Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Poi Dog Pondering
Two Step
One Sweet World (Swim Naked outro)
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Lover Lay Down
Stay *
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Dancing Nancies
The Stone -->
Drive In Drive Out
Tripping Billies (Nature intro)
Typical Situation
Ants Marching

* with Kornell Hargrove, Arlene Newson, and Robert Cornelius

Steve C.
Sorry for the late review everyone, a really bad storm came through Wisconsin last night and wiped out power to over 100,000 people, including me.  My computer is running off of generator power.  Enough about me, here's the review. The lot opened at 2, and I got there at around 3:30.  (I had grass seats) We got in right at 5, I ran to a spot and staked out camp.  Very clear view and we were in the closest fifth of the ga seating.  Poi Dog played for about 45 minutes, all I have to say is, BREAKDANCERS!  They were so cool, and really seemed to energize everyone.  Dave himself came out and introduced the band, and then said, "We'll see ya'll a little later."  Here's Dave: Soundcheck included PNP>Rapunzel and LOVER!  I was thinking we might hear it, like they did OSW in Chicago... Two Step:  I had this one called.  They haven't opened with it for awhile. The lighting was SPECTACULAR!!!  The ending was also great, Carter went nuts. Great (long) intro with Dave and Boyd dueling, new lyrics, Boyd plucked the bejesus out of that poor violin!  WOW. DaveSpeak: "Hello Chicago.  Hello Milwaukee. (silence)..."And everyone in between!  We're gonna follow the form from last night and bring out an old one" I thought they'd bust right into Lover, But... One Sweet World- I was stumped at the beginning, a weird intro.  But then, ah yes. I swear I heard a recently tease in there...Probably just me though. Also-Roi did an Oscar Meyer weiner song tease with his sax (I think) at the beginning.  Does anyone else ever hear this?  He seems to like Mary had a little Lamb too...listen to the album version of Say Goodbye. PnP>Rapunzel---All standard until ROI's solo.  There were two points at the show where the guys went APESHIT.  This was one.  Unbeleiveable.  I was awestruck. DDTW-  I wanted them to get it done with, so I'm glad it came pretty early.  Standard, Good sing-a-long. Lover Lay down-My girlfriend called it.  She said-Uh, after DDTW, they have to do a GOOD one. (Not to offend those who like DDTW though...)  It was great. Stay-  Dave thanked PDP for opening, and I figured that he'd bring them out for Stay, and he sure did.  Good version, but like others, it dragged on for a little bit at the end.  Still a good song.  Stefan sounded...bored almost cuz he was just playing with his bass, experimenting at the beginning. Crush-I called it.  Stefan again was just playing little tunes of nothing on his bass, and I thought-hmmmmmm.  Maybe Crush?  Yup.  Good version. They really jammed it out, and it ended up with Boyd and Roi standing inches from each other, dualing for about 5 minutes. Last Stop-Had to be played sometime.  I liked it.  They totally changed it up and perfectly segued into their little outro.  I loved the transition. Carter went APESHIT at the end. Satellite-I really didn't want to hear it, but I didn't care once they got into it.  The lighting was soooo wonderful on this, as it was in the Last Stop too. Another good Sing a long. Dancing Nancies---Excellent.  I was disappointed that Dave didn't do any talking like "Don't you ever wonder???" at the beginning-he just cut right to the song.  And then...BOYD.  WOW.  Again-Wow.  He almost broke all of his bow strings.  I think he almost started a fire with his violin.  Better than the RedRox CD version, hands down.  Possibly the highlight of the night Granny-nobody knew it, I think I told about 20 people what the title was.  People think they know all the songs.  Ever hear of UNRELEASED?  It was pretty standard though-but I was ecstatic to hear it. The Stone-It was good.  Album version, but good. Drive In-  I love this song, but for some reason, couldn't get into it live. I loved hearing it, and it sounded great, but just couldn't get into it. Billies-I thought it was Typical, but then I remembered their funky intro. I've heard it on the 2 shows on tape that I have.  The lighting and energy was the best and highest all night.  Superb.  I still have chills down my back. Encore- Typical Situation.  First off, it took forever to get them back on the stage. But then they came, and Dave grabbed his guitar.  First notes to Typical.  Ah yes. Very good, and they jammed on it at the end too, and great transition back to another verse.  Beautiful. THEN---We knew it would come back eventually.  Watchtower is a great song and all, but just can't compare to... ANTS!!!--Oh baby!  What a night!  I had tears in my eyes.  Beautiful, carter did a 1-2-3 thing with his drums at the end during Boyd's violin solo at the end. I'm glad they brought it back, and re-worked.  Grab a tape and listen to it- Overall, the show was a 9.8 out of ten.  I would've liked to hear Recently, and I thought that they would have played it cuz they're due for it.  Oh well Grab this tape-along with Chicago.  They're probably among the best of the tour thusfar.  (IMO) :)  See ya'll at Phish Aug. 1.
