Dave Matthews Band
Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars
Halloween (first few notes)
Typical Situation (partial song, instrumental)
Stefan Solo (Star Spangled Banner)
Unknown Jam
Too Much (full band)

onstage 8:25pm
Seek Up
Dancing Nancies -->
Where Are You Going
#41 -->
Jimi Thing
Rhyme & Reason
Grey Street
Cry Freedom
Stefan Intro (Star Spangled Banner) -->
offstage 10:40pm
onstage 10:45pm
Two Step
offstage 11:05pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

"I know this day in history will live on, to quote another, in infamy, for it's anniversary. So, I just want to pay my respects to all those people who lost their lives on this date two years ago, and we pay all our respects to them and to all of you who lost somebody special, and to all of us who lost our innocence on that day. We will never forget it, no. But let us also not forget all the millions of people that have died all over the world for the same terrible reasons. I hope that one day we will find a peaceful world to live on." -Dave Matthews

Kendall D.
BEST SHOW EVER!! I am sort of a novice, but 10 shows isn't too bad, and out of those ten, this was the best! I consider myself very lucky to have been in Hershey, PA with Dave and "friends" tonight, beautiful Harvest moon and some AWESOME music!! Watchtower was great, what can top it? They did an amazing set and it's awesome to see Boyd, Carter, Stefan and Dave up there smiling and having a ball! That makes it ALL worth it, knowing they love their jobs! Got a little teary when he talked about 9-11, he has such class! Was glad to hear some old faves, and a LONG 2 Step was a great way to end a great evening! Thanks Dave, we are lucky to have you on this earth... and Boyd, and Carter, and Stefan, and Leroi and Butch...! :) Kendall
James D.
I came in not expecting much from this hershey show, i had been to the previous 4 there and let me just tell you im completely blown away. first the intensity of the band right now is something i have never seen or heard before. Its unparalleled. Highlights!!! Seek up opener! 25 minutes! the energey flowed with granny and stay!! Dancing Nancies----> warehouse --need i say more??? #41--->everyday at the beginning of everyday, dave talked for about a minute giving us a little prayer and and speech for 9/11 lighters abound! it was truly moving!Dave ripped jimi thing to pieces with his scat outro! he got so fucking into it! unreal The energy flowed some more with rhyme and grey street Cry Freedom! lighters abound, it was hard not to get emotional STAR SPANGLED BANNER INTRO! crowd sang it and fonzie nailed it! breathtaking! by this time its almost the 11 oclock hour and yet they take us past the 11 o clock hour with an 17 minute two step encore!! dont let the one song encore fool you, not one person left upset! I cant fucking believe how incredible this was! The band is more on fire than ever before. Hands down the best dmb show in hershey! what a night!!! also, congratulations hershey, you finally turned your sound up!
Bill K.
Thank you, Dave, Leroi, Boyd, Carter, Stefan and Butch. Thank you for making us sing, making us dance, and making us value life. Tonight's show was, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular evening of our lives. The energy was present, but so was another sense of awe. No one could ignore the fact that it was 9/11, yet we came to Hershey looking for a little love. You all delievered. Whether it was the tremendous Seek Up opener, power Stay, moving Cry Freedom, bone chilling Watchtower with Stefan's Star Spangled Banner intro, or the uplifting and humbling Everyday, every song was magical tonight. Your music brought us together for a special evening. Everyone was there for the same reason, to fulfill our passion for your music. You made me believe in you and believe in life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. God bless America.
Wow, simply amazing. North Mississippi Allstars, the one member played the washboard, and finally made white trash cool. The Dave Show! I called Seek Up follwed by Granny, and was proud of both myself and how the band played them. Seek Up was incedible, and it was my first time hearing it live, and Granny. Stay was fun. The place went wild when the bass intro to Crush was heard, it was completely awesome. Nancies and Warehouse were intense. WAYG was standard. #41 was great, and before Everyday, Dave gave a little speech about 9/11 that was very inspiring, then riped into Everyday like I've never heard it. Grey Street kicked ass, as always. Jimi Thing was great with Dave doing some scat at the end, R&R was hot. Cry Freedom was at the perfect time and appreciated by everyone. Watchtower was perfect, and Two Step was great. The band was hot, smiling, and having a good time. Anyone see Stephan's dance before Crush? Man, that guy is just cool.
