Dave Matthews Band
Arrow Hall, Toronto, Ontario
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Groove Collective
Tripping Billies
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
The Song That Jane Likes
Jimi Thing
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Crash Into Me
The Stone
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
True Reflections
All Along the Watchtower

Stuart D.
Tripping Billies - great opener which really got everyone's juices flowing. Boyd went beserk, as usual, destroying the shit out of his bow Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel - the opening was quite pretty. The band played Rapunzel very tight... it really is amazing seeing those stops-and-starts live. The crowd got into the song like it was an old favourite... The Song That Jane Likes - this was a pleasant surprise. It was short but sweet; very similar to the album version. Jimi Thing - this was a great version that was also very long. Boyd played the first solo in his energetic way, Leroi followed with a long solo, and Dave finished the solos off with a quiet groover. The ending was actually very creepy and dark sounding, like nothing I've heard on any DMB tape before. Stay - I don't know why everyone's been writing how it's such a relief that they don't have to hear the gospel singers when this song is played live... I don't mind the singers that much. Anyhow, I still can't get over how great the guitar riff is. This was a nice version, although the ending was perhaps a bit too long and repetitive. The Last Stop - this was the first song of the night that didn't quite gel with the crowd. Although it was obvious that the crowd knew the song, the tempo of it was too quick for slow grooving, but too slow to really dance to. This is one of those songs which work much better on disc. The Stone - this one also didn't quite work. Possibly the weakest song on the new album (I don't understand why they won't play The Dreaming Tree live). Crash Into Me - this was a crowd favourite, as the cheers were huge as soon as the first notes were played. The version was almost a replica of the studio version. Two Step - absolutely fantastic! Everyone was dancing up a storm and Boyd was especially good once again. Crush - the version they played was really long and really good. Quite possibly the best of the new bunch... Satellite - short but sweet. Dave was really having trouble with his voice by this point and he didn't even attempt hitting any of the high notes in this song, dropping down several octaves. Pig - very nice version of a song that really deserved being put onto disc. Don't Drink The Water - although, like The Last Stop, the tempo of this song is a little difficult, it sounded very good live. True Reflections - this song is so great, and Boyd's voice sounded fantastic. Although a lot of the crowd were confused at first ("What is this? But I have all the albums, even Remember Two Things!") it was so catchy and so groovy that everyone enjoyed it immensely. This song would be a wonderful one to hear on the next officially released live album. All Along The Watchtower - This song opened with Dave playing the normal bits and Stefan doing a crazy bass solo. Then the song returned to its normal verse.... and completely rocked the hall. Even the people who were so tired that they could barely stand started to dance once again. This was a long version with Leroi and Boyd trading solos for a while and even Dave soloing for a bit. Even though Dave's voice was completely gone at this point, he still screamed his way through the entire song, bless his heart. Recently - the only song played for an encore (as Dave indicated afterwards that his voice couldn't handle any more). This was very surprising since it was the fourth(!) song from R2T to be played. This was a very nice, happy version which satisfied the entire crowd. All in all, this was a great show. The band had a lot of energy, especially Stefan, who bounded on and off the stage in between the main show and the encore. The ommissions did not seem to be missed, although personally, I would have loved to hear Best Of What's Around (my personal favourite), However, followers of the tour thus far will probably be surprised at the lack of a few songs including Too Much, Typical Situation, and especially Halloween. However, I didn't hear a single word of complaint coming from anyone's mouth as I filed out of the venue. Dave and company have made very few trips to Canada, and all their Canadian fans were going to make sure that they enjoyed every minute.
Elliot B.
The concert was "SICK". Dave and the band were so on, up untill Dave lost his voice near the end. The place was packed primarily with 17 year old posers. But all and all concert was awsome. Highlights included, long version of Jimmy Thing, the opening with Tripping Billies and Two Step which was so gooooooood.
Jon S.
REALLY AN AVERAGE SHOW.... Seriously. One tune different from Montreal which I went to as well, and even solos are the same. These guys have really grown stale to me. This was my 5th show and last for a while, unless it's free. Thankfully last night's was for me. Why is it that they used to mix it up FAR more when they had 15-20 less songs. Where are Nancies, Warehouse, Granny, #36, Proudest Monkey,Cry Freedom, to name a few??? I know everyone loved this show, but I fell in love with this band because I thought they were highly imaginitive, and it's now clear they are not. I have seen Watchtower, Billies, 2-Step, Jimi Thing, Crash at all 5 shows. I've seen Phish 10 times, and yet to see a YEM... I don't want to compare the two, but DMB's shows today are the same tunes and riffs, all in a different order from the night before. If it was my 1st time, yes,it would have been amazing. But it wasn't. The band can do what they want, but at the risk of losing older fans. Too many new tunes, not enough of the proven commodities. I understand he's trying to pump a CD, but he would not have to had he come up with some fresher ideas to begin with a couple of tours back. People would know the tunes, and there would not be the need to force 7 brand new songs on a crowd each night. What can I say? Flame away!!
Ben S.
