Dave Matthews Band
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Lie In Our Graves
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Typical Situation
For the Beauty of Wynona
Dancing Nancies
Tripping Billies
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
Crash Into Me (Dixie chicken)

David F.
It's unfortunate that it had to rain during the concert tonight because the band was really into the show.  I've read all the prior reviews about some members taking the night off and having little intensity, that certainly wasn't the case Sunday night. It started to rain two or three songs into the set, but we didn't really get any interesting "Davespeak" with it.  He said little things like "hope you're all having a pleasant wet evening," but didn't really do anything spectacular.  When it started to rain harder, the band huddled together on stage and decided to play "Stay."  Needless to say, when Dave sang the lyrics, "and it began to rain" the crowd went nuts.  By the end of the nearly three hour set, the band pulled out Dancing Nancies.  The clouds had rolled through by then, so when the crowd "looked up at the sky" the stars were out.  It was really surreal.  The other important thing to let everyone know is that the band played three songs during their encore - Two Step, Don't Drink the Water, and Crash into Me.  There are better set closers than Crash into Me, but all the little girls loved it; so did my date so I didn't say anything.  Other highlights:  #41, a killer version of Billies, and Typical Situation.  They jammed on that one for a long time.  Hopefully, there's no rain tonight.
Lincoln M.
Flyin' from Seattle to Colorado Springs then bussin' to Denver to see the Dave Matthews Band at Red Rocks was gonna be a tight proposition for me and my brother; but we knew that we HAD to come to Red Rocks. You just don't miss experences like this when there is only one life to live, ya know. I literally felt like I had a "close encouters" vibe goin' when we hiked up road #2 in Morrison to the Rocks around 9:30am to get in the early bird line.  It was utterly surreal in its nature and beutity that no words or pictures could do it justice so it wasn't even worth trying to put into meer and meager english.  The line crowd was nicely relaxed for most of the long wait but when things picked up at around 3:45, everyone got a little crazy.  The weather in Morrison changes on a dime which was a shock to me.  During the wait in line we had everything from bright hot sunshine to clouds to an all out hail and downpoar\thunder\lighting storm. In the middle of the amazing display of nature the boys came out and played a quick sound check of PNP>Rapunzel(did I hear Tim?) and The Dreaming Tree(for which I heard soundchecked in Vancover!! I've got two under my belt!!). After that the gates were ready to go but the security was overwelmed by the mass of drunkerds, cheerleaders, and college age fans just waiting for the prime seat in one of the best venues in the nation.  We got in and had the great choice of pickin' our seat in the first GA section.  We choose Row 8 right in front of the board because it allows the concertgoer a lot of dancin' room(cause no one is behind you pushin'!!), plus outstanding sound and visuals.   Taj Mahal was extremely welcomed by the crowd who really turned out to catch his act.  Needless to say, he didn't disapoint one bit and really got the crowd up and dancin'.  The only downer about Taj's set was the NEED for a large walkway in front of my seat, which intrupted the dancin' a bit.  Taj was wonderful and I really enjoyed his act during the two shows I saw with him(5-15,24).  Dave took to the stage with a cloud cover just askin' for release.  Yet again they opened with: Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel                 Ok, three shows in a row with this opener gets a bit old fast but its really fun to dance to.  This is a good meter to see just how tight the band might be that night and this once was the tightest so far.  Dave was REALLY movin' his two step dance all over the stage during this opener(and over the whole show!) which was nice to catch from such great seats. Stay       A quick change of Gibsons and tuning had the boys teasing Halloween but led into Stay which was welcomed.  This version had a lot more going then the Vancover gig, but it was a tad short which chould be a good thing(edit the ending a bit over the Gorge). Again, the boys were extremely tight..I only heard one bad chord during the whole song! Impressive. In my opinion, DMB(not just Dave) has really taken a step down on the "risk factor" this tour due to promoting this album.  I just hope they don't loose the edge that they once had and what really capivatied me way back in 1994.  Stay is a song that they possibly could open up on a bit more and only then it could find its niche, until then they are really playin' the same song over and over.  At one point dave said "You's all a bunch of singin' mutha fuckas" #41       Yea, I was the one that went totally ape-shit at the start of this!  I was despritely hoping for a massive change in the setlist on this night cause it was lookin' as if I wasn't gonna be able to make it to the next night(LONG sad story) and this really broke open the show for me.  It's safe to say that I needed this song!  Fresh new territory from this band is what I look for and they found it nicely durning #41.  Leroi took the song and enchanted the 9,000+ with bird song calls and musical communication between him and Boyd.  It wasn't all that long but it took me there and I didn't come back for the rest of the night.    The Stone Oh, was raining really hard, like I was back at home!       At this point I'll say that the lights got major improvement over the Gorge and Vancover gigs!  Much kudo's goes out to that crew! They looked great in the rain. Dave intro'd the song which was nice.  