Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Donavon Frankenreiter Band

onstage 8:30pm
Fool To Think -->
Stefan slide guitar intro -->
Grace Is Gone
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro)
Rhyme & Reason
Ring Of Fire (partial song) *
Help Myself
Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl, Take me to the River)
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Grey Street
Song That Jane Likes
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:28pm
onstage 10:35pm
#40 (tease - first couple lines)
Too Much
What You Are
offstage 10:50pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* June Carter Cash cover (Tribute to Johnny Cash)

John A.
This is #3 of the tour four me, and probably the best of them. No real lowpoints at all, and no show is bad from the third row. Here's a song-by-song: STAY-Excellent choice for an opener. Very energetic, feel-good, and this version was exceptional. GRANNY-Excellent choice for song after the opener. Perhaps not as strong as the 6/27/03 version, but it's Granny, so it's always good. FOOL TO THINK-I really like this song, especially now that it's being played acoustic as opposed to electric. A very well-played version. GRACE IS GONE-Pretty song, but was disappointed that they didn't jam it out more, as they have been doing recently. ONE SWEET WORLD-I'm getting tired of this one, it's overplayed, but nonetheless this was a nice version; the instrumental intro was the best I've ever heard. Butch has added a lot to it. RHYME & REASON-Eh, another song that's overplayed, but since it was so incredibly intense tonight, I don't mind. RING OF FIRE-Carter was having drumset issues, so Dave stepped up to the mic, and without any intro to the song or anything, just jumped into Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash. It was a very fitting tribute to the Man in Black, who died this past Friday. HELP MYSELF-Didn't think I was going to like it, as I had never heard it before and never had any desire to. However, it was a highlight of the night. Great song. RECENTLY-Unexpected, again didn't think I'd care too much for it, but I was wrong. ANTS MARCHING-The show picked up a lot here. Energetic, out of nowhere version which got everyone totally captivated. CRY FREEDOM-Wonderful version, best I've heard. A good breather after an intense Ants. GREY STREET-Another crowd pleaser, still cut way too short, but fun. SONG THAT JANE LIKES-I didn't see this one coming, especially so late in the set, but it was a highlight. SO MUCH TO SAY-Dave's guitar licks on this one were less than tight, and it seemed like a subpar version to me. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-Thought So Much To Say would segue into PNP->Rapunzel, but was happy with this. Crowd loved it, of course. ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER-Thrilled with this. Great closer, incredible energy. Highlight of the night for me, without a doubt. ENCORE: TOO MUCH-Thought he'd do Long Black Veil for Johnny Cash, but I was happy to hear Too Much in this spot. It was an excellent version of the song, very funky. WHAT YOU ARE-Many don't care for this song to close the encore, but I don't mind because I frankly love the song. Another intense performance of it, can't go wrong here. Overall, very nice evening here. Pleasantly surprised at the lack of I Did It, WTWE, WAYG, Ditch, and STDH. Seemed like a very old school show, which I'm certainly not going to complain about. Hopefully tomorrow's VABeach show will compliment this one, with songs like #41, Two Step, Jimi Thing, Nancies, Warehouse, Pig, Billies, BOWA, etc.
James D.
Another Fantastic show from the band this tour. Sadly its my last of the tour, what a year. Highlights: Non Stop Fun and Energy all the way through. Ring of Fire solo! Fuckin fantasic Recently with pretty pretty girl/take me to the river outro. Mid set Ants! Jane, Cry Freedom, So much-->What Would. The band is breaking all cylyndars this tour, they are just amazing. The show was so tight and entertaining my fiance was mad that she had to pee because no pee break song was played. Lowlights: I live 2 hours away and it took 5 hours to get to the venue. thats how bad the traffic is. crazy! have a good one..see yall lata
Tim M.