Let's see . . . Stefan dyed his hair green, Boyd was head banging, Dave's hand was killing him, Carter couldn't stop smiling and LeRoi was on stage for a total of ten minutes, but hey, What's New?!?!?!  Well, considering that this was my first DMB show, it was the craziest show I've ever been too! Even better than Blues Traveler 11-25-97 in Toronto!  Groove Collective were pretty good.  My girlfriend thought the flute player was kind of sexy (but who asked her?).  The day before the show I managed to meet Dave in person, and talk with him for a bit with a bunch of my friends.  I will refer to this a couple times as I go through the setlist: Tripping Billies:  A friend of mine who was with me asked Dave to open with Billies so he could win a five dollar bet.  Even though Dave said yes, I thought he'd open with two step.  This was a great way to start the show, and it got the crowd grooving!  Boyd rocked, and Carter's voice sounded better than ever!!! Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel:  I got Dave to pronounce it for me, and even though he did, I still can't manage to get it right.  Oh well.  Rapunzel was really good, with a short jam at the end.  Very tight! Song That Jane Likes: "I got a little sister named Jane, and this is the Song That Jane Likes".  Pretty static, Boyd rocked and Roi did that little riff he always does. Jimi Thing:  YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  Amazing!!!  Boyd was definitely on fire tonight, and it showed in Jimi Thing.  Roi was also amazing, and Dave brought it right down at the end for a sweet ending. Stay:  TOO DAMN LONG!!!  In fact, I like it better with the singers, even though it's too long on the CD too.  I'm not a fan of this song. The Last Stop:  WOW!!!  I was amazed at how well they recreated this song live.  The lights were amazing, the sound was amazing, it was amazing!!!  I especially like the way they ended the song, with just a spotlight on Dave singing by himself.  Really great! The Stone:  One of my faves on the CD, but sounded a little empty without the Kronos Quartet.  Right after Dave played the opening riff to this one, the entire audience began clapping, and Carter couldn't resist so he began clapping too.  Finally though, they started the song.  Dave broke a string.  I guess it's a good thing he's got four Chet Atkins!!! (I asked him the day before).  By the way, yes they make him pay for all the Chets. Crash:  Enough already with this damn song.  I knew the moment they brought out the electric guitar that he was playing this.  It was so static, though.  No DIXIE LAND!!! What's up with that? Two Step:  Finally!! I was waiting for this one.  Very fast, Stefan and Carter definitely shined on this one.  Crush:  WOW!!! Roi brought out the flute in the end and it was rocking!! Boyd, once again, shined on this one.  I liked how they ended this song live, with Carter doing a little drum solo. Satellite:  Dave began playing Proudest Monkey, but I guess it was just a tease.  They played Satellite and Dave's voice just went.  Dave couldn't, and wouldn't, hit the high notes in this one, but that's ok. Pig:  Never expected it! This song surprised they hell out of me.  Love! Love! Love!!  Great song.  Still like the old version better, but it would get kind of boring playing the same riff over and over and over again. Don't Drink The Water: "Ooh, ooh, Alanis is going to come out now.  I just know it."  NO SHE'S NOT!!!!!!!!!  Basic song.  Nice Drum solo by Carter once again. True Reflections:  Another song I was waiting for.  I asked Dave about playing Angel, and he said he'd talk to Boyd, but I guess they like this better.  Good judgement.  This version rocked!! Not many people knew it, though.  That was kind of cool though.  I was singing every word and all the Crash fans were looking around going, "duh, why isn't Dave singing?  I've never heard this song before.  Which CD is it on?" All Along The Watchtower:  I nearly crapped my pants when they started this.  STEFAN ROCKED!!! All though Dave's voice was probably killing him, he still sang his heart out!  Boyd had the effects thing going on again, and it rocked.  Recently:  Never would have expected this for the encore.  Great version, no intros or outros, though I was kind of hoping for "Pretty Pretty Girl".  Oh well.  All in all it was a sick show!!  Not much Dave speak except he did mention that he had to go pee.  He also said he liked it so much in Canada that they might move here.  But for those naiive enough to think he was serious, Dave basically spelled it out for them, pointing out that they had to back to C'ville.  Boyd rocked the house!! Stefan was really into it.  That's all for now.  Check out my website:
Jodie K.
The concert was SICK!  The energy in the hall was inconceivable.  Though there were many people there for the scene rather than Dave, the crowd was crazy!  Opening with Tripping really got the crowd going. Jimi Thing, being the longest version I've ever heard, was phat!  Though many people may disagree with me, the omission of the back up singers in Stay was greatly missed.  Crush is by far the best song on the new album, Dave didn't disappoint, playing it inbetween two oldies, Two Step and Satellite.  Pig started off good but by the end of the jam, I had to cover my ears, it didn't flow as smoothly as I would have expected. By the end of the night I could barely stand but Watchtower reenergized me and my fellow concert goers.  The encore, Recently, was a good choice although many people were disapointed with the omission of Ants Marching, I personally think that song is over played anyway. Overall, the concert was incredible.  Dave was awesome, holding out until the end, even though his voice left long before.    WAREHOUSE WAS GREATLY MISSED!
