Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

onstage 8:23pm
The Stone
Donít Drink the Water
If I Had It All
Help Myself
Fool To Think
Dancing Nancies
Where Are You Going
All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching
offstage 10:21pm
onstage 10:30pm
The Maker
Tripping Billies

* entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Greg S.
Words can do no justice for this show. I was at the show on friday, and also at the 2nd show of the tour in Ohio, both were amazing, but this one, well the setlist says it all. The last five songs were Watchtower, Spoon, Ants, then Maker and Billies as an encore. Oh yeah, Nancies, Stay, and Crush were exceptional as well. I've been to 8 shows, and i must say the shows i have been to this year were the best i can remember, and tonight's show takes the cake.
so here is my 20th show tix get there, sell beer and get lawn seats..opens with STAY not my favorite song but pretty cool is CRUSH awesome is all i can say i have seen it many times but tonight was sweet-next THE STONE which i love..DDTW great as usual..HELP MYSELF a lot of people on the lawn looked confused but i loved it..SATELLITE got every one up and excited..BARTENDER yahoo! love this song no matter how many times i see it!!FOOL TO THINK..ahh could have lived with out it..THEN IT CAME- 20 SHOWS AND NEVER SEEN IT DONE -DANCING NANCIES!!MADE MY YEAR!!!i have seen him tease out a full verse but i always joked around that i would never see it..well tonight proved me wrong(908)229-2686 if you want to hear it on my answering machine!! next was WAYG i didn't even really hear the song i was so pumped from nancies..then Stefan began the usual bass solo into watchtower but he covered a Sublime song..i clearly remember singing it, but on my list it just says "sublime melody" damnit i can't rememeber!!anyways that went into WATCHTOWER which always kills the crowd(in a good way obviously)then SPOON which is another song i saw for the first time!! cut up the verses but i couldn't complain if i wanted to..closed out with ANTS which was cool but nothing too crazy..they came back on and played THE MAKER.great tune on of their best covers!and then ended with TRIPPING BILLIES great night all in all for a 20th show!!!if i missed anything i sorry..could i have been a parking lot attendant??--sarah**PIG @ hershey PLEASE GOD!!
James D.
Simply the greatest two night stand i have ever attended. night two was simply out of this world. The band continued the camden run by pulling of a spectacular set including jaw dropping versions! I havent been this blown away by the band in a long time, maybe ever. We met the band at the hotel earlier in the afternoon and i stated to butch, carter and boyd that "philly loves dancing nancies" and carter smiled and said "yah we should break that out tonight" and when i said the same to boyd he responded with a big grin and i pointed at him saying "ive been waitin for ya boyd, we all have, tear shit up" and thats what they did. nancies, bartender, spoon, ants, watchtower, billies, the maker, and a heap load of BTCS songs. what a night! what a weekend! WOW Just WOW!!!
Josh S.
WOW! as if last night couldn't get any better. It was definatly a BOYD night. Dancing nancies was all his song and so was Tripping Billies. The guys were having a blast on stage, and they were all talking a bunch. Boyd definatly stole the show when he had his huge solos. Going up to all the guys on stage and jamming head to head. It was really good to finally hear Ants on this tour. I missed that song. Again, another special night to hear something i've never heard live before... THE MAKER. Really good tune, and suprised how many people sang along. Tripping billies, woah can't say enough. I could listen to them play that tune all night. I really likes that fact that last night they didn't touch BTCS, and tonight they played all the great songs... Crush has to be one of the best songs they've ever written. Anyways, i wanted to get the review posted before the night was over. See you all in Hershey.