Chris K.
Unbelievable, even Dave thought so.  All night he was saying "It's live tonight. It's live."  Right before Billies he said something to the effect of "We've played a lot of shows so far but something about tonight is so nice."  More Davespeak about the crowd included "You guys are fucking loud." The show started out with some fans holding up a big sign saying "Carter is god" which Dave pointed out to the rest of the guys.  To the people holding a sign saying "Seek Up" Dave said "Tomorrow night." Anyways here's the review. Two Step-Good long intro like the one from Farm Aid with Stephan playing the slide solo on his bass. One Sweet World-Before this started we got a "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago" tease.  Played the bass riff and Dave sang "Is Chicago, is not Chicago, no it's somewhere in between."  Second night in a row for this tune and again no one recognized the intro. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel-They played some slow intro to Pantala with just Dave and Leroi.  Great version of Rapunzel with a decent jam at the end.  Someone threw a beach ball with "#34 with words" written on it.  Dave, Boyd, and Leroi stood in a circle and help it up over their heads.  Dave put the ball down and kicked it into the crowd and hit some people with the ball. So he said "Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, but I don't fucking play soccer." Don't Drink the Water-Much better live, Boyd was having problems with his amp, I think, because he was missing on the next song. Lover Lay Down-Really wasn't expecting this one, but it slowed things down nicely. Stay-Dave brought out some of the vocalists from Poi Dog Pondering.  I love the R&B back-up vocals so this was great. The Last Stop (Reprise outro)-Cool intro with Dave doing a solo with an Indian vibe along with some Indian sounding vocals.  I love the way they build to the Reprise outro, very cool. Crush-Good long version with a long Boyd & Leroi face to face jam. Satelite-Got a good response and as my friends and I assumed meant we wouldn't have to hear Crash two nights in a row.  Made me wish for "After Her." Dancing Nancies-That's right the return of Nancies and they made sure it was special.  Unbelievable.  "Could I have been lost somewhere in Texas?"  Boyd went absolutely nuts.  I wish I had checked my watch because this was the longest version I've ever heard. Granny-Are you kidding me?  Nancies into Granny.  Some people around us knew it which was nice to see.  Love, baby! The Stone-Didn't hear it last night and is one of my favorites off the new album.  Slowed down the end and played it really quiet, then out of nowhere just rocked really loud for the last couple of lines and went right into. Drive In Drive Out-Never liked this song on album but have seen it live twice and loved it both times.  New words for the last couple of verses, but I don't think this one is ever played the same twice. Tripping Billies-The really finished strong with this and the crowd was as loud as it had been all night while waiting for the encore. Encore: Typical Situation-Awesome, including a solo for Leroi before the lyrics started.  At the end, when they quiet down for "too many choices" everyone was singing really loud so Dave changed it to "too many voices" except for the last repeat of the line.  I don't know if the sing along crew even noticed. Ants Marching-I can deal with hearing this song two nights in a row.  Tonight we got the intro with just Carter on the drum, unlike the night before in Tinley Park where they all started at the same time.  The crowd went nuts and the boys sent us home happy. This really was an incredible show.  It has to be if Dave says so, right?  The whole band was on.  To all the people who have said that Leroi has been hiding in earlier concerts, they really missed out with these last two shows.  Roi has been amazing both nights.  I think this show is going to be a "must-have" for traders from this tour.
James S.