Jimi M.
I've never been to a more meaningful Dave Matthews Band show! Last night in Hershey Dave and the Boys played 15 songs, a shorter setlist in number from the usuall 17 or 18, but just about all of the 15 songs could in some way relate to the date. There were 2 strong high points in the show....the first coming on # 41. Dave and the fellas played a fantastic version of this song and at the end...the crowd started singing everyday. Dave used to do it that way, but hasn't for a pretty long while as far as I can remember. The crowd prompted the band to follow along with the Everyday sing along...and Dave look suprised, if not touched by the gesture... he then went on to sing everyday over #41's music...and when it ended immediately went into the real version ....CROWD WENT NUTS... he walked to the mic and started finally talking about the date and the anniversary of the 9 11 events. Well said words by Dave and a song about Love really made the crowd feel that sense of respect and love. The other highlight was Fonzie's Bass solo before Watchtower... he did his usuall harmonic solo....but then went into an impromtu National Anthem. The crowd began to sing along... the band just watched with reverence and pride... I had Chills the whole time. It made me remember the pride and Love I had for the country and heros who died two years ago. When he finished playing the Anthem The crowd went wild...and dave and the boys all clapped for him as well. All in all I could not have asked for a more amazing show. We all went wondering if the Date would effect the setlist and the shows did. This was a reverent night....but it was still a celebration...of live...of our country..and of ourselves. Life is short but sweet for certain...indeed Dave...Indeed. God Bless the U.S.A .... Always remember 9-11-01
Josh S.
I've been looking forware to this night since i ordered my tickets. And this was definatly a special night. First, being in the 8th row didn't hurt anything. I really got a chance to see the dynamics between the band, and to realize just how nuts Dave really is. Granny is such a great tune, and it's good to have finally heard it live. Then Stay... really good to hear this in the beginning of the set, such a great tune esp with butch singing the 'lovely ladies' part again. Then Crush... well boyd stole the show at this point with a sick ass solo. Did his march across the stage and jammed it out with steffan. Warehouse, WAYG awesome. Then came the most aweseome DMB experience i've ever seen. #41 was so tight, and with the everyday outro was way cool, the crowd was singing "everyday" dave and carter couldn't get enough of this. With carter singing with the crowd and dave doing his scat and lyrics over top. Real awesome. Then dave gave his speech. I was kinda expecting this, but he really got everyone attention. It was crazy, but as he was jamming the intro to everyday, he was speaking in rhythem to the beat. Now, Jimi Thing is a really really great tune, but holy shit were win in for an experience. After sick ass solos by boyd and leroi dave steps up to the mike and starts to strum a little on the guitar. He turns around to talk to carter and carter gives him a nod. almost like 'get your ass up to the mike and do your thing. So dave gets to the mike and begins to scat. Holy shit. I think everyone stoped dancing and froze. You can't describe what he did. I swear he was talking to someone that wasn't there. But when it was all said and done, it was way quiet in the crowd, and then it just burst open with applause. The band knew this too. and carter, boyd and butch got real big smiles on their faces. This definatly stole the night. R&R was good, followed by a real decent grey street. Cry freedom setteled everyone down, and made everyone realize how somber the night really was. Now it was time for Steffan to take the stage. It was pretty clear when the lights dimmed and the spot set on him that watchtower was next. Well we got a little more then that. Yes, we got to hear our national anthem. Everyone was singing along and dave looked at everyone and just smiled. When the crowd started to applause, dave looked at steffand and clapped for him. Real nice. Watchtower was sick as always. Short encore break then two step. Real good to hear this tune on tour again. But it was way different as a closer. Everyone soloed. Buth started jamming 'love of my life' took the whole solo from the end of the tune. I don't thing a lot of people realized this, but it was awesome. Leroi and carter ended this with 2 incredable solos. I knew with the long solos this was the only tune we were getting, but after that set and the great two step i was more then happy. Thanks guys it's been a great tour. Hopefully see you on 9/24