The crowd energy level took a dip for this song as it has for the other gigs this tour.  Not much to comment on here other then that it was another really tight and powerful performance.  LIOG        This was ALL Boyd!  I have no idea how this man has so much passion and energy but he has it and loves to share it with the crowd. This type of communication is wonderful and Boyd really loves this stuff. He jammed at the lip of the stage for what seemed like forever with the biggest shit eating grin on his face as the band confidently jammed a three chord pattern behind him. This had to be one of the best LIOG that I've had the pleasure of experencing.  Too Much     You've all heard it you heard this version. Crush     Any band can play hard and fast as hell but not many can play smooth and relaxed.  Crush clearly demo's the overall band as a unit: a tight, jazzy(loose), love song'ed poet type of band.  I knew I was in for another go at the call & responce jammin' by Boyd and Leroi and they took it out nicely.  Leroi had a little trouble making his wonderful idea's come through but it didn't phase out the jammin' at all.  Boyd and Roi's ideas on where to take this song are fun and exciting and completely make this song for me.  For The Beauty Of Wynona     YES!!! TWO outta three shows with this song!! Stroke of huge luck.  I was callin' for The Maker(written by the same songwriter), so this song was just as nice.  I love how the boys put on a really dark spin to this cover.  Yet again you coulda counted on your hands the number of people who knew the song.  If I only had charged a penny for every time I'd gotten asked "what song is this?".  A great tune that I hope they keep in! GANNY!!    At the board there were 3-5 of us screamin' for this song all night.  WE GOT IT!!!  It was unreal!  I put down some major bills for this trip and they were all worth it for that 4-5min.  This is gettin' kind long so I'll wrap the rest up here: DIDO:  Powerful, solid perfomance. Dancin':  Yea! Wonderful yet again.  By this time it was all dry and we were dancin' under the bit dipper with the lights on the rocks.  TS: I took the time to watch the performance of this amazing song from start to finish while on top of the seat. The 7/4 section was amazing! TS reminds me of the Dead's version of Eyes in 74 with that lovely section of jammin'.  The Last Stop was fun but the crowd didn't get into it much(see the Stone).  I just think it needs some room to grow..NOT OVERKILL! Trippin' Billies had the cool intro which had the crowd guessin'.  When it broke out the lights where UNREAL!  They made the song for me.  Encore(sss)!! Two Step: Damn..if I closed my eyes I could picture a train running me over.  A tad shorter then Vancover but just as powerful! we were sure hopin' for "..Back You Up" or "Angel" for which we were pretty sure we where not gonna get.  Then Dave said something about how there setlists and then they broke into DDTW: which was a must..they've played it at EVERY SINGLE show! wait a sec...another song!!! We had the guessing game goin' and we couldn't even believe was pure bonus. Crash..pretty good perfomance.  Overall: Extremely tight and solid..a number of moments of pure energy \ xfactor.. bad moments: I'd be hard pressed to find just one! Great job.  Amazing show at an amazing venue!  I had to make it back home due to outragously bad planning so I missed the second night! I had the greatest time with the new brothers and sisters I'd met while at one, if not thee best venue seeing one of the best bands on the road.  See you there next year for sure!
Greg G.
This was going to be a crazy night!  One big rain shower at around 5pm and big, dark clouds moving into the amphitheater from high atop the two rocks formations that make up the back walls by the time the band took stage at 8:40pm. They opened with Rapunzel, the same as the Utah show the night before, wierd that they would open with it two nights in a row but very good.  Too much included a "I don't smoke too much" verse and there was a cool little dave speak here too. After Rapunzel or Too Much Dave freaked out at the crowd saying " you guys are a bunch of singing MF's ".  After a talk with Carter he returned to say something about us being good singers but... It was a joke but I have a feeling Carter might have said something like- wowa that was harsh.  It was all in good fun.  And so was the rain to fallow. It must have rained for a half hour or 45 minutes, and it was wet, very fine but very wet, and cold, not cool but cold-it was like 40 degrees out side.  A few people left but most stayed.  The band continued to play and they were on!  Very on! Steffan kicked ass!  He is starting to do solos and this new CD really shows off his talent.  The kid is amazing! Back to Dave who changed the 'smoke my mind ' verse of the 13 minute Jimmy Thing to ' smoke my kind '.  A great verse for Red Rocks and it seemed fitting for the band on this night.  Did I say that they were on tonight?  They were in rare form even for them.  This was my seventh show and third of four at Red Rocks and it was one of the best. The Stone is soo powerfull live!  Crush is too and they played True Reflections. Funny version of TR because in one of Boyd's little jam-tangents all over stage he seemed to forget that he was singing the lead and ended up running accross half the stage to get back to his mic to start the third verse... only a word or two late. The Last Stop has to be one of their best songs and it is 10 times better live-it was my third time hearing it live. The highlight was Granny!  Just like a year ago at Red Rocks.  This is my favorite DMB song right now- you gotta hear this live. The band was way "tuned" and the rain made everything way trippy- cold, but trippy! And who cares if it snowed... IT'S RED ROCKS