The boys put on a good, solid show from start to finish. No real long jams, but a solid set to say the least. Stay was a great opener - better version than Hershey. Got the crowd pumped. Granny was nice to hear. Fool to Think was fairly standard, but the segue into Grace is Gone was really cool. One Sweet World had a really long intro with Butch taking a nice solo. Rhyme and Reason was great - good energy. Dave played a little tribute to the late Johnny Cash next - Ring of Fire. A once in a lifetime thing I'm sure. Very special. Help Myself and Recently - two songs I had never hear live before - and they were everything I hoped they would be! The outro to Recently was great. Fairly standard to others I've heard on cd, but it was nice to finally hear it live! Ants Marching was definately one of the high points of the evening. The band put out so much energy and the crowd was totally into it. Was one of the best versions I've heard. I'm still not a big fan of the direct intro, but the band played the hell out of it. Cry Freedom was great to hear. I thought the crowd was disrespectful during this song - walking out and talking loudly on their cell phones...oh well. Grey Street was great. I'm still not a fan of the shorter version. Song that Jane Likes is always a treat. SMTS--->WWYS was sweet. I never heard ASTB until last night. I was stoked! WWYS had a good jam to it. Watchtower was unbelieveable. I didn't think they'd close with it again since they closed with it at Hershey, but it was amazing. Dave screamed forever at the end and the song blew the roof off the place. The encore made the show somewhat disappointing. Dave began strumming #40, and I thought he was gonna do the whole thing but he just teased it (bummer!) and went into Too Much. Good version. Then, out came the electric. Such a shame too - I was hoping for a Billies encore. What You Are was good, although they did close with it last year at Nissan, too. Had they switched Watchtower and WYA, that would have made for a better set. Overall a great set with lots of energy. Nissan is a great place to see a show, except for the parking. Hey I have a great idea! Let's design a venue with a huge parking lot and only ONE entrance/exit! (note extreme sarcasm). Thanks DMB for a memorable show, and the best tour ever!
Amazing! One of the best shows that I have been to. Me and my friends spent 3 hours in the car getting to the venue and I only live 40 minutes away. We got to our seats and literally at that exact momen the lights went dark and the band came out with an incredible version of Stay. Dave even scatted at the end as Butch and Carter sang. This is the first time that I have heard it and it was amazing. Then right into Granny, which I actually called. FTT wasn't bad at all and it went into a sick Grace is Gone with Stefan on the slide guitar. Sweet Nature intro before OSW. Butch's solo on this intro was so chill. Dave again had a nice scatting outro, another of his many of the evening. Then Dave was about to change his guitar but changed his mind and went into Rhyme and Reason, I haven't heard that since last year. When the spotlight hit Dave for Ring of Fire, the whole house went silent but you could still feel the energy and could see the thousands of lighters in the audience to honor Johnny Cash. Help Myself! Holy Shit! an amazing Carter solo in the middle and you could tell dave was feeling all the energy cause he was bobbing up and down. Recently was one of the best of the night with Pretty Pretty Girl outro. Mellow yet amazing. Ants caught everyone off guard as they skipped the snare intro. Awesome Boyd solo. He was running across the stage and dancing with Stefan. Cry Freedom slowed it down. This is one of my favorite songs, damn I wish I wrote it. Filled with passion. Grey Street and STJL were just as they always are but still good. Dave's scatting during ASTB was fucking tight, and right into WWYS! During Stefan's solo before watchtower I swear part of it sounded like Love of My Life. Never heard Watchtower before but it was incredible with the amazing jam and Dave yelling "Fuck Yeah!" at the end. Encore: I wish he had played all of #40, but Too Much and WYA were amazing and with the "Pray Down On Your Knees MOTHERFUCKER!" was a great way to end an amazing show. Can't wait to get a tape of this concert. Peace!
This was my 3rd Dave show, and it was easily the best. I was very pleased with some big time songs I have always wanted to hear. I flipped out when he started Granny, I've always wanted to hear it. My friend Ethan called it somehow, I don't know but it was a nice call. Rhyme and Reason was one of my first favorite songs when I first started listening and I was happy that he decided to play it. OSW is always nice, and we got really pumped up when he went into Ants, without the drum hit intro, it caught us off guard. And all week I had called Watchtower as the set closer, and sure enough, Stefan's subtle bass intro rippled its way into the crowd and most of the idiots around me didn't even know what it I was like "YEa!!! Watchtower!! Fuck it up Dave!!" and then he went into it and it was a sick version. He did a lot of Dave dancing too..and we wanted to get some beer so we were waiting for a bad song to go during...but sadly enough it was just an amazing show so we left sober....thanks dave...haha but it was pretty amazing, by far better than last years at nissan.
Andrew S.