Dave did an awesome job both nights at camden new jersey. I was a little disappointed with his encore. I was expecting something classic like Long Black Veil or lover lay down. Although he did top the night off with watchtower. It was a little suprising when he played spoon, but watchtower and crush were the highlights of the night.
this was my 9th and an UNBELIEVABLE one. I honestly dont know if a show can get much better than this. after last night's non electric, no btcs material, tonight was FILLED with btcs material and again the electric was not brought out. stay was a great, completely unexpected way to start. it really got the crowd moving early in the night. crush was again unexpected and kept the energy very high. boyd was on fire on this and so was carter. the stone had some really high energy to it and was now the 3rd btcs song in a row. at a time when i thought they would play a song from a different album, they played dont drink the water, still keeping the energy high. if i had it all slowed the crowd down a bit, but i didn't mind it, since it is my favorite everyday song. help myself seemed to get little reaction from the crowd, im guessing because they werent sure what it was. i loved this and it was my first time hearing this live. satellite got the ladies screaming, and brought the energy back up from what was lost during the previous song. bartender was next, and came out of nowhere. dave's wailing at the end was spine tingling. leroi brought out the pennywhistle, and butch did a great solo. fool to think was sort of expected, since it wasnt played the first night. this has improved a lot since the last time i heard it in 2001. carter really makes this song enjoyable live. dancing nancies...WOW!! came completely out of nowhere, and i went insane when i heard the first couple notes. this was one song i REALLY wanted to hear live and i finally got it. boyd went completely nuts on this and the crowd was REALLY into it. where are you going was standard, not too much to say about that one. watchtower was awesome. fonzie had a nice bass solo and i knew it could only be watchtower since dont drink the water and crush were already done. this was an amazing version to say the least. i knew they werent done and i was expecting ants to be next to close the show. they went into SPOON!!!! i honestly lost it. i have never been so happy to hear this song. the ending jam was terrific. as soon as carter finished his soloing in spoon, it went right into ants. finally dave let JUST the crowd sing "people in every words..." encore break took a while but they came back with a nice version of the maker, which again was a first time live song for me. no time had passed until dave started the opening for billies. the crowd was dancing all over the place and very loud during this. again, carter and boyd owned this song. this was the best show i've ever been to and honestly dont know if it can get better. still have hershey and nissan left tho.
Colleen S.
this show kicked ass. it was so unpredictable. stay was an awesome opener that set the tone for the entire night. the first few songs made me think that dave was just planning on playing all of before these crowded streets. crush was great. dave broke the string by playing if i had it all, which is at least one of the better songs off of everyday. bartender was okay... sometimes the jam just gets so monotonous. i don't really care much for fool to think, but when dave started to play the first chords of dancing nancies i freaked out. i haven't heard that song live for years, so it was such an awesome surprise. it's a great song for the crowd. where are you going wasn't the best to hear afterwards, it just dragged down the excitement from before with its simplicity. i like all of these mid-set watchtowers lately. this one was good, even though i had expected the jam to be longer than it was. i couldn't believe that the band played spoon next. i have never seen that song live. i was shocked. even though it was mellow, it was nice to listen to, and dave picked it right back up with ants afterwards. i love ants at the end of a set. the maker was an okay encore beginning. it once again was reminiscent of continental. the same with tripping billies. these two shows were just a melding of the second one in east rutherford. the band seemed to be having an awesome time tonight. during one jam dave and boyd had a staredown, and after every song carter just looked around and would congratulate everyone. there was so much more energy last night than there was the night before, making it a memorable show.
Bryan W.
All I have to say is WOW!!!! After 24 shows and lots of hopes, I finally got my first NANCIES!!!! And it was just as amazing as I thought it would be. The boys were on tonight, very high energy and pumped in front of the Camden faithful. All in all the set was just sick, lots of Before These Crowded Streets. Highlights were Spoon, Ants, Billies, and The Stone, but as you can tell, all they had to do was play Nancies and leave the stage and I would of been a happy camper. This show beat out Friday night, but not by much. GREAT SHOW
The show was on point. No doubt about that - the only problem was this.... me and my buddy are walking along about mmm 6:30 around the venue and this guy whispers under his breath "anyone need tix... 5th row..." so the dumbasses that we are we followed him and asked if he had these tickets. they were ligit no doubt, so we traded our shitty lawn seats for 5TH ROW TIX. dream come true, right? WRONG! so we get down there and watch the NMAS who were on fire and we're having the time of our lives. A woman comes up ... "are these your seats?" we tell her yah and she goes "lemme see your tix". She looks at them and goes "these tickets were stolen, i'm going to have to ask you to either leave the venue or go up to the lawn." On our way up the the lawn, the lights go black and the band walks onstage. I was furious. Enough about me, on with the show. No BTCS the night before, so when they opened with STAY, you knew it was gonna be a BTCS night. Then came CRUSH which i wouldve enjoyed if i wasnt so pissed off. THE STONE was nice as always, and DDTW was high energized and amazing. The band played 4 BTCS songs to kick it off, nice work boys. BARTENDER was amazing and the boys made it incredible. DANCING NANCIES was very, very, very nice. WATCHTOWER!!!!! People wanted it the night before and didn't get it, but they got it tonight and dammmmmmn it was good. Then came SPOON which i loved, followed by ANTS which was great to close the set. Encore started off slow because no one seemed to know THE MAKER except me and maybe 2 other people. But the boys closed w/ TRIPPING BILLIES which was the most high energized song of both of the nights in Camden. One other thing - the tweeter center is useless. The screen video isn't even matched up right w/ the audio, and some of the screens are a second or so slower than the other screens. The place is good for nothing, but dave put on a hell of a show and i'll see ya'll next year - i hope.