September 11, 2001: a horrific day that will never be forgotten. September 11, 2003: a night that will always be remembered. DMB was absolutely superb tonight as they performed the best, most jammed out show I have ever seen. The show was simply perfect. When Dave began Seek Up, I knew this show was going to be amazing. Seek Up jammed like I have never heard before - Roi's sax solo during the intro was hypnotic, and the band went on to jam the song out for what seemed like an eternity. The jam at the end of the song grew to an intensity that I had never heard before. Granny followed - always wonderful to hear. Dave was singing his heart out. Stay was amazing. Carter and Boyd sound a lot better than the lovely ladies. I was impressed! Crush was stellar - a little slower tempo than usual but it was definatly funky. Dancing Nancies was amazing as usual - Boyd stole the show at this point. Then came Warehouse. I've heard Nancies--->Warehouse a few time but for some reason tonight was more amazing than ever. Where Are You Going was nice to hear. #41--->Everyday came next. Wow. After #41, Dave gave a little speech about honoring the people who lost their lives during the 9/11 tragedies, and went right in to Everyday. Was very emotional. Jimi Thing was the highlight of the show for me. Dave's scat solo during the outro jam was insane! He got really into it, and the crowd definately loved it. Rhyme and Reason was amazing. I had never heard this song live before! It was insane. Grey Street was very good, with a nice long jam at the end. Even with the third verse omitted it was still great. Cry Freedom - another song I had never heard live - was very emotional. Roi's sax solo at the end was very beautiful. This show was already amazing, and there was only one more thing I could think of to make it even more so - Star Spangled Banner inrto to Watchtower. It was very emotional to say the least. People took off the hats and the entire crowd was singing our nantional anthem while Stefan played. What a treat! Watchtower was incredibly intense, and Dave's howling at the end just kept on going. By this time I knew it was already late, so I wasn't sure if the band would pull out a two-song encore or not. The didn't need to. Two Step was tight. A great way to end an amazing show. It was like hearing old-school DMB again. Each song jammed with tons of passion and intensity. DMB made this a very memorable night - a night that will live with me forever. Thanks, DMB for anamazing night! I'm looking forward to Nissan!
Justin N.
I'd like to start out by saying God Bless anyone who lost someone special on this day, and you have my respects. And secondly this was my 10th DMB show so i'm finally in double digits. This show was absolutely REDICULOUS!!!! to say the least. They totally went old school on us only playing 2 songs from Busted and only 1 ED, but it was apropriately Everyday. The energy the whole band gave off was amazing. And the highlight of the night was Dave's nix of a guitar solo in jimi and instead giving us a scat lesson that blew our minds. Being only 15 songs you'd say it was a sub-par short show, NOT A CHANCE playing for just 10 minutes shy of 3 hours the boys gave me and i hope everyone else there their best concert so far!
I wasn't supposed to go this show because I'm already going on saturdaybut I bought tickets the day of and I'm so glad I did. 13th show and probably the best for me. Show starts off with seek up -best version I've ever heard. Granny - great version (only took me 13 times to see it)Stay - a lot of energy, carter sung the lovely ladies part, Crush - Boyd went nuts towards the end of the song and so did the crowd. Nancies into Warehouse, boyd was god on nancies and the bridge into warehouse was just sick, lots of wooo's tonight. Where are you going - worst song of the night, standard version. #41 - dave picks up right where he left off before wayg, jamming version right into everyday, dave gives a little speech about 9/11. The honey honeys were'nt as loud in the crowd tonight as usual. Jimi Thing - holy shit, daves scat at the end was unlike I've ever seen him, he was going nuts, carter and stefan were laughing. Rhyme and Reason - standard but solid. Grey Street - skipped a verse but solid. Cry Freedom - first time I've heard it full band, very chill but awesome. Watchtower - stefan plays star spangled banner as intro, the whole crowd was singing, watchtower was nuts, dave was screaming at the end and not words, just screaming as loud as he could. Two step for the encore - butch played an awesome solo. Overall, this show was unbelivable, not only was the selist good but the versions were steallar too, 9 out of 10, see ya'll saturday in va.
David B.