Ok, Lemme address some issues first. Pick up your trash at shows it's quite disgusting. And second, if people come up to you at a show and act like cops and arent dressed like cops, ask for their id. the people in the parking lot next to me last night got their weed stolen and the people acting like cops weren't, I think its funny. Ok on with the show. Dave comes out and introduces the warmup band. They were decent, nice jamming. 8:25, DMB takes the stage and breaks out Stay. The song is so awsome live, and yes Butch does sound EXACTLY like the LL, its weird. Next was Granny, nice energy, first time I've heard it live, and it was ont of the ones I've wanted to hear live. Then Fool to Think into Grace is Gone. That was really awsome, hearing Fool to Think on acoustic is great, and it was an awsome Grace is Gone too, not as much jamming as usual though. One Sweet World, Beautiful intro, 2nd time I've heard it live. Rhyme and Reason, also the 2nd time, pretty standard. Then Dave goes into Ring Of Fire, it was great, perfect tribute for Johnny. Then Help Myself, Not my favorite DMB song but it's much better live. Recently with the Pretty Girl/Take me to the River outro, was friggen awsome!!! Thats how i'd describe it. Ants Marching was awsome, 1st time live for me, energy came to a boil at that point. Then they played Cry Freedom. I love Cry Freedom, but it killed the energy after Ants. Grey Street, bring back the 3rd verse please. Song that Jane Likes was nice, 2nd time live, pretty standard but beautiful. So Much to Say, great!!! Anyone seen the Bridge is so awsome in person, then into What Would You Say, really jammed out, very nice. The set closer was Watchtower, my 1st time live, and holy poop on a stick, hearing it on cd or watching it on dvd just isnt the same after this, wow. They took a little break and came back out, Dave teased #40 which upset me a little that he didnt do more than he did, but hey, somethings better than nothing right? Too Much was next, great energy, 3rd time live. What you are was the encore closer, ok energy, it's not the best closer, but its still great, esspecially with the motherf***er outro, but its the same song they closed with last year at nissan, so it was a little dissappointing. But this was a great show, the most energy I've seen at the 5 DMB shows Ive been to, crowd and Band.
Jon P.
Wow! Not bad at all for big show number 10! Not the best I have ever seen, but aside from the semi-weak encore, no real complaints here. The Stay opener was the best version of that song I have seen, and I've even seen it twice before on this tour. Granny was nice but I've heard it played better. OSW, absolutely lovely! I loved how Roi and Butch played off of each other during the intro. Dave's scatting at the end was nice too. R&R. This song follows me around like a sad little puppy dog that doesn't want to go away. I could've done without it, but it was solid, so no complaints. Then a truly beautiful thing happened. Dave starts strumming, and I'm unsure of what it is. Then I hear the words and I realize it's Ring of Fire in tribute to the late, great Johnny Cash. The crowd cheered respectfully and then the lighters came out. I just about had tears in my eyes. Then came Help Myself. First time hearing this song and it was really solid. I enjoyed the Carter interlude with some intense Dave dancing. Then another cool moment happened. This guy behind me shouted "RECENTLY!!" And two seconds later Dave plays the opening chords to...Recently! I was ecstatic! First Recently in 10 shows. No "Some people do" intro but I didn't care one bit! The song rocked my socks and the Pretty Girl jam was very very nice! Then my second Ants Marching ever! I've heard this two shows in a row now and I am beginning to think that Dave is making up for not playing this for my first 8, tee hee! Excellent version, although I really would like to hear the snare tap intro sometime. Boyd kicked ass as usual on the fiddle solo! Cry Freedom was a nice breather. Then they picked it right back up with Grey Street. A miss the verse they took out, but always a nice song to hear. The Song that Jane Likes is always a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed Boyd's little jam in the beginning! Then it happened. SMTS --> ASTB --> WWYS! Fantastic! A great Bridge with Roi tearing it up on the Bari. WWYS as good as ever, with more Roi action on the Alto! I liked that almost as much as when they took it into Rapunzel on 6-26. Then the lovely Stefan solo signaled Watchtower. My section of the lawn caught on and were quite pleased to say the least! A great way to close the set, although it did seem a little short. I guess that's cause there were no epic 17 minute Jimi Thing's. Oh well. The encore was a little weak. Too Much and What You Are are fine songs and played well (although the WYA intro was shorter than usual) but this is the third time I've heard WYA as a closer. Something else would be cool. All in all though, a fantastic show. It was the first show for one of my compatriots and he had an absolute blast and will most likely be going to another show sometime in the future. Yay to the power of a DMB concert!