I would like to say that this was a great show, but it wasn't. It was a show that left you wanting more. It started off with a strong STAY that included some great scatting by dave and a nice jam at the end. They then went into crush with a nice intro by stefan and solos all around. However, from here on it was proved that it would be a mellow evening. Stone was nice but seemed to have little emotion, daring to be standard. DDTW was nice and showed plenty of emotion from Dave and the boys and seemed to try to pick up the dismal crowd. However, all was lost with IIHIA, nothing special here. HELP MYSELF was great, and for those that knew the song it was a moment to hold, unfortunately that meant that about 10% of the crowd enjoyed it. Satellite was a nice sing along, even waking up those that had passed out cause they can't handle their alcohol. Bartender was great with lots of wailing and nice solos by Butch and, Leroi and Carter. FTT was nice on the acuostic and would have been better if it was taken into something else, but no. NANCIES was maybe the highlight, very cool jam on this with Boyd and Dave facing off. However, a let down again with WAYG following, again calming an already dead crowd down. The band tried to pump the crowd up with some watchtower but even that didn't seem to do it, but a nice jam on this with everyone getting a turn and the highlight being stefan's intro. SPOON was excellent and I like what they do with the song, giving Carter a chance to share his magic which lead into ANTS, short but still sweet. The encore was nice with a chill MAKER and a nice BILLIES. The nite was a chill nite, mostly due to the audience. I could see the band making attempts to get them into it until finally the seemed to give up. DMB is playing ampitheatres these days in the hopes that they can cut out those that believe that a show is just another chance for them to drink without their parents knowing and have a little social hour that must be shared with all those around them. I find it funny when those same people ask when they are going to play I did it or WWYS, maybe they're playing rare stuff these days cause they don't need the radio fans anymore. Not a bad show all in all, just not great and not what one would expect for a second nite stand. Thanx to Peo, Brian, Brandon, Dan, Scott, Kristen, Shannon, John, Corryn for taking a mild setlist and making it a great show....Peace
I won't go into the entire show, because that was way too long. Highlights: Opened with Stay. OMG! Incredible, just incredible. I never heard Stay live and I've always wanted to, so my night was already made. After Stay was Crush. How could this disappoint anyone? Watchtower was AWESOME. The jam was great, lighting was great, end of the song was great. I think it was the best Watchtower I've ever heard. They played Spoon...I was surprised to hear it...I just wasn't expecting it. I enjoyed it a lot though. And right after it was over, you heard the snare, and they played Ants. WOW! There's no way you could NOT enjoy Ants Marching. That was the end of the set...I couldn't imagine it ending any other way. Encore was great...Maker & Billies. There was so much power and adrenaline in Tripping Billies, it was great. As much as I wanted them to just keep playing throughout the night, I knew nothing would top Billies. Great show....I loved it.