Wow! What an awesome show. This was my first Dave show, but since I'm only 14, I hope too go to many more. Seek Up was unbelievable. I never thought they would whip that out as an opener. It lasted for about 20 minutes, until they started playing GRANNY!! I never thought they would play that, but it was awesome as well. Stay and Crush were definatley a plus, but when I heard the intro to Warehouse, i knew that this night would never be forgoten. The crowd was into the whole WOOO in between the brakes in the into. WAYG was a nice soft jam, and I was glad to hear #41, since its one of my favorite songs. Everday was a nice tribute to 9/11. Dave made a nice speech, and everyone got the USA chant and lighter thing going. But the highlight was Jimi Thing. This must have lasted for 12 minutes, and Dave did some scat. It was really good! I knew that he was really in too the it. R&R was incredible, following with another favorite of mine, Grey Street. Cry Freedom was good, and Stefan played the Star Spangled Banner as the intro to Watchtower. This was really good.The guys caped the night off with Two Step, which was a great finish. I wouldve liked to hear Lie In Our Graves, but all in all a totally amazing show/setlist that should be turned into a live cd. Thanks for an awesome show Dave!
DUDE!!!! It was such a sweet show!!! Dave whipped out Granny, it was so tight. there was lots of pot and a guy named leo who wouldnt sit down. i sceamed so loud, and i was with this kid who was going insane. seek up was nice, and #41 too, it was a really good setlist. i wanted lie in our graves though. there were some sweet solos that were great, and carter is a beast. peace
i am not going to go through all the songs like i normally do but i will list the highlights for me..SEEK UP opener was brilliant followed by GRANNY i was really hoping to hear either that or PIG so i was thrilled..the AMAZING scat during jimi thing..way better than the one at CAA it was so dope!! i called the star spangled bass solo weeks ago because i remember at MSG on 5/29/02 when the dave got all emotional about being in NY and all that the crowd chanted USA USA and then stefan played was alot more special that night but it was still cool to see it again..people last night went from USA to WE WANT DAVE so that didn't really have the same was a cool show..wasn't overally excited about the predictable two step closer but all in all a great more left..central park here i come!!
Tom &.
A few of you may remember us old-timers, Tom and Tana . We were mere feet away from Dave when he made his eloquent speech last night, 9/11/2003. It was midway through the show, after opening with Seek Up, which, it's hard to believe, the lyrics being so incredibly prophetic, was written so long before 9/11/2001. Every song seemed chosen for this day. Granny: listen to the wisdom of the ages ... Cry Freedom: of course ... even Jimi Thing could be interpreted as a statement on civil liberties. Watchtower, which we usually could live without, was poignant and beautiful. No overly aggressive songs; nearly everything was gentle and meaningful to the day in its own way. The show ran over 2.5 hours - nothing hurried, everything lush, and the man in the tie looked ready to yank Dave off the stage as each minute past 11pm ticked by. It was a beautiful, wonderful show, full of jams and innovations, new ways with old songs, amazing strength, and that crazy new scat/rap at the end of Jimi Thing is everything they say it is and then some. The lovely weather made the evening that much more pleasant. The highlight of the evening for us was when they first came out. Dave did his standard stalking along the front of the stage, as if looking for familiar faces. He spotted Tom, pointed his finger, looked him (and his Jerry shirt) straight in the eye, and said, "I know you." This is possible from front row center. (Thank-you, Warehouse seniority.) We've seen three DMB shows within the space of seven days and each was unique. Subtle differences, but we've been around the block so we can tell.
Mindy G.
Wow! What an incredible night! Dave and the band were just letting it all out tonight! I drove 5 hours to see my 13th show, and it was worth everything in the world! Some of the highlights of the night were Seek Up, Granny, Crush (my personal favorite!), Nancies into Warehouse, #41 into Everyday (where Dave paid his respects to 9/11 with some pretty powerful words), Jimi Thing (Dave's scat at the end was out of control!), Watchtower, and Two Step (both with jams that blew your mind!). Overall, the show was so upbeat - you could tell the band had their hearts in every song. The most touching part of the night was during Watchtower though. During the bass solo, Stefan busted out the National Anthem. The entire venue was on their feet, hats off, and lighters in the air - it was an incredible sight and feeling. Thank you for such a memorable night!
Chet K.
