Dave Matthews Band
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Tripping Billies
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Stone
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge)
Too Much
All Along the Watchtower
Typical Situation

Brian B.
I'd like to make a few comments.  First, everyone that was at 5/20's show in irvine: you have no idea how lucky you were to have bela perform at your show.  I can only imagine how incredible "The last stop" must have been with him there.  The flecktones kick ass!!!  anyway, my thoughts on the show overall.  I think the only disappointing part of the show to me was that the band only decided to play songs from "crash" and "before these crowded streets."  no nancies, jimi thing... but, with the most formidable performance of watchtower i've ever heard, dave redeemed himself.  a solid ten minute jam put me and the other 40,000 in a trance. My favorites of the night had to have been rapunzel, last stop (my favorite song on the new album), and don't drink the water.  i have to admit that I wasn't too fond of don't drink the water until i heard it live.  it seems to me that dave really likes the song, he seemed to be at his highest energy level during it and watchtower.  I really enjoyed the show.  biggest complaint: everyone who thinks they HAVE to sing along at every song to be a REAL dave matthews band fan.  hey guys, LISTEN every once in a while.  oh yeah, and drunken frat boys suck.
Luke T.
Flew in the evening of from NM.  Taj Mahal was good, but no one was listening, and the place was about 10% full.  Their loss. Pantala Naga Pampa--> Rapunzel: Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Mucho energy. Tripping Billies:  Way cool.  I was really happy to see this one, and so was everyone else.  As always, great sticking from Carter. Two Step:  Oh my god!!!  One of my most favorite songs.  Dave had a great new intro that he sings while Boyd is doing his plucking stuff.  I don't remember the words, but it was along the lines of the "life is short, party hard" aspects of the song. Crush:  One of my favorites off BTCS, but it wasn't that energetic live. Don't Drink The Water:  Dave definetly got into this one, but it lacked immense energy also.  Maybe the fact that when it started I knew that half the people going wild were doing so just because this is the big radio song. #41:  Words cannot describe.  I was soooo happy to get this song.  I thought I might have missed my last chance.  Dave's singing was amazing.  He messed up the words: "Do you wish, I used to play...etc."  Still amazing.  Five or ten minute jam at the end, but pretty reserved. Last Stop:  Awesome intro (middle eatern style) good energy, especially on "Love is always...etc." Not one of my favorite songs. Crash:  Oh yes...  All of the customary making out and hiking up of skirts at the right time.  First time I heard the Dixie Chicken outro. Awesome. The Stone:  Good, but nothing special. Recently:  awww yeeuh!!  So good to hear this oldie but goodie.  Danced hard. Stay:  Much better with just carter on backup.  Awesome energy. So Much To Say: Great lighting, album version (maybe?) not absolutely spectacular. Too Much: (see So Much To Say) Watchtower:  Dave had some great guitar stuff for the intro, and of course the crowd went wild, as well they should have. Typical Situation:  Amazing.  Ten minute jam with a section in 7/4.  Dave: amazing, amazing vocals. All in all, an excellent show.  Dave seemed kind of reserved though.  Lots of Boyd.  LeRoi seemed kind of left "to his own devices" off in "the little closet he's stuck inside."  Danced my brains out and had an amazing time. Davespeak: "How's everyone doing out there on the grass (double meaning intended?) How about you all in here?   Maybe a little later on you all can borrow the grass from the people in the back. "It's dry here...It's pretty dry here...usually I'm soaking wet, but I'm dry...In case anyone was wondering if I ever take a piss, I don't have to...I just sweat it all out.":
Jeanne R.
Wow!  What can I say.  This was my third time seeing DMB and it was by far the best show yet!!  The band sounded awesome as usual and they all seemed to be in great moods!  I know I was, I got to meet Dave before the show by myself for about 2 minutes and give him a gift that I had brought for him!!!  I still don't believe it!  (please don't tell me it was a dream)  I think the band appreciated the dry weather here.  Dave didn't sweat a drop and commented on that towards the end of the show.  It was a good mix of old and new stuff!  All Along the Watchtowe was unbelievable!!  I know Boyd's fingers have to be sore today from all of the intense plunking!  I can't wait until my next show at the Meadows in CT! 
Brian K.
Pantala Naga Pampa: Short but sweet, like chinese food. Rapunzel: Dope, the funk'n 5 beat is cool to hear live but they can't seem to get the timing of the lights to flow with the music. Tripping Billies: Always nice to hear, nothing unusual though... Two Step: Stefan's slide bass, alternate drum ending... the standard for the last few months and for the future. Crush: Nice little jam @ the end. Don't Drink the Water: ... it's better than crash #41: long yet still longing for say goodbye. The Last Stop (Reprise outro): Dave has a nice little intro going, plus the lights and loud music scare everybody.  It's great.  Too bad they did not bring the Egyption dancers from the '96 Cow Palace show. Crash Into Me: I went searching for hot girls during this song. The Stone: A favorite of mine, but Boyd was not loud enough. Recently: Awesome... nice jams but no pretty, pretty girl. Stay: fun. So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge): long time no see. Too Much: cool lights. All Along the Watchtower: Stefan had a nice solo (w/ effects) Encore: Typical Situation: Love the dark purple lights and the athens style jam. The concert was overall pretty good.  The staff at the pavillion was quite rude though.  The stage was not very large and the low ceiling drowned out the high and low frequencies.  Not to mention the fact that 8 of the Meyer Nice MSL-10A were not setup.  Dave broke a lot of strings and the guitar tunner dropped one of Dave's chets between songs.  The stars from last years tour were up and looked cool.  The show was not as good as shoreline and won't compare to the upcomming Red Rocks shows.