Kat S.
There is a reason why I drove 10 hours from Massachusetts to last nights show - just look at the setlist!! There is nothing better than seeing DMB playing in Virginia!!! The show was great as others have already mentioned! It started off somewhat slow and Dave was looking very tired - but then the energy in the crowd and on stage picked up and it ROCKED!!! Just when you thought it was over - it just kept going. Tonight's version of Recently was probably the best I have ever hears - pretty pretty girl - drop my in the water outro! hot damn!! An old school set for an old school crowd. Definitely a great way to end my summer tour and one of the best out the 37 Ive seen ;) Sweeeeet Virginia!
Jon A.
First show of the tour for me, so keep that in mind. I was very pleased with most of this show. The band had a lot of energy and the set list was pretty cool. Songs from every album. Im guessing the short main set length (1:53 minutes by my count) has been the trend for this summer? The band never really opened up any of the songs into anything extended. Im going to forget the encore ever happened last night. That almost completely ruined the set. STAY >> surprised me, hadnt heard it in a few years. Really funny to see Butch dancing and singin behind the keyboards on this one. He and Roi were great on this song, and really got the energy up for the start of the set. I liked Dave's screaming at the end, as it was different from past performances. GRANNY >> a personal first. good placement, great energy. FOOL TO THINK >> i prefer the electric version of this song... i think it sounds weaker acoustic, no as much punch. Carter and Roi were wonderful on this one. GRACE >> Stefan's slide was not at all turned up enough, simplyh could not hear it. That was disappointing. Boyd was solid, and LeRoi was beautiful at the end with the soprano sax solo. ONE SWEET WORLD >> brilliant intro, i like the piano and sax duel Butch and Roi had goin on. Roi was pumped up for this, ive never seen so much movement and stage presence from him. The song itself seemed reallly slow. Dave's scatting wasnt as good as his performance last year at Nissan. RHYME >> same as usual... im personally tired of it, but it was certainly energetic. RING OF FIRE >> i was wondering when and how Dave would pay tribute to the late Mr. Cash, and this was terrific. Dave and Carter exchanged a handshake after this one. HELP MYSELF >> another personal first. wow, i have never been blown away by the energy of a song as performed live as i was by this. Sooo angry and intense. Carter's little solo in the middle was out of nowhere, liked it a lot. it was like getitng punched in the face. RECENTLY >> VERY VERY happy to hear this, even without the cool oldschool jam in it. Pretty girl was fun to hear, and Dave sang this one perfectly. ANTS >> no intro, surprised to hear this one shortened. Crowd was so loud, i have no idea how it actually sounded, i guess ill just have to wait for the tapes. Ton of energy, though CRY FREEDOM >> another first. Even tho its pretty common i hear for this tour, my heart was broken hearing it live with the band. Really brought me back to 96 when crash came out. LeRoi sounded sooo gorgeous on this one, with a little solo at the end. GREY STREET >> thought it was KIT KAT for a second, but GS was good, got the intensity back up after Cry Freedom. Nice solo by Roi at the end, but the shortened version of this song goes by too fast for my likin... JANE >> wonderful performance. Boyd and Roi took it home. short and perfect. SMTS __> WWYS. glad to hear these songs. So much energy given off. LeRoi was outstanding on the sax, particularly during the bridge, he had a couple of badass licks in there. WWYS was great as well, Roi got quite wild on the alto sax at the end. WATCHTOWER >> Best intro ive ever heard from Stefan. Butch was a madman on the keys, dancing aroudn liek no other, but im a little tired of the song to be honest. Daves wailing at the end was exceptional. ENCORE: the most disappointing encore ive experienced. Looked like the badn had no clue what they wanted to play. Dave played portions of # 40 while Rois technician took away his soprano and alto, cutitng away many possible songs, but then he was given back his soprano, makign me think they were either toying with the idea of playing Minarets or Spoon. Then i definitely heard the first chord of Spoon, very briefly, then a slight lil tease of Stone, before i guess they settled on Too Much, a bad idea, considering they forgot the bridge ( the song was abotu 3 minutes, unless i have really lost my mind) Then a predictable What You Are, which wouldnt have been so unlikeable if they had played it with the same kind of intensity as the rest of the show. No Floydish intro with weird noises or words, and a lackluster end on Dave's part. Couldve been a lot better... up until the encore, i was pleased with the show. too bad i wont get to another til later this year or next.