I got to the show around 5pm and tried to win backstage passes but never did.  Never listen to Milwaukee's 102.1..... 2-STEP: missed it trying to get passes; I heard it and it sounded great OSW:  OK I'm thinking this is going to be like last nights show, but I still loved the song PANTALA:  Great as usual RAPUNZEL:  Sounded great and the crowd loved it. DDTW:  Sweet, they should take the CD version, throw it out, and make a new CD with that song live. LLD:  Sweet, I though I would never hear it.  It sounded wonderful. Stay:  the singers from Poi Dog. CRUSH: this song is soo groovy, no wonder its my fav on the album THE LAST STOP:  SOunded pretty good, I was loosing my voice and vision at this point SATELLITE:  The crowd went crazy; I thought it was nice to hear again DANCING NANCIES:  just like the good old days. TEXAS?????? GRANNY: I hope everyone saw our banner 20 rows back: it worked, I loved it, Dave loved it and all the true fans sang along STONE:  Sounded good live but I was still getting over Granny DIDO:  Awesome, I love that song.  I wish he would have let us sing a long a little though. TRIPPIN BILLIES:  SWEET! I was hoping to hear it and it was great.  Did he miss a verse and cleverly make up for it??? Encore Typical Situation: Dave is a great singer and the band just took it away at the end Ants: Only heard half of it as I left to try to get backstage passes...sounded great I hate 102.1 We got some good pictures!!!  Email me if anyone taped it  PLEASE!!!!
Brian P.
Wow, what an amazing show im still speachless. We got there at 3 so we could stake out a prime spot on the lawn. And left at about 1 in the morning, parking was absolutely terrible. Poi Dog Pondering came on at around seven and they were pretty good, lots of energy, and there obviously very talented but the crowd was still getting settled and no one really payed too much attention. And at around quarter after eight dave and his boys came out for an amazing show, here's the review: Two Step-Cool three minute intro, very solid, one of my fav's and i knew i'd hear it. Dave changed some of the lyrics too, in the third verse there was a "wont you come two step with me?" That was pretty cool, overall it was about nine minutes. After Two Step, dave kinda teased Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago. One Sweet World-A total suprise! I didn't think they'd play it two nights in a row, one of the highlights of the show, always loved that intro. PNP->Rapunzel-Very tight, the crowd was going crazy, lots of energy, Carter was going absolutely crazy! After Rapunzel the beach ball that was floating around the crowd ended up on stage, boyd got it and threw it back, dave said something but i couldn't hear it over the very loud crowd. Don't Drink the Water-Another one i knew i'd hear, very cool, the intro is very Leave Me Praying like. Lover Lay Down-Huge suprise! I was so happy to hear this one, first time of the tour. Lighters were everywhere! Stay-Dave started by talking about Poi Dog, and then he brought out some of their singers to join in, it was pretty good, i'd rather hear it without any backup singers at all. Crush-One word for y'all, BOYD! He is absolutly amazing, he was walking all around the stage, he took the center stage for a little while, then he stood next to roi and jammed for about four minutes, overall it was about ten minutes. The Last Stop-This is a pretty good of BTCS, but not one of my fav's, but after last night i have a totally new respect for this song. It was absolutely amazing! The light show was great and during this song the crowd was very loud. Satellite-Album version, not bad. Dancing Nancies-Amazing! The highlight of the night. Boyd broke nearly all of his strings! The only problem was they jumped right into it without much of an intro. "Could I have been lost in Texas?" By far the best nancies i've ever heard, and its eleven minutes in length is probably one of the reasons. Hoping it would lead into Warehouse but what they played next is much better. Granny-I had my fingers crossed for this one, the lighting during this one was pretty cool to, the crowd was pretty mellow during it though. The Stone-This song is great live, also pretty mellow. Didn't miss the Kronos Quartet at all. Drive In Drive Out-Not one of my favorites, but it was a pretty good version. Tripping Billies-Short little nature intro. By far the most energy of the night, absolutely amazing! Encore- Typical Situation-I was betting on Crash here, but i was very plesently suprised! One of my all time favorite songs. Very tight 12 minute version! Changed "too many choices" with "too many voices." Ants Marching-I figured it was a toss up between this and Watchtower, and i was hoping for Ants. I got my wish, there's no better way to end a show than this. "People in every direction" fit this situation perfectly, everywhere you looked was people, 40,000 of them. Overall a great show, would've liked to hear Recently, LIOG, and True Reflections, but it overall i can't complain about that set. And if anyone taped this please get in touch with me, i need a copy of this show!
Nick W.