15th Show, very good show, but between last night and tonight, almost every song from the two CA shows were repeated, and I have to admit disappointment there. Thought maybe a Last Stop would come my way between 4 shows. That said, DDTW was amazing, possibly the best I've heard, seeing my first full band Dancing Nancies was great, soiled only by the vomit that landed right behind me (one of a number of up-chuckers who took up residence near us during both shows). Sppon- now that was a great surprise, honestly thought PFWYG was coming since, well, I hadn't heard it first night and the shows were repeats. But it was my first Sppon, and I'm not sure the bootlegs will capture just how cool it was. Bottom line- besides crowd disturbances, both shows were very very solid (since I didn't review last night's, I'll just say two words- Jimi Thing; also, the SMTS-->ASTB--> anything else is just amazing), and I'm bummed my four shows this year are over.
Mark Y.
Solid show tonight and for the second night in a row the electric guitar was unused. A strong opening with four BTCS songs had the crowd into it early. The guys seemed real into it tonight especially Dave who was dancing as much as I have ever seen. Only complaints are Boyd being really out of tune on the outro to the Stone and having Fool to Think and WAYG sandwiched in between Bartender, Nancies, and Watchtower. Other than that a it was a good show with fantastic energy from the crowd. First Nancies for me and it was well worth the wait, truly an amazing song live (also liked how Carter kept teasing it in between the first 5-6 songs). All in all a fun two day stand at the Tweeter with good crowds, and solid setlists and energy from the band.
Dan W.
Just got back from Camden Night Two, and, as last night, thought I'd write a review for the good folks here at the Bridge. Got to the parking lot at 4:30, chilled for an hour and a half, went in at 6:00, grabbed lawn seats right at the rail to the left of the stage with a clear view of everyone but Butch. Chilled for another hour, watched North Mississippi All Stars, who were excellent, then chilled for yet another 45 minutes until the guys came on at 8:20 or so. The band came out, walked around for a bit. Right before Stay, Stefan did this action where he moved his arms up and down real fast, like he was so full of energy he couldn't contain himself. Stay - excellent. Only the second time ever as an opener, and I love how this has become a Dave wail song, as he was screaming away at the end for a good minute or two. Dave danced alot here. Butch and Carter were priceless. Crush - spotlight on Stefan, who fooled around for 45 seconds into the opening lines of Crush. During Boyd's solo at the end, he and Dave switched spots on stage. Almost everyone did the "yeahs" at the wrong time too. Still really good. The Stone - One of my personal favorites. The intro has become this incredible building wall of sound that blows up right when Dave starts singing. I can never get enough of the complete stoppage of the song at the end, and then the rearing back into the final notes. Don't Drink the Water - Another song that has grown a lot since 1998, this was more of Dave screaming. During the end, he scremed something, but I couldn't hear. You'll have to wait for the cd. **This is where the band starts playing bad song, good song** If I Had It All - could have done with something else, but enjoyed it still Help Myself - first time ever for me live, really really solid. Lots of people left for the bathroom, but the girl next to me, Karen, knew all the words, which I was impressed with with what the fan base is these days. Redemption is now back to a penny a soul after previously being a dollar for some time. Satellite - zero high notes. Carter actually did the "winter's cold" high part while Dave failingly attempted to do so. Could have been worse. Bartender - This was awesome. Boyd's part in the very beginning was only a couple measures, then the band kicked in. The part that sealed this song was the wails yet again. Without being able to hit the high notes, Dave wailed for the entire outro, with very few attemptes at hitting the high notes. Everyone was into this. Butch took a solo (at which point Dave left the stage for awhile), and then Roi did a pennywhistle solo at the end. Fool To Think - actually one of my favorite songs off Everyday. I enjoyed it. Dancing Nancies - If there ever was a song worthy off 3 jaw drops it was this one. Man I flipped when Dave hit the first two notes. No crazy intro, no "lost in Camden", none of that. Just a really really good Nancies. Boyd was all over this, as was carter. Dave and Boyd