Eric B.
My first time to Nissan, and it was great aside from the five gate attendants taking a long-ass time to get everyone in. The show was awesome! I really think the set list lokks as if it could have been much better, but they jammed real good. Stay was great with butch jumping in on vocals! Granny was regular, not bad at all. Fool-->Grace with the slide was nice to see for my first time. Sweet World was great as usual. Rhyme was full of energy. Help Myself was another first for me, and it exceeded my expectations! Recently was at its best deffinately, the pretty girl outro was real nice. Then came just what I had hoped for, the best Ants I ever heard for sure!!! Cry Freedom was very touching this time around. Thanks to the slow-ass beer line I barely heard Grey St., and Janes Song but I know they're sweet, especially back to back. Oh the guys deffinately played So Much-->What?, the joining of these two songs is spectacular! Watchtower was jammed out perfectly. At encore time Dave really teased us a few times with #40, but we still loved it! Fortuneatly Too Much wasn't the last song, it was still nice. What You Are was a tremendous closer! Thanks guys for a few first-timers and my best show yet. you guys kick ass. Also, Butch hits the high vocals pretty nicely.
Ryan F.
Awesome show!! Classic DMB through and through!! Stay was an awesome way to open the show with a lot of energy. Ants in the middle of the set was great, first time I saw it live. It was great to see Dave pay tribute to Johnny Cash with an impromptu acoustic version of Ring of Fire. Really thought we would hear Black Veil tonight, but a great tribute. Holy Shit! If you haven't heard Watchtower live, you have never heard, I mean EXPERIENCED, Watchtower. I had chills after that one. Did anyone notice that they dropped the third verse in Grey Street? Thought that was somewhat unusual. All in all, this has to be the best Dave show I have ever seen! Looking forward to the winter tour! The crowd seemed to be really in to it, but the faces of Dave fans seem a whole lot younger to me. I saw way too many hooched out 15 and 16 year olds who when Dave played Cry Freedom or Recently instead of singing along were playing with their cell phones or yawning and sitting down. Very good old school show, loved it definitely the best I have ever seen of DMB!
I had front row for this, my 21st DMB show (and 26th time seeing Dave perform). I flew in from Seattle to see this show and the Hershey show. This was my first show at Nissan. Since I was in the front row I wanted to make a sign to try to get a drumstick from Carter at the end of the show. Well, Nissan Pavilion "didn't allow signs larger than a piece of paper" according to the security person I encountered at the gate (yet I saw larger signs in the show). So I got around that by buying one of the DMB posters for sale and used the back to write my Seattle-related slogan. (Luckily I thought to bring my marker to the show!) Before the show began, they played some Johnny Cash songs over the house speakers as a tribute since he died the day before this show. When DMB took the stage I held up my sign. Carter saw it and pointed a drumstick at it and grinned at me. I grinned back at him. They opened with STAY, which was the first time that I had heard it as an opener. It was energetic. Dave danced, and he gave Carter a high-five at the end of the song. It's an appropriate song to open a show with: "Stay for a while." GRANNY was next, and Dave must have read my mind when I said after Hershey that I wouldn't mind hearing this song at all my shows because it's one of my favorites. I'm very happy that I heard it at half (3/6) of my summer shows this year. FOOL TO THINK followed. During the show I periodically looked behind me in awe of all the people in the venue. It really hits you when you are that close. Even though it was the third time that I have been in the front row for DMB, it is still incredible. And it was interesting being in the front hearing the security people talking with each other about people trying to sneak pictures but how security was onto them. Just as I heard three times in August, they segued Fool into GRACE IS GONE. But that's okay, because the segue actually works pretty well. This is the song that I've heard the most times live (19 times), but it's such a beautiful song that it doesn't feel like I've heard it as much as I have. During the jam at the end of Grace, Dave "casually" walked over right in front of me (I was in front of Boyd) and grinned at me. I grinned back. He smiled at me a few other times during the show, as did Butch and even Roi. Next up was ONE SWEET WORLD. The intro was extended with a Butch solo. It always cracks me up how people don't realize that the intro is the intro to One Sweet World. I mean, it was the first DMB song that I heard