Wow, what a show! Got there late, about 7:45, so we missed the opening band(not that i was that dissapointed). We slid into our 14th row seats and settled in for the show. They came out at about 8:25. ONE THING THAT I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT THE ENTIRE SHOW WAS PLAYED WITHOUT DAVE USING HIS ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Dave and the band were stood around for a couple minutes and got things together and then dave started playing SEEK UP. What a refresher, so nice to hear this one. The engergy of this 20 minute jam set the tone for the amazing night that was ahead. Next was GRANNY. I really liked this one, and the crowd really got in to the Love...Maybe..., yeah so this one was short but very sweet. I expected STAY to come sometime in the beginning of the set as it has been lately. So Stay was next and it was, as always, a great live, feel good song(and it didnt hurt not to have the lovely ladies along ;)CRUSH was a great song as usual but it was a little slower than usual with kind of a mellow tone. Everyone went crazy when Dave started strumming the into to NANCIES. This was another song that I wasn't really expecting along with seek up and granny. Strumma strum strum WOOOO...yeah yeah, WAREHOUSE!!! This was one that I was really looking forward too especially with the stop go/wooing intro. It slowed down for a WAYG after this which was standard. Next cam the best segue of the show, another one that I was waiting for...#41-->EVERYDAY!! this was just amazing! I love the stop go outro of #41 for everyday. in between the two he gave a nice speech on 9/11. Everybody got into the hani hani...come and dance with me before the song and during the instrumentals. JIMI THING was also a fan favorite and a personal favorite of mine. Amazing scat outro...really got the crowd going...RHYME AND REASON was electric and more than I expected from the song. I thought Bartender was coming up next but it was GREY STREET which was pretty good with the usual skipping verse in the middle. CRY FREEDOM was a nice quiet dave semi-solo. Next cam what I was waiting for...the stefan solo that included the star spangled banner and the intro to WATCHTOWER. I was screaming for it even before Stefan's solo and everybody in the entire section A probably heard me haha. This song was simply electric! It was getting late and i was thinking that they might only have time for one encore song before 11. It was TWO STEP. Great 15 minute jam...i was hoping to hear What You Are, but since he didnt use his electric guitar all night i figured he wouldnt whip it out now so they ended it with Two Step. After the show Carter came out and distributed his drum sticks to a few lucky fans in the front. Also during the show Dave threw his picks into the crowd. Great show!! Amazing setlist! Overall radical~
oh my god!!!! this was my first dave matthews band show and i awe it started off a little slow with seek up i didnt really know the song but i enjoyed it. granny was another first time but i thought it was amazing. after that i knew every song stay was average i would say . CRUSH! one of my favorite songs boyd was definetely feelin it he had the hugest smile on his face. i think nancies was next i was freakin surprised to hear that and wow was it amazing great jam at the end! then right into WAREHOUSE!!!! the whole crowd was wooing and the energy was very high in the crowd. #41 rocked the hizzouse then the as i like to call tribute to 9/11 by dave followed by everyday was fantastic you had to be there . anyway jimithing was off the HOOK!!!! then dave was dooin that shoo bop do diddly opp thing for almost 2 minutes then i saw the whole band hig five him and the song went on for a few more minutes. cry freedom was good a lot of ppl sat down. then stefan played teh star spangled banner! holy sh*t that was awesome he got the whole crowd singin...then.........out of no where ......WATCHTOWER!! i was on cloud 9 it was unbelievable there was sooooo much energy for this song and the jams were out of this world..finally they went off stage which after about 5minutes got me worried that hey wouldnt come back....but of course they did ..and what do they play? TWO FRIGGIN STEP! a 15 minuter 2 step i might add dave sang his heart out on this one and carter and butch just jammed and jammed and jammed and jammed.....and i know the crowd just loved daves little strut back to the mic at the end there. overall for my first show i was truly amazed all i can say is if u werent there u better hope somehow u get a taping of it
The show was amazing. I was hoping that the first song would be an indication of how good the rest of the concert would be... it was! Dave opened with "Seek Up" with many solos for a total of 20 minutes. Each song after was amazing. The solos and improvs in "Jimi Thing" were amazing. The bass solo of "Star Spangled Banner" during the intro to "Watchtower" was priceless. I was amazed to hear so many great songs in a concert lasting nearly 3 hours. It made last year's Hershey performance seem almost bad. It had many of the same songs as the "Listener Supported" cd/dvd. I would give anything to have a dvd of this concert.