were face to face for a while, and Boyd almost hit himself in the face with Dave's guitar not once, but twice because he was moving around so much. Energy was through the roof, despite the lack of one on the lawn. Where Are You Going - alright. Watchtower - Stefan had a solo, then did some song by someone, not Stir It Up, but something I should know. An unusually long solo by Dave and Stefan, into Watchtower. EVERYONE was singing the "yeah, yeah, yeah" right before the soloes. Boyd, then Butch on the organ (which got a huge crowd cheer afterwards), and then Roi. Spoon --> - Another jawdroppable song. It was refreshing to sit next to someone who actually knew the words to Spoon (Karen). The part that made this song was the end. Carter just ripped it up. Boyd was swaying all over and Stefan was rocking too. Right into... Ants - I could hear this at every show I go to forever and would never get tired of it. Dave let the crowd sing the "people in every direction" parts. All around happiness. Long encore break. The Maker - another first for me and another solid tune. I really like the ending. Tripping Billies - could it be? yes, a weekend without the electric guitar. Incredible. And an awesome Billies. Notes: crowd was mixed. Where I was on the lawn was fine, not much talking, alot of singing. Stefan pretended to throw his bass into the crowd after Billies. Comparison of Night 1 to Night 2 (the no electric weekend): Night 1 Highlights: Grey Street, #41, SMTS -->ASTB --> WWYS, Jimi, TSTJL, and Two Step Night 2 highlights: Stay, Stone, Help Myself, Bartender, Watchtower, Nancies, Spoon --> Ants Winner: too tough to decide. #41, Jimi, and Two Step owned Night 1, but Nancies, Bartender, and Spoon --> Ants win Night two. Overall, a ton of energy from both nights. No slacking off the band at all. I heard 7 songs this weekend (Everyday, One Sweet World, Cry Freedom, Help Myself, Dancing Nancies, Spoon, The Maker) that I'd never heard the band play before so that was incredible.
This was my first Dave concert, and what show! Opening with 4 songs from BTCS was amazing and totally unexpected; that was the first highlight. If I Had it All was okay. I was totally caught off guard when they played Help Myself next; that was the last song I was expecting to hear! Second highlight of the show was Satellite, as the crowd was really into it. Bartender was next, followed by Fool to Think, Dancing Nancies, and Where are You Going; all good songs, just not my favs. Watchtower was the third highlight, and again was totally unexpected. The crowd was really into this one and singing lowd. Spoon was good, but nothing gets the crowd going like Ants Marching (fourth highlight), which was a great end to the set. First encore song was The Maker; good song, but not suited for an encore. Tripping Billies was next and a great way to close. Thanks Dave and crew for a great night!
Scott M.
WoW is a good way to start this review. This was my tenth show, and on my way to night two after attending night one, I must say I was a little upset with the first night only because it was very similar to continental night two, so i was hoping he would come out very different. Stay - What a fabulous opener, never saw that coming at all, band was just on from the beginning and soo much energy. Crush - always good, fabulous long jam. The Stone - awesome outro, they got it so quiet there was no sound heard, and then brought back up to end like usual, awesome. Don't Drink The Water - sounded like he was teasing loving wings (maybe it's just where i was sitting) but went right into DDTW, very cool. If I Had It All - Typical, very nice song. Help Myself - GOD I LOVE THIS SONG..such a great song, and great version like always. Satellite - Always nice to hear but nothing diff. Bartender - Saw this one coming with the 12 string, and knew he wouldn't play Grey Street again, I was hoping for BEF into Bartender but Bartender was great. Dave just went nuts at the end, and screamed like crazy it was awesome. Fool To Think - Nothing fabulous, but i still love this song. And then from here it got FABULOUS. Nancies - SOOOOO UNEXPECTED, but i can't tell you how happy I was to hear this song...just loved it, SUCH A GREAT JAM. WAYG - good song, typical. Watchtower - Stefan played some crazy cool intro and played some song, i don't know what it is...but it was great. Spoon - SOOOO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS great...Ants - Fabulous like always, great jam. ENCORE The Maker - I love this song, nice to hear. Tripping Billies - HE COULD END WITH THIS EVEEEERY NIGHT and it's always good...such a great ender, INCREDIBLE JAM. GREAT SHOW!!
Jeremy C.
