Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

onstage 8:22pm
When The World Ends
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
Pantala Naga Pampa
Fool To Think
Grace Is Gone
One Sweet World
Help Myself
Rhyme & Reason
Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies
Typical Situation -->
Two Step
offstage 10:30pm
onstage 10:38pm
The Stone
What You Are
offstage 10:56pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

--Attention, This Show Is A MUST HAVE!-- Wow, Dave and the boys do it again! AMAZING, no spoon or DT or TLS, but I deffinately can't complain. First off, WTWE awesome opener, I wanted to hear this one and was glad it came out first. So Much>ASTB>WWYS very nice, would be better if they hadn't played that combo at all the shows I went to, but still don't mind hearing them :) Crush, wow 2nd time for me and I really LOVE this song live. PNP>Rapunzel never get tired of that deuo. Fool to Think, well, coulda done without this one. I dunno, its just one of the only songs i can do without on Everyday. Grace, beautiful, beautiful!! One Sweet was AMAZING, now I've heard the boys play it before but this was deffinately a special ocasion. THANKYOU DMB! THANKYOU THANKYOU for Help Myself... Wow, first time live for me and I'm pretty sure most everyone at the Tweeter. Soooooo much better live. R&R lots of energy, this one really pumped me and all my fellow fans up! Cry Freedom is one of my favorite songs, but I've heard it live my last 2 shows in a row, lol i guess i was just hoping for Spoon :D Drumroll please..... Dancing Nancies, Typical->Two Step I will never forget this show and the way the boys ended the set. First of all, nancies was soooo HOT, my first time hearing it live - then > Typical, i screamed sooo loud when i heard the first notes! and do ya wanna know the best part? it was a FULL BAND version, completely jamed out, I cant wait for the B+Ps to start flying I need this show! 2step, highenergy very well executed, and BUTCH YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! awesome jam from Butch and Carter. Encore: The Stone, very nice, very nice, but why couldnt it have been Dreaming Tree? why? lol ok i'll come back to real life. and finally What You Are, I nearly jumped 10 feet high, first time for me and it was soooo much better than anything I'd heard before - little extra jam-intro in, and dave yelling "Get DOwn On yoUR KnEES M***** F***er!!!" outro.... wow,wow,wow,wow Thankyou dmb for a great start to the new college year.
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews Band triumphantly returns to the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts in Mansfield, MA where Dave and the crew undoubtedly put on a very strong set. When the World Ends was a great choice for an opener, it had the energy to get the crowd up onto their feet. The next run of So Much To Say --> ASTB --> What Would You Say was perfect for maintaining that energy. Crush was jammed out as always but the real gems of the evening had to be Help Myself and Dancing Nancies. I love it when Dave pulls out a couple of rare songs to throw into the mix. I know the audience really enjoyed hearing them. Two Step was awesome, the jam session was all Butch. The encore of The Stone and What You Are were fine choices to end the set, but I would of loved to hear more than just the tease of Halloween. Perhaps maybe he'll play it tomorrow. As a general note I think the video work has gotten better this tour- the videographers had lots of interesting and solid shots. Cheers to Dave and his first night back in Massachusetts.
Timothy Z.
The boys played dangerously close to the 11pm curfew (satirical) and played hard. I'd hold SPAC in higher regard, but tonight's setlist and energy upended both Hartford shows. SMTS--ASTB--WWYS was beautifully early in the night and things took off from there. Second half of the night was superb (except for an unidentified man passing out in the aisle two rows ahead of us during Cry Freedom- cry, sobriety, cry..) Nancies was absolutely sick, especially when followed immediately (and somehow I had the feeling it would) by Typical Situation. Gorgeous Sept. evening in the Northeast, with the big moon and TS' first performance in a month. Dave did a variation of his D&T drunk bum intro lyrics- "let me get more than drunk." The longer Two Step, with Butch action. The encore was very dark with the Stone and What You Are.. got goose bumps. One of the best first nights I've had in awhile, when it comes down to it. Can't wait for 9/9... the day of Magic Hat!
All I have to say about this show is INCREDIBLE. Out of 30+ shows that I have attended, last night is right up there in the top 3. Great set list, the band's energy was up there, and the crowd was excellent. Let's hope for some of the same tonight!
Matt I.
Great set list tonight! No crappy singles (i.e. Crash, I Did It, Where Are You Going, etc.) The band seemed a little tired but it's close to the end of the tour. Definately appreciated the quick breaks between songs this tour. I will say though that the crowds over the years aren't as energetic as in the past. And to the frat boy who screemed Yankees suck throughout the entire it for a ball game dude. Geesh! See ya next tour!
Wow, really good show. SMTS was a bore, since they've played that at the last 2 concerts I went to...but Anyone seen the Bridge is always a plus. Crush and Dancing Nancies were unbelievable. (Anyone know how many times Boyd had to change that bow--> man was he off the wall!) Again, Dave closed with Two Step, I wasn't expecting that but Two Step is a great song so I'm not complaining. The Stone was excellent also.
Jay G.
OH lord. This is my second dave show and i gotta say i was thoroughly impressed. Here are some things they dont say, before one sweet world they did an intro for it i had never heard done live before . . .amazing. Also, typical situation was done with the entire band, have not heard that done live before. Then, of course i must talk about crush. crush was not a song i expected to be impressed by, but nonetheless, the boys suprised me. to start off, stephan played a super funky solo/into then they went into a really slow, jazzy crush. then they played a jam at the end i have never heard, but still thoroughly enjoyed. Then, finally, dave being the tease he is, fooled me completely. Right when they got on stage for the encore, dave said something to carter, then started playing haloween for about 5 seconds, then he stopped and they did the stone. Great concert, lots of new stuff for me. Good times.