Jeff S.
Groove Collective were a very interesting mix of Jazz, Rap and Hip Hop all in one.  Dave was Dave (to put it in simple words).  He played a great show.  And not forgetting the rest of the band, they played great too.  Boyd was amazing.  The scene was filled with the Toronto "Camp Connection", Americans and an average age group of about 18 year old people.  The only flaws were Dave loosing his voice by the end of the show, and him screwing up on Don't Drink The Water (which not many people noticed).  Personally, the song Stay sounds better without gospel singers.  The encore was also great.  I thought that Dave would play Ants Marching or Lie In Our Graves.  But Recently was good for the encore.  Suprisingly, Dave did not play Ants Marching, which I thought would definately play.  The best was when Dave played two step and everyone got into the music, and sung and danced.  If you were one of those idiots who gave up their ticket to do something else, may I say that YOU ARE NUTS!!  This concert was amazing!
[Name R.
Billies-Great opener.  It seemed to me that I was one of the only people in there that recognized the intro.  Nothing extremely different from the studio version though. PNP-->Rapunzel--Extremely Groovy live, Carter's got it goin' on. STJL--  Very surprised to hear this one.  It's an oldy but a goodie.  They did it with the longer intro, personally I loved it. Jimi Thing---Extremely Way Kewl.  I was expecting to hear a long jammed out version of it so I kept my eyes on my watch.  It reched 14 minutes and what a 14 minutes it was.  Solo's all around...It was Awesome. Stay--Carter on Background Boo-Wop eighties singers part.  The end carried on for a little too long.  Roy was soloing while Dave and Carter were singing the chorus part.  The ending wouldn't have seemed so long if Roy's volume was turned up to make his sax in the foreground of the song. The Last Stop--Personally it's one of my favorites on the new album, Dave sang with such feeling it was incredible.  Every time I hear it I just wanna Jump up and down in circles!!! The Stone--Probably one of the slowest songs of the night but we all know that when it comes to Dave there are is no such thing as a bad song. Crash--This got all the Crash-Heads going but it didn't do for me what it used to.  Dave was on A PRS Semi-Hollow Body Guitar but I don't think anyone noticed 'cause seems to me that's what half the people there were there to hear/see. 2 Step--One of the hottest versions I've heard in a while, great outro.  This too got the "Crash-Heads" going. Crush--Another one of the better ones on BTCS.  It was played with great power and loved by all. Satellite---Here's another one for the Poser's!!! Pig--I loved Don't Burn The Pig...But I'm Nutso over Piggo!!! Don't Drink The Water---Sounded pretty good...You could tell Dave was putting all his shit into it.  His voice started escaping him at this point. True Reflections--Was waiting for this one the whole night.  Boyd was 100% on and again I felt like the only one singing along.  Great Tune...Do you like what's looking at you??? Watchtower---Another favorite..Dave's voice was giving him trouble and he had to squeak out a few notes but he had all of him put into the song so it was Amazing.  Boyd soloed with some kewl effects and it was one of the highlights of the evening.  Stefan played some crazy shit at the beginning of the song and that too blew my mind.  It's nice to see Stefan coming to the front a little more. ENCORE:  Recently---Another oldy but goodie.  Classic Dave...Can't beat it!!!  Done well..Gotta love that bridge!!!

The show was as incredible as expected..if not more.  Dave and the band were on and the energy was pumping.  Boyd was Rockin' and you could tell he was loving every minute of it.  Carter smiled throughout the whole show and was blowing bubbles while drumming his heart out.  He was magnificant as usual.  Roy was quiet and didn't have much stage presence but his music was on as usual. Stefan was puting his all into the show it's good to see.  He was bouncing and dancing and flapping his arms merrily as he walked on and off the stage between the Encore.  Dave was pumped or stoned or something but all the better!!!  He was his happy 'ol self and You could tell by the look on his face he's still loving what he's doing and is gonna continue giving us fans what we want to hear. I agree that most of the place was filled with 17 year old poser's but there is no way around things like that.  The audience was made up of a lot of assholes who wouldn't calm down and stay still for a moment.  I was at the very front by Boyd and was getting the shit squeezed out of me 'cause the 5999 idiot's behind me.  I don't understand why everyone was such asses.  I mean we're all going to the show for the same reason's.  We have a common interest, we just want to go and see an incredible band perform.  There's no need for pushing and fighting and throwing beach balls on stage.  Can't we all just get along!!!  :o) All in all it was the best show I've ever been to.

"If thing's had been slightly different, would I be somebody other than myself???"  
Lihi S.
AMAZING SHOW!!!! They all were totally awesome! Everyone I've spoken to loved the show. I personally really loved Trippoing Billies. Don't Drink The Water was really kewl too. I really wish they woudl have played a few more older songs. I was really hoping to hear Typical Situation. I was also really surprised that they didn't play Ants Marching. Dave was pretty crazy it was over all a wikid show!!!