Dave Matthews Band
Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Poi Dog Pondering
Don't Drink the Water
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Jimi Thing
Stay *
Lie In Our Graves
The Song That Jane Likes
Dancing Nancies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Stone
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Two Step
Tripping Billies (Nature intro)

* with Kornell Hargrove, Arlene Newson, and Robert Cornelius

Jerome T.
This was my first concert this year, and it's going to be the only one until august, when dave comes back around my area.  i wasn't really expecting much out of this show, so i wasn't really disappointed.  First off, PDP was an interesting opener, and they were kind of amusing with their breakdancers and whatnot. Dave introduced them, and then vanished until about 8:45, when the band finally took the stage.  Riverport is always an average venue, and there were no real space problems or annoying drunk people yelling in my face, which mad me happy.  My guess for the opener was PNP or Two Step, so i was surprised when the band broke into: DDTW: In my opinion, there is no confusion over how bad the lyrics are to this song.  However, it served as an okay opener, and threw some energy to the crowd.  I was reminded of the beautiful LMP last year, until dave screamed "CAUSE YOU"RE ALL DEAAAAD NOW!" TLS: When i bought BTCS, i dubbed this song, "Worst Thing", but then i came to enjoy it.  the stop and go parts were fantastic live, and dave did a pretty neat middle-eastern intro to this song.  The last track outro was pretty sweet, too.  This was the one of the best live songs from the new album. >i think it was right here that dave's guitar broke in some way, and he started mubling to the crowd, while someone fixed it for him.  Carter started playing a neat backbeat, and then finally dave got his chet back and they jammed it out for a bit, which was good to hear. Satellite: Pretty standard version, this has always been a good song, and i enjoyed it, even though it's overplayed and loved by everyone.  in my opinion, that doesn't make the song any less good. PNP>Rapunzel: Fantastic version, the crowd got into it, the lights were good, and i was happy to hear a nice long jam at the end. Jimi Thing: I didn't think they would play this, and it was a pleasant surprise.  In the middle of the new jam at the end, dave was doing a really phat guitar solo, and one of the speakers went out momentarily.  i think that was riverport's way of making sure the fans did not enjoy the concert to much. Stay: Don't ask.  This song is confusing to me, because dave must know that it sucks, but he still sings it.  now, don't get me wrong, i love it when it's dave singing, despite the so-so lyrics, but why did dave bring out the backup singers? why? it was like some kind of sick joke. LIOG: I was glad to hear this one after stay, which revived the night. Boyd took control on this one, and ripped it up.  no "'till we dance away", though.  STJL: Never heard this one live before, and it was fantastic to hear.  nice intro, but otherwise pretty standard. Nancies: "...could i have been lost somewhere in Texas?" hmm...alright.  once again, boyd impressed all with the end of the song, as he always does.  this really energized the crowd, also. Crush: One of my favorites on BTCS, but it didn't work quite as well live.  there wasn't much power, and the song kind of dragged on, but it was still nice to hear.  stefan's bass amp went out at the beginning, and they had to start it over. Crash: Yup...pretty song, Dixie Chicken was awesome.  Other than that, it was Crash, and you've heard it before. The Stone: perhaps my favorite on BTCS, but needed more energy live.  wasn't too loud, but still sounded impressive.  the ending was different, too, with a guitar part, and all in all, this was a good live song. SMTS>ASTB?>Too Much:  Standard versions of the songs, but the bridge was fun to hear, i thought they were gonna get rid of it after last year. Stefans bass was phat as hell during the bridge, with distortion.  Pretty good set ending. Encore: Two Step:  I knew this one was coming, and it was beautiful.  there was a cool intro.  heard this one live quite a bit, and it's always charged up and fun to dance to.  Billies:  Well, i guess it was alright. Nature guitar intro, and then the regular song.  Nice to hear them wrap it up with an oldie, i suppose. all in all, this was a very average show, and that's that.  I'm really looking forward to the Creek, but that's two months away...(BTW, if anyone has first night tix to sell, drop me a line, i need a couple) There was some funny Dave nonsense..."Sometimes i feel like a nut...sometimes i don't!"  "...maybe i should take up the strings will break on my fucking tuba..." alright...that's all i got...