Sitting on the lawn with the sun setting over the Philadelphia skyline draping the sky and city in reds and orange on a cool, comfortable Saturday night was just the perfect setting for this stellar show. I'd never seen the North Mississippi Allstars, but I enjoyed their opening set. Dave and boys took the stage around 8:25. Stay and Crush were solid openers and The Stone really got the show rolling. That was only the second time I'd heard it with the band so it was a real treat. When DDTW came out next I kinda had hoped the Bartender would have preceded it, but I'd get that request in full jamming glory a few songs later and I wouldn't have any complaints then. But to throw Help Myself into the mix was just awesome. Standing there listening to it though, I realized just how many "youngsters" attended the show. Most people didn't even know the song and were just talking to their friends. ARGH. Such is life... and ignoring that fact, the show just got better. Fool to think was perfect and Nancies was the treat of a lifetime. I'd have paid just to come in, hear him sing "could I have been lost somewhere in Philly," and walk out. Then a mid-set Watchtower... INTO SPOON! The show couldn't even have been screwed up if they played I Did It three times in a row as their last songs. Luckily we got a great performance of ants and billies with the MAKER thrown in between! Basically it was as close to a dream setlist as you can get without hearing Halloween, #34 or Blue Water. But to top it all off, the guys played spectacularly tonight. Dave was dancing all over the place, boyd and carter were punching the hell out of the songs all night long, as were the rest of the guys. They all looked to be having a really good time tonight and that feeling totally came thru into the music. Best full band show I've ever seen.
Tonights show was absolutely amazing. In my opinion, the band's playing performance was better than last night. Stay was an awesome opener. it really got the crowd going. Crush was surprisinlgy 2nd and i absolutely loved it! Next came the stone, one of my faves and that got me wild(not to mention the bacardi in my system). DDTW was very good as well. the crowd kinda settled down during if i had it all and help myself. but it got right on to its feet when Satelite came! Tonight was also the best bartender i have seen live! fool to think was so random but it was a good addition! then came one of the highlights..two words...DANCING NANCIES! It was an awesome dancing nancies performance. WAYG was played very well and then came WATCHTOWER! holy shot was i excited for it...dave teased the crowd before hitting the chorus of watchtower but when it came we all went CRAZY! He ended off the beginning set with the best SPOON and ANTS MARCHING! i knew the encore was gonna include tripping billies, what else would it be? DMB came out for the encore and did an awesome rendition of THE MAKER! THEN CAME TRIPPING BILLIES! It was an awesome encore for sure! tonights show had so many surpries and it was just a great night!!!
ENERGY. This was my 10th DMB show, and it was absolutely the best show I've ever seen. Last nights show was excellent in itself, but tonight was absolutely THE BEST. Opening with Stay was a huge surprise, and personally I thought it was great. It got the crowd goin realllll good. Then Stefan started messin around on the bass. He was playin a riff to a Nine Inch Nails song, but I don't know what it was.. but then I called Crush, and it was beautiful. After 10 shows I finally heard it live.. verrrrry nice, sweet jam afterwards. The crowd was singin along real loud with this one, could barely hear Dave at points, but it was sweet either way. Crush went into The Stone, another first for me, definitely AWESOME live. I knew how it ended, when they die down to almost nothing, then come back strong.. but this time they died down completely for a second, the crowd thought it was over.. and BAM, it kicked back in loud as hell and I was floored. DDTW was next.. wasn't thrilled to hear it, but the ending was extreme, Dave was screaming and scatting like I've never seen before, you could tell he was having a great night. If I Had It All came next, chilled the crowd out a lil' bit, pretty standard, but good. Help Myself, a personal favorite.. it was funny because I was the only one in my section standing and singin to it. It is great live, and everyone should be thankful they brought it back! Satellite came next, and I was actually glad to hear it cause it's a good song, and Carter is amazing during it.. listen to him if you hear it live! Bartender.. my fourth time hearing it.. can't get enough of it.. the end jam is so energetic with Dave screaming.. got the crowd going again. Towards the end, Carter was hammering on the snare in the jam, almost thought he was going into Ants, no such luck though Fool To Think.. not a personal fav, but tonight it seemed like the band was battling for the loudest instrument.. Carter was goin nuts on the drums, but it was sweeeeeet. Next song.. I heard the opening notes on the