live, and even back then I realized that the intro was part of One Sweet World. There was a lot of jamming in this song tonight. RHYME & REASON was next. This song is always a little creepy, yet powerful. Dave sang the line "take this needle" correctly tonight. Afterwards, Dave looked back at the band and then went into a solo version of Johnny Cash's RING OF FIRE. Even though they call it a tease on the setlist, it was a couple minutes long. It was a good amount of the song from what I remember. The next song was HELP MYSELF. There wasn't a whole lot of Davespeak tonight, other than him thanking us, but at some point (maybe right here) he said "Virginny" in an accent. One of my favorite DMB songs is RECENTLY, so I was very excited when they played this one next. I had only heard it twice full-band (Gorge 1999 & 2000), and once Dave & Tim (3.20.03), and never with any of the outros. Well tonight I got to hear the Pretty Pretty Girl outro and the Take Me To The River outro. I was very happy! Next up was ANTS MARCHING- straight into it without the snare intro, as per usual this tour. This song had especially high energy from both the band and the audience. CRY FREEDOM followed, and people had lighters out. It is such a beautiful song. Everyone in the band, and especially Dave, seemed happier tonight compared with Hershey. I honestly think Dave was creeped out playing a show on September 11. When Dave got the 12-string I had a feeling it would be GREY STREET, and yep, it was. And guess what? It was the shortened version, but it still "packs a punch" (haha, bad cliche, but hey, I'm writing this on the airplane on six hours of sleep). "I've got a sister named Jane..." and sure enough it was THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES. (And she was probably there too.) I hadn't heard this song all summer, so it was nice to hear again. The intro was especially jammed out it seemed. The next song was SO MUCH TO SAY, and along with it came a funky, energetic, Dave-dancing-crazy ASTB, which led into WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. I had heard it go into Too Much, and PNP --> Rapunzel, so this was a nice change. I wondered if this would close the show, but instead Stefan started his bass intro for WATCHTOWER. The energy was especially high for this song. Dave extended the ending a bit, yelling more than usual. On the part "the man he says (yells), the thief he says (yells)," tonight he sang it "the man he says f*ck you, the thief he says f*ck you..." I wasn't sure at first because it was so loud, but I watched his mouth and that's what he said. I hadn't heard him sing it that way before. The band left the stage for the encore break at 10:28. They came back onstage at 10:35. A girl had a sign asking for #40, so Dave did a short tease. At first he just played some notes. Then he sang the words "tables turned again." Then he fiddled around with the notes again. Then he came back to the mic and sang "You and me my friend." When we get the recording we'll be able to tell for sure though, but that's what I remember. He had his eyes closed when he was doing it. My #40 tease from 8.5.03 was the best one so far this year, in my opinion, of course! It had the most lyrics, at least. After all, I had the original/first #40 sign this year. ;) After the short #40 tease, the band consulted each other because as it turned out the setlist said they would do either Spoon or Too Much. They went with TOO MUCH, which was a good choice for how energetic the show had been overall. Then I saw Monk bring out the baritone and I knew that WHAT YOU ARE would close. I was actually excited because I like the song, and I was hoping to hear the "devil intro." They didn't do that intro at Vancouver, and after Dave consulted with the band tonight, I didn't get it at Nissan either. They just went straight into Dave's wailing. Now, not getting the intro once might have been a coincidence. But twice? Hmm. Especially when the other versions this summer have had it. Look at the shows around Vancouver and Nissan. They all have it (well, obviously I mean the shows before Nissan since I'm writing this the day after the Nissan show!). But yeah, it's odd. Dave apparently doesn't want to do it for me- after all, he did see me at both shows. Haha. Anyway, I held my sign up right after What You Are. When Carter came out with the drumsticks, he walked right over to me first, pointing a stick at me and grinning. I grinned back and caught it as he tossed it to me. He handed out 2 or 3 more, but he gave me mine first! That was very cool! All the stories about the Nissan Pavilion lots are true- there was garbage all over and it took at least an hour to get out of the lot, but it was well worth the trip from Seattle to see the Hershey show and this Nissan show. Thanks DMB for the great summer tour!