Scott K.
After driving four hours to get to this show, I was hoping for something extraordinary, but unfortunately, as Jerome said, it was a good but not great show.  Riverport doesn't compare to Deer Creek in Indy or Riverbend in Cincy, but is not as bad as Polaris in Columbus.  For a change, the crowd didn't seem to be too full of big drunken guys or Crash girls, except for the six eighth-graders next to us on the lawn.  However, the crowd ended up disappointing me since everyone danced only to the six or so songs that everyone knew.  Poi Dog Pondering, a mix between Jamiroquai, Rusted Root and some R&B soul singers, was introduced by Dave, who got a big cheer, but PDP didn't really get much through their show except when they brought out the fly-guys.  The group had talent though, as evidenced by their percussion section and violinist. I thought Dave would play PNP or Two Step as the starter, but I knew it was DDTW when he tuned his guitar.  This song really isn't that great on the CD or radio, and here it wasn't much better.  But my brother and I were glad they got it over with, so it wouldn't be the ender or an encore. Dave started off The Last Stop with some chanting and then the guys busted into it, my favorite song on BTCS.  It rocked but the crowd had some trouble getting into the groove. For about five minutes after TLS, Carter and Stefan laid down a little groove while Dave fixed his guitar and made some chit-chat with the crowd including "I hope everything is going as it should for y'all... I hope the beer is cold..." Then came Satellite, my least favorite song, and all the Crash girls got a kick out of it. Next was PNP Rapunzel, which got a big cheer at the start and included a nice jam at the end, but the funky beat threw off the crowd from really getting into it. Then came a good 15-minute long Jimi Thing.  Boyd, Leroi and Dave all got their solos in, and Boyd's was the best while Leroi's went on a bit too long.  A 13-minute Crush came next.  I was excited about this song because other reviews said it had some good jams in it like Jimi, but there was really nothing spectacular.  It seemed to drag on and get repetitive.  Dave introduced the backup singers from Poi Dog to the crowd by saying "We're going to make this song sound like it should..."  Of course, Stay was the song, and it got the crowd going pretty well.  I would have rather heard Carter do the backup though. My bro and I were aching for some non-BTCS material at this point, and we got it with Lie in Our Graves.  This song has gotten better with every tour, and it kicked ass at this show.  The show was improving... "I've got a sister..."  Finally an old song!  All 30 of us on the lawn that knew Song that Jane Likes loved it.  I thought it was a bit longer than normal, which made it all the more better.  The greatest song of all time, Dancing Nancies, came next.  One word for DN: orgasmic.  I had to get some kleenex after this one!  One little thing though- Dave said "lost somewhere in Texas..."  Too many days on the road?  While I enjoyed the post-orgasmic bliss from DN, all the Crash girls got off on, what else, Crash Into Me, which to my happiness did include Dixie Chicken. Next came the string intro to The Stone, and less people cheered for this song than Song that Jane Likes!  There is a second half to BTCS, y'all.  It was a tight version, except that Dave's guitar went a little wack again near the end. To end the show came the traditional So Much to Say -> Too Much combo.  To me ATSB is the best part of this jam, and makes both songs a lot better.  This show was no exception, with Stefan thumping away with the reverb.  The crowd loved it, and put up the best lighter display I've seen at any show for the encore. I was expecting Typical Situation, Two Step, or Tripping Billies for the encore since none were played during the show, and we got a couple kickass jams in Two Step and Billies with the Nature intro (which of course nobody recognized).  After getting home this morning at 4:30 and having to work at 8, I'm still glad I went.  Even though it wasn't a great show, it was Dave, and it was all good.  Both nights will kick ass at Deer Creek!  There are still tickets available for the second show; you all better hurry!  
Kyle O.