guitar and started screaming so loud.. Nancies... the absolute best song of the night.. no doubt.. I can't describe how loud that jam gets at the end.. it put the version I heard on Red Rocks to shame. Boyd Tinsley is an ANIMAL. He ripped that violin so loud and fast it was unreal. After that song ended, I didn't think there'd be anymore surprises.. I was wrong though. Where Are You Going.. eh. Standard I guess. It was good for what it is, not a personal favorite, but it mellowed the crowd out. After WAYG, Stefan started messin around on the bass again.. ding ding.. Watchtower.. this time he was playin "The Ballad Of Johnny Butt" by Sublime.. lol, it was awesome. Watchtower was amazing as always.. I thought it was the last song before the encore.. but the lights went down, and there was no "Thank Ya'll, Goodnight" from Dave, so it was onto the next song.. SPOON!!!!! I never in a million years thought I'd hear it. The verses were all mixed up, but it was FANTASTIC. And right after it.. the snare drum was goin.. and right into Ants.. The crowd got soooooo loud. There wasn't any jammin before it, it went right into it, but I couldn't complain! The band went offstage for a good ten minutes or so.. came back and I was hoping to hear Halloween.. that would have made my life! But that would have been half the BFTCS album, so I doubted it. And I was right.. they came back, and went into The Maker. First time hearing it, and it was a nice song, hope to hear it again sometime. After the maker, there was only one song they could close it with, and they did. Dave started playin the intro riff to Trippin Billies on the guitar, and no one around me really knew what the hell it was, but I was screaming at the top of my lungs.. the band joined in, and the crowd immediately got to their feet. It was an intense version, and I couldn't of asked for a better show.. Till next time!
AT822Hjc .
Once again Dmb rocks night 2 at the Tweeter! with the sick setlist that this band performed tonight, how couldn't have not gotten anybetter?With the start of "4!!" back to back BTCS songs, and adding a crazy mixture of older tunes being played for like, the first time , in the longest time. Hehehe, don't mind me if I out sound out of it. But anyhow tonight DMB gave us Jersey heads a straight 10 performance. Anyone who disagrees must have been too wasted, cuz we really got treated to some hidden away songs I thought dave and the boys would have never brought out to the Tweeter. But it's written, the Spoon, The Maker and the song that gave us all the chills with the words of "lost somewhere in Camden" Dancing Nancies!!! Out of the remainder of this second leg tour of the east cost, Dmb play it's first DN, that's cuz Dave and the boys love playing at the Tweeter.Each song had it's shine. From the start of ( a must check out band)Mississippi all-star till the end, Priceless. Thanks again boys, hopefully (if there's a winter tour)in the next one, we'll get treated to the "Last Stop". But for the mean time, cheers... P.s A quick shout out to my man cvet, danny baby, and to all you true daveheads. Late.
Ray G.
This show rocked even though the crowd was less than desirable! My friend and I were discussing how we have never heard too many songs from BTCS in concert. The band must have heard because the first four songs were from the album! I think this was the best show I've been to!
All I can say is WOW, what a show. This was my 7th and best show i have seen OK lets get to the songs.STAY-totally unexpected to open the show,but got the crowd right into it.The band was feeding off the crowd the whole night.CRUSH-great version,fonzie was really feeling it tonight,the whole band jammed to this.STONE- standard version but always great to hear.DDTW-strongest I have heard it,Dave added some lyrics to te end and it sounds amazing,1st 4 songs from BTCS after none from last nite,IIHIA-Another standard version,nice way to break up the set,HELP MYSELF-2nd time on the tour I heard this,becoming a strong song in the set,being played very often this year,SATELLITE-1st time I have heard this live and it was great,BARTENDER-always a great song,the band loves jamming to this,FTT-dave played it acoustic and it sounds pretty good,another standard version,DANCING NANCIES-HOLY SHIT,thought it was going to be a tease but they kept on playing,it was very strong,what a great song,WAYG-great song to slow it down a bit,always good to hear,WATCHTOWER-Once fonzie started up I knew what it was,what a song to stick in the end of the set,got the crowd right back up,SPOON-DAMN another BTCS,was a great song to hear,really is a great song,ANTS-right at the end of SPOON carter started is beat for ANTS and the place went nuts,Dave let the crowd sing on their own towards the end,great way to close an awesome set,THE MAKER-what more could you ask for,so many surprises in this show,great song to hear,the band sounded soo strong during this song,BILLIES-After 7 shows i finally get to hear it, was sooo awesome,great way to end a show,What a great show the whole band was great.
