Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Donavon Frankenreiter Band

Donít Drink the Water
I Did It
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
If I Had It All
Dancing Nancies
When The World Ends
Where Are You Going
The Stone
Two Step

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

John A.
Very nice show, but with a pretty typical DMB setlist. What made this show above average for me was the performance of the songs... they were on tonight, and completely jammed out everything. Here's a song-by-song: DDTW-Good enough start, not much to say about it except it was intense. I DID IT-Bleh. Could definately do without it, but at least it was another high energy, danceable song. SMTS-Three high energy songs in a row is incredible, and this version was really tight, I enjoyed it. PNP->RAPUNZEL-Fun! And yet another fast-paced song. Great version. CRUSH-Can never complain about Crush, it's just so much jamming live. One of my favorites, and this one didn't disappoint. BARTENDER-A highlight of the night, easily. Just so damn intense, emotional, and meaningful. IF I HAD IT ALL-To follow up such a rocking Bartender with this was just sacrilage. My least favorite on Everyday, probably, and this version didn't do much to change my opinion on the matter. SATELLITE-By now, and thanks in part to Bartender, Dave could no longer hit the high notes, but it was still great to hear this song, it never gets old. DANCING NANCIES-Boyd kicked ass here. About 6 minutes of violin soloing at the end was awesome, another highlight. WAREHOUSE-Truly spectacular. The best Warehouse I've ever heard, hands down. About 10 minutes long, and Roi was all over the solo at the end. WTWE-Again, to follow up Nancies->Warehouse with this was pitiful, another pretty bad one off of Everyday. You know, if they're gonna play Everyday songs why not play So Right or the title track? Whatever, this one was typical garbage WTWE. WAYG-Another dud, I was starting to worry that they were falling into a rut after such a strong beginning. THE STONE-Highlight #3. Grand version of this song, and the reprise ending amazes me every time. STAY-Seemed a little early to end, but I guess time flies when you're having fun. Really fun, energetic, feel-good version of this one. Can't go wrong here. ENCORE: SPOON-Ugh, I don't care for this live. I really like it on BTCS, but live it's just pretty flat without Alanis backup and Bela's banjo work. I would've liked to have heard BOWA or So Right here, but nope. TWO STEP-Eh, have heard it too much, and would've loved a Billies closer, but Two Step is always spectacular, and actually, this version was way above average, considering the ending jam was changed up quite a bit to feature even more Carter. About 15-20 minute version. So, overall, pretty typical DMB show, but with a standing Bartender, Nancies, Warehouse, The Stone, and Two Step, it was a great time.
This show was by far, the most incredible live show I have ever seen or heard. All the boys were absolutely on fire tonight, especially Carter and Boyd. Dave was in a really good mood, but had to pay with his voice. Around Rapunzle he lost his voice and couldn't hit the upper notes, but did a great job of making up for it. Okay... to the setlist! DDTW -> Hot... that's all I can say... hot and intense, a great opener I think. I Did It -> I'm not the biggest fan of Everyday, but this was a fun song to dance too, and above all... it's Dave Matthews Band, which means they can play whatever they want and I'm not gonna whine about it. Next, SMTS->ASTB->PNP->Rapunzel... WOW... what a great combination. AFter singing the last line, Dave just went off on this hip hop/rap dance around the stage that just got the audience going nuts!! It was hilarious and Dave was just having way too much fun ;-). Next PNP and Rapunzle... awesome, absolutely amazing jam with everyone contributing to the musical pot. Crush... really surprised to hear it, especially since at first, it seemed like Stefan was just goofin' around on the bass... everyone else seemed to just be talking... Carter had probs with his kit all night, and a tech kept coming out too fix it... but anyway, yeah, Stefan's intro to Crush got an immediate reaction from the crowd, and just a sweet sweet song. Then... Bartender... wow, so awsome, Dave really sacrificed his voice to put some real feeling into this song and Roi's tin whistle at the end was such a nice touch. IIHIA -> Again, I'm not complaining because it's DMB and it's his song so suck it up if you didn't like it. Satellite -> least expected song of the night and I loved it! Nice and calm straight into... Dancing Nancies... this was my mom's first DMB show, and she was saying how she was really hoping he would play it... definitely made her night and mine as well... and the jam with Boyd and Carter... good God!! Shear intensity and energy! Amazing... possibly one of the greatest ever. Warehouse -> Stefan and Carter had way too much fun leading the "WOO!!". LOL Great version and just a great jam overall. WTWE -> (look at previous comment about Everday songs). WAYG -> a sweet, sweet, soft song that they performed beautifully and really calmed everyone down for the graduale build up... which started with The Stone... great version as always and just a fun song that the entire band just had a blast with. At the end the slowly faded away to almost complete silence, then came back absolutely blasting for the finale. Then, to end the evening (temporarily) was Stay... great version, lots of energy and everything. The best part was Butch and Carter taking over the role as the Lovely Ladies. I don't think a lot of people realized, but Carter and Butch were trying so hard not to laugh after each line. Then... encore: Spoon... really really nice and mellow and soft and just a good wind down until a most intense Two Step. Carter had TWO solos in this song!... and they were hot hot HOT!! The Jam was just so long and really ended the evening on a positive note. Can't wait too see the guys again next year.
Show started off with three of the worst DMB songs out there - Don't Drink the Water, I Did It and So Much to Say. Once they got those out of their system, we were in the clear. I thought for sure the band was giving its typical middle finger to the Va Beach crowd (past couple years it has seemed like the band hated being there). I was VERY WRONG. The band followed with a tight setlist, and their onstage energy was as high as I can remember seeing it (I also was at the show in Northern Virginia the night before, which had a better setlist, but the band wasn't as energetic). Anyway, back to the Va Beach show - I can't remember hearing or seeing a DMB show with Satellite, Dancing Nancies and Warehouse all in a row like that in a long time - very nice! The band came on at 8:15 and finished about 10:45. They took a 10 minute potty (and pot) break before putting on a great encore. Another added benefit of the show was the occasional flyovers by our fine military(due to the proximity of the amphitheater to a naval air station).
This show was by far the best DMB show for me out of the only 5 I've been. I couldn't believe it , but i called the opening song of DDTW my friends and I were arguing back and forth about it. All I can say about this show is WOW!! I have never seen them jam out as much as they did especially Warehouse, my first time hearing this live and it will probably be the best. Also Nancies was excellent. I haven't heard that since The New Orleans Jazz Fest in may 2001, I had been waiting for that for awhile. And spoon what a great song for the beginning of the encore. I've heard Two Step two out of the three shows I've been to this summer. And last but not least CRUSH!! I hadn't heard that one live either and was it damn good. Over this show definately makes up for last years va beach show. You rock DMB!!!!