This concert was truly unbelievable. There seemed to be something magical in the air and I think dave thought so too.  They played an amazing two step to kick things off and the crowd was very energized. Dave made a comment that this was going to be a pretty fuckin memorible night for him.  They played a powerful version of Dont Drink the Water that really had the crowd roaring.  They  also played The best version of tripping Billies I have ever heard.  Other memorible moments were the two encore songs that seemed to mix in with each other perfectly. The whole band seemed on to be on fire and they were really pumped up. I thank Dave and the boys for a remarkable experience.
Just as great as last night at the World.  Two Step was a great opener.  Boyd really jammed tonight, especially on Tripping Billies.  An amazing jam after Dancing Nancies.  So glad that they played lover lay down....and not crash into me.  Granny was good, it's good to hear that song as often as possible, they need to release it.  There was some great Dave speak tonight.  Typical Situation was great, but I was a little out of it.... but it was all good.  Dave is amazing...i'll see everyone on Aug 9 in Noblesville, In, for yet ANOTHER dave concert.  Oh yeah, alpine is the most righteous place to see a concert.  All the people are cool as hell, so many tokers, that's what I like to see.  I love you all!
Rich F.
wow... that's all i can say about this show.  i have been to numerous DMB shows and this has to rank as the best, if not it was easily in the top 3. the opening band was awesome, too bad people were still wandering around. i would love to hear them play at a smaller venue where they were the main act, must be one hell of a show!  i can see why they have such a big following in the chicago area. the show was great, just a few comments.  davespeak was great tonight, the whole band seemed to be in a great mood.  the best comment the whole night was when dave kicked a beach ball that had come up on stage.  he said (after he kicked it and it hit some guy in the head) that "fuck, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to hit you, but i don't fucking play soccer."  it was great.  he also talked about the previous nights show and how "live" it was.  i think they really enjoyed the crowd and really worked of off them. the whole show was great, i really enjoyed all the older songs like lover lay down and granny.  he switched guitars right before granny (which was right after dancing nancies, another great song) and being up in the lawn i thought he picked up the electric and was going to play crash (so glad that he didn't).  the jam after crush was soo... amazing as well.  i really liked the mix of old and new songs.  encore was really great, with a very long and excellant typical situation, and i always enjoy an ants marching closer no matter how many times i've heard the song.  it still gives me chills (as with tripping billies.) also saw some people with a #36 / granny sign.  i think dave and the guys saw that b/c they were all looking in that direction and laughing.  how sweet would it be to hear #36?  anyway.  maybe i'll do a sign with "me & julio" on one side and "blue water" on the other side.  mix it up a little :)  or maybe "people, people" with the keyboard guy from poi dog pondering but that wouldn't be right...playing the song without peter would do it no justice. well, this was a great show.  can't wait for riverbend and the others later this summer.
Luke, K.
We were expecting something different from the World the night before, and we got it, a great variety but without the jams, alot of Under The Table, but hey we got GRANNY and nancies and a mini torando so the nights combined were the shit... oh yeah Dave made it obvious he likes Poi Dog since he introed them and was drunk when he did but he likes them ok the set... 2 Step- the intro had everyone prepared, this song belongs in between songs of more energy but none the less was recognizable and energitic anough to get the corwd involved One Sweet World- intro makes the song, Dave made comment about keeping form with the night before but One Sweet 2 nights in a row has to be considered a treat to all true Dave fans PNP--->Rapunzel- standard, Carter Beauford in the drums DDTW- standard but better than album version, better as opener due to fact that it is well known has no great expectations so there is no dissapointment but just anticipation Lover Lay Down- surprise yet well recieved, guess it was part of sound check, the energy provided by the song was good but would