First off, I apologize for reviewing both the shows in Camden at once, but time's at a premium. I've submitted reviews before here and I remember that I was pretty turned off by last years tour and felt the song selection was poor and the jams were tired. This year, I read the setlists of prior shows and figured the first one at Camden would be duller and chock full of Everyday songs and the second night would "tear it up" so to speak. However, I couldnt have been more wrong. If you didnt know, Philly radio stations were reporting that Dave was so sick before the 9/5 show that his doctor told him not to perform that night. Of course the great ones will always rise to the occasion. I've seen over 25 shows and these were the best back-to-back's I've ever seen. I loved hearing tunes like STJL(9/5) and Spoon(the first time I've ever heard them play it live). While they played all the hits-Watchtower, Ants Marching with amazing amounts of energy, it was the fresh jams on songs such as 41, GIG, and Jimi Thing(9/5) and Bartender and Stone(9/6) that showed how much they love playing the Philly area(though I am biased). My faith in the band is definitely back. I can only imagine how difficult it is to put on a killer show every night, but thats the standard the band has set for themselves. These two nights they exceeded those standards. I hope the people on the left lawn Friday night enjoyed the free fireworks show from the Aquarium as much as we did. Enjoy the rest of the tour, my friends...
Bob M.
First two songs (Stay, Crush) looked like we were in for a classic show. However Dave and the Band slowed down to a crawl, almost going through the motions, with many people getting up and going out for bathroom and/or drink breaks. Lacked the energy and inspiration of last year's show here in Camden. Very disappointing.
Jim R.
One of the sweetest shows I've been to by far. Incredible high energy the whole show. Opening with STAY was sweet, a great opener for a show with such nice weather. Then Stefan had a sweet little bass solo into CRUSH which had a jam that was a lot more upbeat than the last time i saw it in 2000. THE STONE was my pick for the opener but it was still very nice to hear for the first time. I'm not sure but i think there was a little bit of I can't help falling in love with you at the end. HELP MYSELF was a nice surprise, I know they've been playing it a lot, but I didn't expect it. NANCIES was awesome, I didn't see that one coming either, amazing energy the crowd was really into it. For four years, since I bought L@RR, I have been waiting to hear WATCHTOWER, and as soon as Stefan started noodling around for his solo(which was really phat) I started jumping around like crazy(sorry if i stepped on anybody's toes on the lawn). the song was insane, incredible high energy jam, everybody taking a turn, Butch broke out some mad organ stuff. This was the second time I've seen WAYG which was a nice chill from WATCHTOWER. I've never seen a show without ANTS, and this was no exception, great as usual, first time i've seen it without the jam in the beginning, but also a first where they let everybody sing "people in every direction, no words exchange no time to exchange." The encore was sweet, to be honest I think THE MAKER could have been better, but maybe I've been spoiled by the geust-rich version on lic. BILLIES was stellar, Carter was amazing, as he was the whole night, but this one especially. Overall this gets a 9 out of 10. The crowd sang practically every word, the energy was all over the place, it was amazing.
Holy Crap...well yea this is alittle late, but i am still not over the show...Opener Stay is just awesome heard it twice this tour as an opener...well they went 4 for 4 with me from BTCS...amazing by far my fav album...then IIHIA love it. Help Myself was great never heard it in my 40 shows full was a good time for a bathroom break for most people cause it hit a lull..then saw the 12 string come out..called bartender before it was even played...i love pissing my friends off...then the rest of the show was awesome...Nancies HOLY friend had never heard it live...he had been begging for it for like 4 years...WAYG knew it was coming at some point. watchtower i think stefan played somehting from sublime in the solo...not sure...SPOON what an amazing song...Ants with out much intro is great...the i called the maker..but i got a Nature intro Billies...damn have nto heard the intro in a long friggin time...i love it...what a weekend 32 songs no repeats...thats how its supposed to be...never know what to expect with this tour and i hope they just keep on band and has anyone noticed that carter when playign the drums is the happiest man alive....the msile never leaves...and the blowing bubbles is great...the whole band is enjoying themselves..and i am enjoying that...peace out y'all this one hits the top 10 of my best shows...