Let me start off by saying that the band has blown me away this year. I was @ the 2 shows in Burgettstown and they were great! Then I went to the 2 shows in Camden they were even better! Now to hear this show in Hershey on 9/11 it rocked more than the other 4. I've been to 20+ shows and I was blown away! Seek up for the opener was the ish, let alone a 20 min long version. The majority of the songs he played I heard in camden a couple of nights before but, they were all jammin songs anyway. Later in the show Dave made a little speech made about 9/11 and the crowd went crazy. After thespeech he went into everyday and rocked it. The highlight of the show for me was Stefan playing the Star Spangled Banner on the Bass!! I've never seen that before and probably will never see again. Then to go from that right into watchtower was insane. The whole show was great and probably the best I've ever seen. So that concludes my review and I'll see ya'll at the Nissan Pavilion and Central Park shows.
Tonight was an old-school-song night full of jamming. I heard the sound check earlier in the day and they jammed a lot then, so that was a sign of what was to come. I also heard Stefan messing around with Star Spangled Banner during sound check, so I knew they would do Watchtower with that intro (very appropriate for this day). I had 4th row center seats right in front of Dave for this, my 20th DMB show. This was my first time at Hershey (I flew in from Seattle) and people had complained about the sound but of course it was fine for me! And what they say is true- you can smell chocolate in the town. But I didn't notice if Dave mentioned it this year or not. Now onto the show. When they opened with 20+ minute version of SEEK UP, I knew it was going to be a great night. I heard it open a show once before, and several times in the middle of sets. It is always a treat to hear. Dave didn't do too much of the wailing. He had chewed on a cough drop before they started, so I think that helped his throat- he sounded good except of course there are notes in songs he just can't hit after the first couple weeks of a tour. GRANNY followed, and it's one of my favorites. If I heard this song at every show I wouldn't mind. STAY was next and during it I realized that this was the first time I heard it not as a closer. Dave was singing along at the end, but it wasn't as good as at the Gorge, in my opinion. It looked like they were all having a good time on stage. During CRUSH Boyd was going wild on his solo, as he did the whole night. DANCING NANCIES was next. Dave did an intro that sounded a bit like the drunk man intros of the Dave & Tim tour, but it was hard to tell exactly what he was saying. I hadn't heard this one full-band since the Gorge 2002 so that was nice to hear it again. Dave was staring up and over to his left at the full moon during this song. I turned to the guy next to me and suggested that maybe they would segue it into WAREHOUSE and sure enough they did. The woo's were done, of course. There's always a lot of energy in that song. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was next. Standard as usual- but seriously, what else can be said about it since they play it the same way every time? Naturally Dave couldn't hit the high notes in #41. It again was jammed out. Near the end of the song I wondered out loud if they were going to do the Everyday outro, and soon afterward they did. People actually participated, too. Then of course they segued into EVERYDAY. But before the song, Dave talked about September 11 by paying tribute to all the lives lost, but also pointing out that terrorist activities still occur on a daily basis world-wide. He then mentioned that he hopes we one day live in a peaceful world. It was really nice. Throughout the night I got the feeling that playing a show on September 11 was really hard for Dave. Some people in the row in front of me (3rd row) had an American flag that they held up. During EVERYDAY, people sang the "Hani/honey Hani/honey" part at the beginning. But at the end when they are supposed to be sung again, people were slow to catch on. Dave looked sad at the end of this song- his eyes were watering. Like I said, I think it was tough for him to play a show on 9/11. JIMI THING was jammed out, including a really weird scary Dave scat thing. It honestly looked like he was talking to himself. It was just Dave gibberish, but he was doing all these hand motions along with it. At the end of it he waved his left thumb behind him in a "leave" motion, as if telling whatever part of him came out to go back. It's hard to describe, but it was really, really weird and creepy. Even the guy next to me was like "I've never seen anything like that during Jimi Thing." Me neither. During this song the same guy told me that it was already 10pm. I was surprised, because they had only done 10 songs, but of coure they jammed a lot tonight. So we knew it would be a shorter setlist song-wise. RHYME & REASON was pretty standard, but instead of "take this needle from my vein" he sang "keep this needle in my vein." GREY STREET was a nice pick-me-up song, but of course it was the shortened version (it will be big news if they ever bring back the creepy man). During CRY FREEDOM, people had lighters out in the stands, which was cool to turn around and see. Stefan did the STAR-SPANGLED BANNER intro to WATCHTOWER. A lot of us were singing along as best as we could (because the way he played it was choppier than, say, at a sporting event). The people near me with the flag held it up again. It might have been here, or maybe it was after Dave's speech about 9/11, but some people did a USA chant (I bet these same people were at MSG in May 2002!). WATCHTOWER was energetic as always- in my opinion it's one of their best live songs. Then they left for the encore break. When they came out, they talked amongst themselves for a moment (they cut out a song in the encore and one in the main set- see below) and then they went into TWO STEP. I couldn't tell what Dave's intro was about. It was a mid-length version of the song since they were running out of time. So even though they only played 15 songs (the shortest of the tour), the show was about 2 hours and 40 minutes long (one of the longer of the tour). After the show was over I saw the setlist and it turned out they cut Best of What's Around from the main set, and What Would You Say from the encore. That was too bad, but it was a good show anyway. And it was interesting that at this show they only played three songs post-BTCS (Everyday, WAYG, and Grey Street). At first I wasn't going to go to this show but I'm glad I did! Now I'll see what the Nissan Pavilion show has in store on Saturday.