have been better later in set Stay- new but always great even with background singers (Dave was pumped because "tonite is f**cking live) Crush- new sing along fav, wow Last Stop- sleeper, unexpected best live song off of new album...ENERGY (wish there was a banjo) Satelite- Schmoopie, no need for this song thanks but no thanks Nancies- Luke's and Klaus's highlight of the show, up there with Jimi Thing the night b4, reference to Texas had Klaus pumped since he flew up here from Tejas to see these shows and Dave said thanks buddy in his own little unintentional way Granny- THANK YOU GOD (dave) I wish every soul at the show had a clue Stone- Luke says this song is the shit, Schmoopie thought this was awesome becuz it was a new song to hear live from the two shows off of BFTCS, Klaus loved the explosive ending "what nervous energy" into Drive in Drive Out- good but hard to get into, Schmoopie and Luke loved to  growl to this one Tripping Billies-  holy cow (sh*t) Schmoopie asks, "was it possible not to move your feet", Klaus says long awaited and incredoble energy from Boyd as always, Luke calls it "a genuine Dave ho down" Encore, Typ Sit- MAMBA JAM made it original, crowd sang every word Ants- still regardless a great closer but me and Klaus wanted Watchtower or Haloweenor or Wharehouse, Schmoopie said Ants is a live phenomenom Summary: unique and different but Friday night was a jam, says us Submitted by Allison Matthews We entered the gates at 6PM, knowing well in mind we had pavillion seats, and man were they sweet!  10 times better then the pavillion seats we had over at the World the night before. Poi Dog entered the stage, introduced by Dave wearing jeans, a black shirt, and his black dress shoes. (I know all the ladies will want the deatils on Dave!) I don't know Poi Dog to well, but I think they played the same set.  The dancer got giggy wid' it and the crowd seemed more into the opening band then the night before.  All together I think the crowd was more into the show and the jams.  Exiting at 7:45 we all waited for Dave, who came on at 8:15.  Two step hit it off, and it was at that point that I knew the show would rock.  Dave seemed pretty content, he looked much more relaxed and happier then the night before.  I was surprised that he pulled out One Sweet World, i didn't think he would do the same song two nights in a row.  In between songs, Dave did a devilish little voice, that well, made me melt, even though it was a little freaky. Later on in the set a beach ball made its way to the stage.  Dave and Roi picked it up, brought it over to Boyd.  From what I heard, DMB was written on the ball.  ANYWAYS, dave took it, and punted it into the crowd, beaning some girl in the head, and he said "Oh, i'm sorry I didn't mean to hit you, I don't play fucking soccer."  Cheers and screams for the profainity of course!  Lover Lay Down was a definite surprise.  The girl sitting next to me saw them at Red Rocks during this years tour and has caught them at some west coast shows says, that this song was not played at any!  A huge treat The world show felt more like people who were there just to hear their popular singles, mainly ants marching and crash.  But since, the shows were so close in distance, I as well as other Dave fans, trudged the distance to come for both shows.  I think the band knew that, because their performance was sooooooo energized.  Dave was smiling so much I thought he would strain a muscle, and his dancing jig was better then ever. I did hear from a fan who was seated closer then me at the World, that someone threw a shoe at dave, but I can't confirm that report.  So, Saturdays crowd at the World ROCKED!!!  Dave was loving it, and said, "This tour has been really memorable for us, and this is one of the best fucking memories will have." One of my favorite moments was THE LAST STOP, the band had me AWE striken!  The jamming was excellent and it really made me feel that they were giving their all, a large change from the night before. The crowd was equally into the moment, a surprise since the WORLD show, most of the fans didn't know the new material. The lighting in this show really made the difference.  I think their less is more attitude when it comes to their concerts makes the show even better, a far cry from the POPMART concert I saw last June of U2. That's all i can remember.  I'll be waiting for a copy of the tape from the guy behind me, but I would like to trade, so email me.  Also, I'm looking to find a copy of the World Show from May 29, so don't hesitate to gimmie some mail!
Brian M.
