Dave Matthews Band
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Donavon Frankenreiter Band

What Would You Say
Fool To Think -->
Grace Is Gone
Rhyme & Reason
Help Myself
The Stone
If I Had It All
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Donít Drink the Water
Dancing Nancies
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Ants Marching

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

This was my first Dave show that I've ever been to, and it was incredible beyond words. I've heard storis from people that have been before, but now I can't even find words that I think could justify what I saw. The way Dave's fingers moved over his guitar, and the way Boyd played that fiddle, it was unlike anything I've ever experienced. The crowd was amazing, the setlist was perfect; it could not have been any better. This won't be my last DMB show.
Tyler J.
Alright I know the girl that posted first (Lindsey), and she is a DMB fan, even though she said Tim plays the fiddle. Disregard that. She was, however, correct on this being a kick ass show. If you look at the setlist, it looks somewhat mediocre. But the energy the boys had was amazing. This was my 32nd show, and I handed out about 200 JTR signs before the show. Even met Coleman from the VH1 Fanclub show on the front row. He and his girlfriend took 2 of my signs and held them up during the show. It's amazing how many people did not know what JTR was. Now to the show. What Would you say was a cool start. Crush was standard and the Carter solo just as badass as ususal. Highlights didn't start until after Fool --->grace by the way had a cool little hoe-down outro, after rhyme, HELP MYSELF. never seen this live, nobody knew what it was, i was going nuts. GREAT live jam. Then a standard stone which is nothing to complain about. I sat down through IIHIA, but then....ohhhhh then....JIMI THING. I shit you not, this was the best Jimi Thing of all time. The scat outro was about 5 minutes long, saying nothing but just making noises and hand gestures such as "bang bang" and shooting something in the sky. My jaw hit the ground. The most amazing 5 minutes of DMB music ever. Cannot say enough about this song. Very cool to hear Crash, such a sweet sweet song...and of course it was a 12-year old favorit....ekk, i mean a crowd favorite. Nancies was bad ass, and the SMTS--ASTB--->PNP---Rapunzel was just so jammed out. I loved it. Every guy on stage was going 110%. The encore, i got like 10 people to chant JTR because out of the whole front section thats about how many people knew what it meant....very sad...but he came out and teased it. I was pumped. Ants was a strange encore opener, but a nice one. We thought it was done, and then he busts into stay. Jammed sooo hard. All in all a BADASS show with so much energy. Dave danced more tonight than I've ever seen. Carter was on, Leroi was on and god dave was surely on. Hopefully I'll see yall in Central Park if I can miss a few classes next week. I met alot of cool people in the lot and especially a cool dude from Portland State, name is Markie or something. I was telling about playing guitar. So if you saw me in the lot, I was the one playing guitar I had a Virginia shirt on and I was handing out JTR signs. Happy trails until next time...
Zac S.
This show was so awesome! It was only my second time seeing the boys and it blew away the first time. This was partly due to the fact that the nose bleed section at Turner Field isn't the best persepective from which to see DMB play. Plus, the setlist on that night (6-6-01) was too mellow and too many Everyday songs. On to this show, they had a ton of energy on this night. I got their late trying to park the car, so I missed the opener and I got their at the end of crush. Fool To think was great. It's hard to believe that this song came from Everyday because it's such a sweet song! GIG was pretty and it mellowed the crowd. The hoedown outro was suprising and an excellent touch. R and R was standard and good. I was so happy to hear the stone. That song is one of my favorites. They played it really well too. It's cool to see how Dave's hands work from the huge video screens above the stage. His hands can be incredibly dextrous. IIHIA was okay, not one of my favs, but pretty good. Jimi Thing Kicked Ass. That was the most energetic scat I've ever heard or seen from Dave. Carter was impressed too. Dave made gestures with his hands and scatted for like five minutes. Jimi Thing must have been 15 minutes long! Then Crash, which is always nice, cause it's just a beautiful song! DDTW was really powerful! Then, Dancing Nancies!!! Oh my God! This is probably my favorite DMB song and they played it! It was not as good as the version on Red Rocks, but it was such a treat to see and hear it live. Probably the best moment in the show was when they played SMTS into ASTB into PNP into Rapunzel. I didn't even think they could do that, but once I recognized what they did it was so cool! That was the most memorable part for me. SMTS is underrated I think. It took them a long time to come out for the encore! I bludgeoned the chair in front of me so much my hands were sore. It was a fine encore, I hoped for Two Step, but the night was already such a superb experience. This night proved to me that DMB really is one of the best live bands out there. I was doubtful after the Atlanta show in 2001, but now I see the light. See Y'all next year...peace.
Dave C.
This is about my 12th DMB show. Let me start off by saying how much fun was had in the parking lot. Eventhough there was a hurricane 100 miles away, that shit didn't matter because everyone was there to jam. The setlist was amazing. WWYS-haven't heard in since my first show and it was crazy. Had the crowd singing. Crush- are you kidding me, my lighter came out for that song. FTT-crazy. Grace is gone, rhyme and reason, the just goes on. The energy was crazy tonight and Dave was a dancing nancie for sure. They were all jammin. The encore, Antz and Stay- hell yeah dude! The night was just great, I just wish it didn't have to end...But hopefully they will be back around at Christmas! Everyone going to Central Park, I am mad jealous but have a kick ass time!
I've only been to four DMB shows and a Dave and Tim solo so far, but I'm still young so I'm hoping to add to those numbers. Anyways coming to this concert i was especially pumped because of the dominantly old school set lists i'd been looking at for the previous shows of the summer tour. It started out cool with What wouuld you say and onto crush which was nice to hear, being a favorite. After fool to think and grace the show really started picking up intensity with Rhyme and Reason and help myself, which i was pleased to hear but noone else around me seemed to care about. IIHIA was good but then Jimi Thing...Holy shit. As my friend beside me said as soon as the scat solo started- "Daves flipping a shit man" He went nuts and the crowd went nuts too, I havent seen the band so on until now. The rest of the show i was riding the high i'd gotten from Jimi thing, and it couldnt have ended better with the Ants/Stay encore. cant wait till my next show.