well this wonderful night on 9/11 made my 10th dmb show. had 6th row seats, however they were off to the side. couldnt see butch at all, and had problems seeing boyd and carter. show started off with a BIG surprise with seek up. i believe this clocked in around the 18 minute mark. all band members were really on fire during this song. during butch's solo i made a quick run to the tshirt stand, since i couldnt see him play anyway. next up was a VERY big surprise granny. this followed so nicely with seek up. the crowd sang a lot during this song, as they did all night long. energy remained high with stay and crush. both standard sounding, nonetheless great. next up was an incredible nancies > warehouse. felt like the good old days again at this point. where are you going slowed the crowd down a bit, and it was the same standard version. this was one of two downfalls tonight. #41 was terrific, followed by the predictable everyday. dave did a great speech, and gave tribute to 9/11/01. he said that everyday was being played in honor of that. crowd sang the "hani hani" part very well. next up was without a doubt the biggest highlight of the night. jimi thing was UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!! dave's 5 minute or so scat singing at the end was the best thing i think i've ever seen dave do. he was rapping and stomping around, and doing crazy hand motions. energy stayed high for the next two great, but standard songs of rhyme and reason and grey street. imagining cry freedom would be played soon, that was the next song to follow. great version of it, and people were saying that dave was getting a little emotional at this point. when it ended, stefan started an awesome bass solo for about 6 minutes or so. star spangled banner was included, which a lot of people sang. watchtower was naturally excellent. being about 10:45 at this point, we knew this was the closer. boys came back out only 2-3 minutes later, and started right into two step. this was the second dissapointment of the night. two step was the only encore played, because of hershey's strict curfew rules. nonetheless it was great. i was thinking it would go straight into ants, but oh well. im told that the band originally had planned on doing 2 encores, until they were told that they couldn't. although i dont think this beat out camden night 2, and was the shortest in number of songs that i've ever seen, i think it ranks up there at 2nd best. hershey had GREAT sound this year, and can't wait till the boys come back. now off to nissan, which definitely has high expectations.
AMAZING show. Easily one of the best setlists of the year. Seek Up is their best opener, in my opinion. Other highlights included #41>>Everyday; Daves speech; Jimi Thing; Bass>>Watchtower; and lots more. There really wanst any part of the show that was a downer. WAYG wasnt the best choice after such a great set up until then, but I was surprisingly pleased by it. It also helped that I was sitting 4th row, the closest Ive ever been :D
What a great concert! SO much better (and longer) show than Meadows on 08/31. The boys seemed to have so much more energy, playing one great song after another. It was as if they didn't want to stop! They played hard until after 11:00am, with a great Two Step as encore. Enjoyed Seek Up as opener, followed by Granny. Stephen playing the Star-Spangled Banner was something I will always remember-what a great tribute to 9/11. Also loved Cry Freedom and Watchtower. Enjoyed Dave's crazy scattin' and the high five he got from Beauford. This was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen by DMB, since they all were really into it and seemed to be having a great time doing what they do best. Although Meadows was a little flat, Hershey by far made up for it! Again, what a great show! Thanks DMB.