My 3rd DMB show and by far the most amazing.   I came in wanting to hear 5 songs-- Complicated by Poi Dog Pondering, and then Typical Situation, Granny, Crush, and Nancies (my four favorite DMB songs in that order).  I was confident that I'd hear Crush, but that's about it.  BUT, Dave and the Boys fufilled everything I wanted to hear.  Plus the overall energy was incredible!  Good crowd too!  And great venue!  Plus I'm a big Poi Dog fan and they were on tonight even the a large portion of the crowd was just milling about. Okay, song by song: Two Step-- Someone behind me called it.  Some people down in front had a HUGE sign that said "Seek Up."  Dave kept saying, "Tomorrow, tomorrow" in response.  Anyway, Two Step was great.  Really got everyone in the crowd moving and upped the energy level. Somewhere in here Dave said "Hello Chicago," and then he did this little whinny voice that mockingly said, "But we're not in Chicago."  The best part about this snipet of Davespeak is that the whole time Stefan was playing the bass line to Soul Coughing's "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago."  Made me laugh although I doubt many other people caught it. One Sweet World -- LONG intro.  Great jam.  Again, everyone was dancing.  It was my first time hearing this live too, so an added bonus. PNP-->Rapunzel-- I was suprised that so many people in the crowd knew ALL of the lyrics.  They even did the "Chick-a-oo-wow!" part of PNP.  Rapunzel showed again how the members of DMB are masters of making a huge sound out of only five instruments.  It sounded as deep and layered, if not deeper, than the album version of Rapunzel. DDTW-- I've never liked DDTW until tonight.  Everyone who ever had doubts about this song just needs to FEEL Stefan's bass live and they'll change their tune.  I never felt you could dance to DDTW, but boy did everyone (myself included) cut a rug to this version.  This was the first sign that this show was going to be amazing. Lover Lay Down-- Really sweet rendition.  The lighters were out like fireflies and it just made the song even more beautiful (if that's possible). Stay-- Good version, better with Poi Dog's backing vocals than the one's on the album.  That opening guitar rift Dave does just kicks the energy into the song so well! Crush-- Two of the people I was with wanted to hear this song as much as I did, so as soon as Stefan kicked into that bass line, WE WENT NUTS!  Really good, and let me just say for the Billionth time-- BOYD TINSLEY IS GOD!,  Hands down.  No discussion.  The Last Stop-- People online had been saying how great the Last Stop is live.  I totally agree.  Another one (like DDTW) that needs to be heard live in order for you to appreciate it fully.  Throwing in the outro was really cool too. Satellite-- Didn't especially want to hear this one.  But it allowed everyone to sing along, so whoopie... Dancing Nancies-- I jumped so high in the air that when I landed, I almost fell down onto the lawn.  Dave said, "Could I have been lost somewhere in Texas?" which made no sense whatsoever, but what do you expect? :)  Anyway, BOYD TINSLEY IS STILL GOD!  I've heard about 25 versions of Nancies.  I thought the first show I went to was the best until tonight.  Boyd was amazing and went to the very front of the stage and played inches from the crowd which is so uncharateristic of DMB (and a violin player for that matter) but it worked so well!  Granny-- Came with in a hair's breath of fainting when I heard those first strums!!!  Only one person by me knew the song, but I soon had three of my friends begging for copies.  As someone else said above, not the best version, but still IT'S GRANNY!  Such an amazing song.  I couldn't stop smiling from this point till the end of the show.   Second indicator that this show was really something to cherish. Stone-- Really loud ending that came out of nowhere.  Otherwise, album version. DIDO-- Never really liked the song, but this one was okay. Billies-- Best version ever.  And I've heard close to 35 different ones.  Best. Best. Best. Typical Situation-- Nearly cried because I was so suprised and this song is almost spirtual to me.  They did the cool little jam in the middle like they did last summer.  Oh, could not think of a better encore song, until... Ants Marching-- Thought it was going to be SMTS, but NO!  DMB refrained and played a song that has been beat into the ground by some, but still remains unbelievable live.  Loved it.  Loved Boyd's solo.  Loved singing along.  Great closer. All in all, like I said, the best show I've seen in person.  I have a contact of someone who taped the show, so e-mail me and we'll work stuff out.  Plus, look at this fact-- NO So Much To Say, No Too Much, and Best of All... NO CRASH INTO ME!!!!  Corporate Radio can lick me!!!!  Sorry to everyone who payed $30 to hear CITM!!  Just think, you got to hear REALLY AMAZING music from a REALLY AMAZING band instead!  Seriously though, glad DMB doesn't compromise to anyone.  See ya all later (maybe at Deer Creek).  Peace.
Adam Y.
Unbelieveable show!!!!!  Combined w/ friday nights performance, I was definately impressed.  Poi Dog Pondering was okay, decent opener, and the Break dancers were the shit.  Two step opener was great, got the crowd going from the start, even Dave was in a dancing mood.  Following friday, one sweet world was again awesome w/ the sweet intro.  Was surprised to hear lover lay down, and definately not dissapointed.  Also must say that the last stop is probably the best live song off the new album.  Crush was a crowd pleaser.  My highlights were of course granny (no one around me knew quite what it was though), and Tripping Billies was unreal, they jammed it out a bit,  great great song.  Encore was good too, can never go wrong w/ typical and ants.  overall  it was a great fucking show!!!!!