This has been my 5th dave show and it was so fucking good.  I'd would have never thought they would have played Jimmi thing it was the fucking bomb. The last stop was also kick ass, stay was very cool I don't why that guy was ripping on that song for, just because they brought out more heads for that song, who fucking cares, the more the merry. It was also crazy because I met Byod Tinesly at our hotel, he was in the work out room doing the stairmaster, it was really fuct up I could not believe the shit, I just gave him a pound and told him you guys are so fresh.Fuck anyone who didnt love this show, Dmb fucking rocks no matter if its old or new.  Love Love everyday thats my word, nancies crushand stone rocked so fucking much.  Peace smoke mad trees and fucking chill.
Joel F.
Five of us made the drive from Memphis (Are you ever coming back to the Home of the Blues Dave?) and the road trip was well worth it even if we didn't make it back till 4:30. I think the first review I read on this page was a little harsh. Although Dave did have major equipment problems and the band seemed to take their time between songs, it was a great night of DMB. Boyd was the highlight. Song after song, his intensity seemed a notch or two above the others. The crowd was really into it and the weather was fab. DDTW--Glad they got it over with. Good version, but am growing tired of it. Good crowd response. Last Stop--The outro was the best part. Dave really seemed out of it for these first two songs. Satellite--Old one got the crowd going, energizing the band esp. Dave PNP>Rapunzel--Very tight. Awesome jam. Jimi Thing--Unexpected, but appreciated. Roi had a lengthy solo and the jam was a highlight. We were glad for this one. Stay--I think I would have liked it better without the background vocals. LIOG--A little disappointed that he didn't finish with "Till we dance away," but otherwise great version. They were really in sync. STJL--Another surprise. Pretty standard, Carter extended the ending a little. We all love this song though. Nancies--The highlight of the evening in my opinion. Boyd was outstanding. Crush--More technical problems, with Stefan. We like this one too. Crash--All the ladies were singing along. The Stone--I think this will be a fave over the next few years. SMTS--Another sing along, but worth it. Too Much--Might have liked something else here, but still very electrified. Encore: Two Step--Again Boyd. He plucked the violin with fury. Tripping Billies--It's always better with the nature intro. Carter ended the show going nuts. We were hoping for Granny and/or #41, but we didn't have any complaints about the set list. Looking forward to Nashville.
Justin L.
Don't Drink the Water- great opener. most people were glad they got it  over with, but compared to Poi Dog, anything was better than them. The Last Stop- Wasn't happy that they played two new songs to begin the show, but they had alot of energy and make it worthwile. Satellite- nothing better than this one. this got the crowd into the show BIG TIME. i'll admit, the crowd was still sort of "out of it" and finding their seats, until teh boys started up the famous intro. that got everyone in their seats for the night! Pantala Naga Pampa -->Rapunzel- kinda wanted them to open with this opne, but it was refreshing to hear it. 3 out of 4 songs from the new album? can we say "promoting" ? Jimi Thing- average version of this one. nothing exceptionally special. Stay- thank god they didn't allow the hip hop/r&b backup singers to tour with them. this is really a great song, minus the backup. Lie In Our Graves- WOW! surprised even a seasoned fan. didn't expect this one to show up on the setlist. glad it did though. The Song That Jane Likes- finally something unreleased. i was hoping to get granny or people people out of them, but STJL was good. Dancing Nancies- wonderful version of this one. they kept us waiting, and we were well satisfied. Crush- one of the best songs off of BTCS. changed up the lyrics a bit, but still loved by DMBheads. Crash Into Me (Dixie chicken)- even people in the wheelchairs stood up to dance to this one. this song made anyone who was undecided about their feeling toward DMB a fan. The Stone- scared some people. if they were going to play a dark song, they should have intro-ed this with Halloween. So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) --> good song. better live. Too Much- lots of people wondered where this song came from. everyone around me was surprised they played this. can't say i am one of them though. Encore: Two Step- it was OK. still was wishing for granny. Tripping Billies (Nature intro)- not the best song to end on. was hoping they'd throw recently in here somewhere, guess not. I have been to many DMB shows, this was probably one of the best i've seen. some people had bad feelings because the sound was apparently low in the very back. to that i say, "MOVE THEN!"