Dave Matthews Band
AmSouth Amphitheatre, Antioch, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Donavon Frankenreiter Band
Fool To Think

#41 (Everyday) -->
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro)
What Would You Say
When The World Ends
Grey Street
Jimi Thing *
Rhyme & Reason
Help Myself
Two Step +~
Where Are You Going
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* Mike Durham
+ Jeff Coffin
~ Futureman

The show was great, it is amazing to see and hear the talent of DMB on the stage. 41 was amazing, two step was unbelievabl. How does that man scatt like that? Wow, who says white men dont have rythm. Bella was outstanding. I have been waiting all summer to hear the boys and they showed up big tonight. I was stoke to hear bartender tonight. what powerful lyrics with such emotion.The only downer, if there can be a downer is, where was daves dancing shoes? Maybe tomorrow night they will appear. Can someone remind the dumbasses who don't respect the music (i.e. frat boys, sort. girls and kids under the age of 17. I know there are some huge fans in these categories, so if this doesnt apply to you please do not take offence to it) to stay home. No one cares what kind of phone you have, or who is at the concert. Save the good tickets for people who enjoy the music. A man of this magnitude comes along every twenty years. Dave and the boys you all are amazing, your talent is out of this world and I thank you for your efforts. See you tom. night in Atlanta.
Man. Nice, nice job, boys. This is (only) my third DMB show and by far the best one. Being fourth row was def a part of it, though. #41 was quite an improbable opener, but performed flawlessly. The crowd really responded well. There was so much energy in such a laid back song. Right into Everday, very nice. Long into with crowd singin' #36 making Dave smile. Then Granny was a good one and Crash (Dixie Chicken). The TN crowd loved it!! I haven't seen that song yet, so that was a thrill. 4 laid back songs to begin with. Very chill, but then came back with a HUGE Stay. Tons of energy and jamming to that one. The boys did a nice job. Nancies was a first as well and blew me off my feet. Warehouse. Need I say more? WOW! Then Bartender, rockin'. WWYS was great to throw in there after Bartender. WTWE was another good one. Second time I've seen that one but such a nice mesh. Grey Street=tons of energy! Jimi Thing was excellent! Dave's scat outro was amazing! Mad props to Mike Durham on guitar solo. Rhyme & Reason was hoped for; not let down. Not familiar with Help Myself. Two Step was SO great! Almost 20 minutes long. But could have been 30. WAYG was pretty good encore opener...would have chosen something different and then What You Are was just amazing! GREAT SHOW!
WOW! What an awesome show, everyone was pumped in Nashville (antioch) tonight. We made sure to leave really early this year after having missed the opening band last year (left about 3 hours early). Donavon Frankenreiter was pretty cool, had some good songs and was disappointed on the fact that I'd never heard them before. The boys came out around 8 and opened up with 41 with a segue to Everyday, awesome choice. Then went into Granny, another good song. Next was Crash--which just put everyone from super pumped to sober, amazing. Stay preceded which had everyone singing while dave rambled out the skat lyrics. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse two of my favorites I was hoping to hear and was not disappointed in the least. Bartender always just amazing to hear, Dave really got into it as always and just gave me goosebumps. Got the crowd dancing again with WWYS, WWTE, and Grey Street (which sounded really good). Then we had our first guest of the evening Mike Durham (played with the boys last year as well) playing guitar, joined in on Jimi Thing which was just breathtaking. Durham was all over the place leaving me with my jaw dropped, afterwards Dave went into a minute or 2 of skat lyrics. Rhyme & Reason and then Help Myself, both very powerful songs. More Guest! Futureman and Jeff Coffin joined in on Two Step which was just awesome. First sing of the Encore was WAYG which was pretty good. Then they closed out with What You Are leaving us all just totally pumped.
As with most DMB shows, we traveled from Orlando FL, to see this one hoping for an amazing show. Not only was it an amazing show, but the 15 minute Jimi Thing (special guest Mike Durham on electric and Dave's skat outro was unbelieveable), followed by a 20 minute Two Step (with Jeff Coffin on Tenor and Futureman on percusion) was unbelieveable. Opening with #41 into everyday rocked the house. Bartender was powerful as ever. Ending with What you are was sweet. Well, the show speaks for it self (assuming you saw the set list). I couldn't have asked for a more unbelievable show. If you're in Central Park next week, I'll meet you by the tree.
The Antioch show was my 4th dmb concert. I was loving the setlist. 41 was a great opener, but I was disappointed with the songs that Dave chose for the encore. They're ok songs and all, but for a show like that, I was hoping for a good jam at the end. Two Step, Stay and Jimi Thing were some of the highlights. Dave's scat on Jimi Thing was great, his facial expressions are the best! Probably one of the best shows i've attended, and the crowd was great, at least down in the seats they were. I can't wait to see dave again.
Jonathan W.
There is never a let down in Nashville. Year after year, this is always in the top group every tour. How can you beat a 41 opener? Greatest DMB song ever to me, and just a perfect way to start the night. Could go through the whole show, but it was just one you had to be at. Jimi Thing was unreal, Mike Durham ripped a huge solo at the end. Two STep with Jeff and Futureman might have lasted 20 minutes. It was just a nice old school chill night. Not many ballads, but just great songs for a September night in Tennessee. Just a great great night for DMB and all in Nashville. Thanks to my brother as always. Screw Alpine Valley, screw SPAC, screw Deer Creek, yall yankee folks need to see what it's like in dixeland.
Donavon Frankenreiter Band rocked...great opening act!! This was one of the top 3 (of 22) best DMB concerts I've been to. The guests were unbelievable and the jams kicked ass. The crowd seemed to lose their energy for a bit after Bartender, though. A lot of people around us sat down during it and didn't stand up again till Jimi Thing. Oh well...But this was well worth the 5 1/2 hour drive from Indy...and the cute little Tennessee boys with their southern accents was a treat! ;)
I went to the last four shows of this tour...and went through much to get to them including the flipping of my friends car and riding a Greyhound bus for 9 hours to get to this show, but let me tell you it was well worth it! I could be considered a veteran at this point I have been to many shows but this was by far the best. The guests were amazing and DMB jammed almost every song. The best "Dancing Nancies, Jimi Thing, and Two Step" I have ever heard. They were undescribable. Two Step alone was probably 20+ minutes easy. If I could have gone to any show this tour I was glad I went to this one.