Kevin J.
saw the show the previous night in chicago. took a while to find alpine valley. my wife and I are from detroit and never had been to alpine. man, it is in the middle of nowhere!!! but, so beautiful... by the way, at 31 I once again felt absolutely ancient amongst the teenagers- but i take solace in knowing that outside of stefan the band is at least my age or older-  anyway, the review- poi dog was sweet at both shows. never had heard them before but my chicago friends in attendance with me swore by them. they were very good, but i was dissapointed that they played the exact same set as the world show. i was hoping that dave would not do that. ( somehow i knew he would not ! ) it was nice of dave to intro poi dog both nights- classy. 8:15- dave and the boys appear- punctual as always- it took a while to figure it out with their "tuning up" but then I recognized one of my favorite Crash cuts- TWO STEP-  very nice- but was played last night OSW- very nice to hear this last night, a real surprise, and sounded great again- but i am getting worried- where are the set changes???- but i quickly realize that the crowd seems more knowledgable here- more into dave- they really enjoy one sweet world PNP-Rapunzel- very tight, better then the night before- still i thought that this would be the best BTCS live cut, but strangely it loses something for me- until the end jam when the boys gather it all back DDTW- very good- but still no new songs - getting worried LLD- aaahh- there it is- no need to worry- the first of many set changes- nice change of pace song - nice to hear again STAY- this song is OK- hard for me to really get into it- i have to agree with others that this is sort of a "POP" song- but they did a good job and the crowd loved it CRUSH- the absolute best tune on BTCS and maybe my new fav dave song- unlike the night before when a bunch of wasted teens chattered throughout this masterpiece, my wife and I were able to fully enyoy this because the crowd loved it and sang along- such a sensuous song !!! "am i upside down or rightside up?" TLS- my wife loves this tune- and so do I- great song live with the starts and stops SATELLITE- u know i used to not care for this song much, but i guess absence does make the heart grow fonder- it was real nice to hear and the crowd loved it DN- LOVED IT !!!  missed the usual dave intro but Boyd quickly made me forget that- the man is unreal- this had to be the highlight of the night- what an incredible jam !!! GRANNY- now I absolutely love DMB, and I have all their released material, but I have to admit I had never heard Granny, though I knew of it, so I did not recognize it- all I know is that it was a great song live and alot of people seemed to know it- which further made me realize what a great crowd it was- which Dave also recognized by saying that the night seemed "special" !!! THE STONE- i was so psyched to hear this- what a great tune and it sounded awesome live & Boyd did a fine job on the strings alone DIDO- never was much into this song- but again the crowd appreciated another "oldie" TB- what can u say??? is there a better concert song in existence??? TS- nice encore pick-  very cool song and they really milked it- it seemed to go on forever, starting and stopping- had to love it ! AM- while like most others I do love this song, I was bummed they closed with it two nights in a row- i would have loved to hear "watchtower" or "best of what's around"- still it is awesome in concert, and i was glad i did not have to hear Crash again !!! in summary, Alpine was SPECIAL !!! ( Dave's words )  i felt the show was better then chicago, which was also awesome- i just wish they played "seek up" but maybe I will hear this in Detroit-  if they ever announce any Michigan shows !!! ( if anyone knows what the deal is with this please e mail me )
Dave H.
Best Dave Show out of the six I've seen over three years!!!! Great venue, nice atmosphere, KIND people, awesome acoustics at Alpine! Security was not as relentless as the usual body cavity search- though I did not know until I was in already...So Much To Say- but I am overall speechless, ended a great weekend of two Dave shows!!!
Drew J.
Hello to the great people who saw dave at Alpine. This was my first show at alpine and man what a treat. This venue has got to be the most beautiful place to see a show in the Midwest. I drove from St.paul Minnesota and I would do it again in a second. The crowd was great, this place just has a vibe that you could feel. Dave thought the show was special. Anyway the show was amazing. I loved hearing the new stuff live. The Last Stop was a huge surprise! It sounded so good. Dancing Nancies blew me away. Crush may be one of the best songs in the bands history. Gave me shivers and wet eyes. I realize that the band is getting more and more popular in the mainstream but the band just does what they want. And that it make and perform amazing, fun and touching music. Anyway I would like to just say hello to the wonderful people who had the unique privledge of seeing dave a alpine. If there is anyone who has a tape of the show please drop me an e-mail. I would appreciate it very much. And to those who did not see Dave at alpine valley....peace and I'll see ya next year.
