets. I always considered being in the building as a good seat but I never thought I would get that close. The fans were great again in Toronto. They were into the Band from the opening number. "When the World Ends, we'll be burning one..." Perfect! It was great to sneak a peak back at all of you, lighting up all at once. Beauty eh? Rhyme & Reason, the crowd was right there for it and responded, 16006 strong the chorus' of the upper and lower 49th where kicking ass. Right on! Ants Marching? I'd say they were into it. I know I was and I could see you were too. Crash Into Me was a sweet breather, a chance to re-light, and finish the custom rolled "J" with the filter, that went out due to lack of attention during R&R and Ants. That's a nice tune to bring the heart rate down. Warehouse was appropriate and a fan favorite. Outstanding. Consider playing this song twice in one night, with and without the participation and see who is right once and for all. The Stone, is a great Peace-O'-Music to watch Boyd dig down deep and touch every one of us. A moment I won't soon forget. I doubt you first timers will ever forget the power of that song either. I still hear Leroi's bellowing horn Help My Self is a great tune and I can't wait to hear it for the second time. This seemed to be a gift to the long time fans who like me, never heard it before. It was a welcome surprise. Where Are You Going Leroi plays a little magic. Solid! Soulful! Spoon has so many things in it for so many people. This tune was so appropriate for the evening. The music, the lyrics, the Alanis connection and ones own personal take on the song. This was just a beautiful performance. Two step calls were late as the band seems to have picked this one ahead of time. Many in the crowd were in for the jam of their life. First timers now know what all the fuss was about with this band. You can say they were into it. Sorry, I still can't stop bopping when I think about it. Boyd was playing so hard that there was a slight equipment delay after it was all said and done. What Would You Say, what can you say. This is a great one for the kid in all of us. Grace Is Gone was great with the long intro by Stefan. It's nice when the people you are with get to hear their favorite. Stay! The crowd really meant it when they sang it with Dave. Butch and Carter and the fans were on background vocals. We knew this would finish off the set and most of us thought they actually would stay! Nice tune to close. ENCORE The Maker was particularly special for me. A personal best if you will. A well thought out choice for the encore and a tribute to Canadian Music Hall of Fame, writer/producer Daniel Langlois. The lighters in the air at the start of the encore, was cool to see from where I was. I imagined a rocket was behind each of those flames. Watchtower to close... Stellar! Thank Dylan & thank you Toronto. The fans were so great that I didn't hear much in the way of rude fans yelling and screaming. It will be great to hear a copy of this one 'cause the fans seemed to stay quiet, wait for their queue and let the instruments do the talking. I was close enough to say "Thank You Dave" and wanted to say it right after the Maker but that's not the place to do it. So, I would like to take this time to thank Dave, Boyd,Carter, LeRoi, Stephan for Oh, Canada! Very Cool! Butch rocked me again. Two in T.O. for '04? Peace, Qwiz
To start off, I work as an usher at the Molson Amphitheatre. Because I work there I always get to check out soundcheck before the show. During soundcheck I walked pretty close to Dave and gave him a little head wave to which he said hello (it may seem small but it was kinda cool)and then he busted out Too Much infront of me and like 5 others in the bowl. Once the concert started I gave all my friends floor passes than I took off my work shirt, gave myself a pass and than watched the show from the third row. Dave came out in a brown shirt with bull horns on it and seemed smashed, but maybe he's just a weird dude. When the World ends was a bad opener for the show; it was flat and lacked any sort of power unlike the rest of the night. The next few tunes blew everyone away : Ants as the third song is unheard of and The Stone was unreal as well. And Spoon, highlight of the night for sure, such a chill tune on a night with nothing but loud songs. Having a Canadian crowd, there were a lot of radio tunes including: crash, two step, what would you say and so on but no complaints at all. The Maker kinda sucked hard because i was hoping for Loving Wings or I'll back you up (unlikely, I know)but Watchtower was kicking, Dave really belted that one out. The entire eveing was something special and a great way to end off the summer of music. I give the show nine thumbs up.
M L.
7th Row seats and the show was amazing! If you could see the band, you would have seen that they were loving the Toronto crowd, the energy they reflected was outstanding! I couldn't even hear Dave when he started into Ants Marching, the Crowd drowned him out, simply a great show. Also saw Woody Harrelson a few rows in front of me, he was with his wife and looked like they were having a great time. Glad I got to see The Maker, that's another song I haven't heard before. This show is definately in my top 5 of all time. Show blew away Montreal the nite before and we had front row tickets for that. Thanks guys for making my last show of the year a great one!
Dan R.
The show in Toronto was my second Dave show, and it was 20 times better then the first, back in April of 2002.The setlist was a lot better and the band sounded a lot better.WTWE was a great song to open to, and goot everyone pumped up. Rhyme and Reason sounded awesome as did Ants Marching.Crash is a great song but it could get extremely repetitive.I was extremely happy to hear warehouse, and to top that off was what you are following.Where Are You Going was good to hear, followed by spoon which is fucking awesome. Two Step was what got everyone back on their feet and pumped once again. Grace is Gone and Stay were played amazingly which i enjoyed very much.I could never have asked for a greater encore in my life. The Maker which happens to be one of my favourite songs was played, which i never expected it to be, followed by Watchtower, whos ending was unbelievable. The band was very energetic and it was an overall great show.
This was my first ever DMB show and because of it, it won't be my last. It was a life-altering experience. My girlfriend and I got to hear the guys do their sound check two hours before the doors were open. From the moment I heard TOO MUCH and heard Carter's pedals I knew we were in for a night to remember. The entire wait before the band beginning was spent guessing what the opening song would be. Those who I was with were surprised when we heard the opening notes for WTWE but we were all pleased. The crowd went nuts when Dave sang about "BURNING ONE", while the band went into almost a whisper. The rest of the show was great. They went right into Rhyme and Reason and then Ants Marching (Boyd was amazing). Crash into Me was next, highlighted by Dave accidentaly singing the second verse twice while making funny "I messed up" facial expressions. WAREHOUSE was great with "woos" all around followed by What You Are, which was intense. The Stone's ending was the Cat's Meow, the Band going from not even sounding like they were there to the complete opposite. If I had it all was cool but it would have been better if the ladies were there. Help Myself and WAYG were cool too. The two best songs of the night though were Spoon and Two Step...I had to sit after the latter cause I couldn't believe that I saw what I did. WWYS was really hype and Grace and Stay were great finishers. The Band left for like forever and then came back to do the Maker and then finish off with the best rendition of Watchtower I had ever heard...they were so tight and Carter was always laughing!!! Greatest show ever!!