Adam R.
Let me start off by saying this was my first Dave concert.  I was ready for a great show, but what I saw blew me away.  I don't know if I'll ever see anyting that good again.  The opening act was ok, but I was mostly just chilling with my friends getting ready for the main event.  Once DMB came on it was on.  They started by playing Two Step, with a wierd intro but it was cool.  This really got me and the rest of the crowd fired up.  They then went on to play One Sweet World.  I'll admit that I've heard it before, but couldn't name it .  It is such a great song and it was cool to see them start off with some old stuff.  Then came Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel.  I was amazed at how many people knew the words and were singing along.  The jam on this was good and the guys seemed like they were really enjoying themselves.  They then broke into Don't Drink the Water.  The crowd went nuts!  I really didn't like the CD version, but hearing it live gave me a new appreciation for this song.  One of the biggest surprises was when they broke out Lover Lay Down.  I was so pumped.  Lighters were everywhere among the forty thousand people, it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen.  It was a very mememerable moment, we got a picture during this song with the camera we snuck in.  Dave then got up and introduced some of the singers from Poi Dog Pondering and we all knew Stay was up next.  They played it well and jammed out to it more than I expected.  It got a lot of people dancing around even more than normal.  Then came Crush and I was in heaven.  I love this song, and from the reaction of the crowd, they loved it also.  Boyd went over and played next to LeRoi.  The boys jammed hardcore on this one.  Dave just pointed to a band member and then they went off.  Dave was shacking his head in disbelief of how on everyone was.  Carter had a bad ass drum solo during this song.  Dave tuned his guitar and started strumming with some Middle East sounds thrown in and we knew The Last Stop was up.  I liked this song on the CD, but hearing it live puts the CD version to shame.  I was in disbelief about how good these guys were live.  They slowed it down with Satellite.  It was a good singalong for everyone and the lighting was supurb, especially with the stars in the background at night and outdoors.  Then it came -- Dancing Nancies.  This has to be one of the best live songs ever writen.  This jam was so awesome I don't know how to explain it.  Boyd rocked the house with his almost 5 minute lead in the song.  He was right out in front of the stage leaning over to the audience.  He almost broke all of his strings.  They then shocked everyone and played Granny.  It took me a little bit to realize what it was, but when I did, I was a happy man.  The only bad part about it was everyone asking what it was.  The Stone was next.  A good song, but even better live.  You couldn't even tell that the string quartet wasn't there.  They then went straight into Drive In Drive Out.  This song isn't real high on my favorite list, but the lighting and how Dave played the crowd made it all ok.  I was just hoping that that wouldn't be the ender, because they kind of paused after the song.  I was well releaved when they started playing Tripping Billies.  After all of the great jams that they had tonight, this one took the cake.  This song is so great for a live audience, everyone was dancing and singing along getting lost in the moment.   They leave the stage and the crowd is going nuts.  This was the laudest call for an encore that I've ever heard.  There were chants, clapping, and stomping.  Finally, after a fairly long break, the band reappeared and started to play Typical Situation.  This was a great choice for an encore, except I wish Dave would have done some Dave speak at the beginning, instead of going straight into the song.  The guys looked like they were having a blast and played this song out for a long time.  Then Carter started the drums and everyone yelled at the top of their voices -- it was time for Ants!  I've always loved this song and I thought it the perfect way to end a show.  I was kind of hoping to hear Watchtower, but nothing compares to sending them away after Ants.  Dave started to sing the "People in every direction," but immediately quit after people and nodded to the crowd saying that it was ours. This show was an unbelievable high for me.  Dave said that this night was "fucking rememberable" and I couldn't agree more.  The mix of old and new songs really went over well.  The crowd was great and was very vocal and loving.  Alpine Valley is the coolest place to see a concert!  And it didn't rain.  The thunderstorm right next to us in the parking lot had me worried for a while, but the sun came out to say enjoy the concert.  And that is what I did.  If anyone taped the show, please email me, I really want to have a copy to relive the experience.  Thanks.