Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone
Happy Birthday Jam for Boyd
Lie In Our Graves
The Last Stop
Too Much
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me
All Along the Watchtower

Nick K.
Wow! I am so impressed.  This show will be epic only because of the rebirth of Granny and an absolutely incredible happy birthday song for Boyd.  Jams on the new songs are tight. I can die happy after having heard Granny live.  What a rush!  Maybe "epic" was a stretch (I am still on an adrenaline high)  but this show is a must for all of you traders.  Other highlights: warehouse, i mean dido, i mean the stone, yes definitely impressive.  Disappointments: shoreline sucks.  I'm going to bed now.
T F.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOYD!!!! Unbelieveable show! The sound at Shoreline after Rapunzel was really good there was too much bass at the beginning. #41 - nice surpise...haven't seen it much this tour...hoping that Leroi would pick the flute back up for Say Goodbye :( Granny - WHHHAAAT? Where did this come from? It was great! Many people did not know this song. Nice touch... The Stone - great song live...again many people went for their seats or bathroom Stay - definately a good song live w/o the Choir singing... Watchtower - what can you say? great ender to a great concert!
Paul A.
This being my 19th show and my wife's 5th, we were both very excited for this show!  The gods of weather smiled upon us tonight because not only did it not rain, it was not too cold either.  Dave came on about 8:15 with a Pantala open into a TIGHT Rapunzel.  Then led into a better than average Two Step.  #41 was amazing with 'Roi taking the lead for an awesome solo toward the end.  Dave then pulled the first Granny out for this tour(I suppose instead of True Reflections---Kind of a bummer!) But nonetheless it still rocked, although no one around us knew what tune it was.  I went to the bathroom for Dont Drink the Water---the end was cool, though.  Crush just grooved with a Boyd/'Roi solo exchange, which led into a really cool The Stone--not as intense as the album, but excellent in it's own right.  then before what we knew what was going on.....Dave kicked off a Happy Birthday tune for Boyd...did anyone know it was his birthday?  Then Dave let Boyd shine on Lie In Our Graves...Outstanding!  This moved into Last Stop...WOW! Totally intense!  Pig kind of slowed things down a bit, but they kept it moving with Too Much and then a ROCKIN Stay..Dave does the background part better than the Gospel singer do!  Typical Situation was much better this year with 'Roi really going for it.  A standard Tripping Billies closed the set with a middle of the road Crash as the first encore.  But then a great bass solo from Stefan led into a mind blowing Watchtower. Overall a top five show for me...much better than the Shoreline & Concord shows from last year.
Brian H.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYD!!!! Just sat through a huge accident and a closed major freeway, but the show was great!!! The whole band was on fire and the night was perfect.  PNP - great intro..  love this thing.  violin sounded a tad out of tune. Rapunzel - sounded great.  band seemed to relax. How do you dance to a 5?? 2-step - sounded good.  Got everyone dancing. Granny - YES!!!  haven't heard it live in a while.  most people didn't know what it was. DDTW- didn't listen - bathroom break Crush - long long jam at the end.  Carter went off!!! The Stone -  i love this tune.  Sounded great with just boyd. Boyd did a little solo thing when someone brought out a birthday cake.. Dave and the boys played while 20,000 people sang happy birthday to boyd.  he hugged all the guys after. Boyd was on fire for Lie in our graves.  Definitely the highlight on the night. Dave did a little egyptian thing into..  The Last Stop.  sounded good. Pig was great.  They jammed forever to Typical..    Stephan got our of the corner and did a little solo in the beginning..  Crash into me was played with his acoustic - thank God.  All Along the Watchtower was a great closer as usual.. Great show!!  Can't wait until the next one.
Cory S.
This was an excellent show.  Sound was excellent from about 12 rows from the stage.  All five of the boys were on, especially the birthday boy Boyd.  The first beautiful suprise was #41.  Boyd was incredible here.  If getting a #41 wasn't enough, we were treated to Granny, which was great as always.  After The Stone, Boyd started what seemed to be a new jam.  The rest of the guys took over and a cake was brought out.  The jam turned into a jazzy "Happy Birthday to Boyd Tinsley."  Typical Situation allowed all to show off, especially a plucking Boyd in a long jam at the end.  Billies was a nice closer before the encore.  I expected Crash and got it, I guess they have to play some off the radio songs.  Watchtower closed, new bass effects from Stefan to begin it.  Very cool.  All in all, it was a great show.  The only song that they did not play that I hoped for was Warehouse, but I'll live.
Kanoa M.
It was incredible!  It's almost like there are no words to explain how GREAT this band is.  They can send you so far out, that it feels like it is impossible to ever come back.  They can jam like no other band can.  Together they play bringing each note higher and higher.  Dave Matthews is good for the heart and soul.  The whole place was full of such good energy, it was like heaven.  Keep his music playing in your soul and live a good life!
Jared O.
WOW! What an amazing show. Even though this has only been my third show, it is definitely my favorite. The whole band complimented each other nicely the whole night long. I really like Shoreline, and even though I had lawn seats, I had a pretty damn good view! Plus, I was armed with my binoculars. The setlist was awesome: PNP/Rapunzel -- I figured they were going to open up with this one, I'm not complaining, I'd rather hear this that a 20-minute long Jimi. Two Step -- They did an awesome job on this one (as usual). Boyd plucked away at his violin while I was just tapping my foot to it. It looked really awesome from the lawn when the lights were shining on the audience, and when the "Celebrate we will.." part was going, everyone was dancing around. Very Cool! #41 -- I was extremely happy to hear this one! And WOW, did they do a fantastic job. Granny -- WOO HOO!!!!!! I could not believe it, Dave was already singing "Hello, how are you doing today.." and I still thought I was dreaming. This was the first time I've ever seen this song live, and it is awesome. Don't Drink the Water -- I don't care what anyone says, this song kicks ass! Very awesome job! Crush -- I knew this one was coming, but I did not expect it right after DDTW. I got SO happy when Stefan started in with his intro. The jam in the middle of this, I have to say, as the best jam of the entire evening. The Stone -- This song was just straigh-out awesome. Dave did an excellent job on his intro. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYD!!!! -- I really didn't expect Dave to do this, because Boyd's b'day was the day before, but I'm really glad I saw it. By the way, Dave, if you're not busy on August 12... LIOG -- I will always love this song, live or on Crash! Boyd took center stage, and he deserved it, he was awesome! The Last Stop -- This song scared the crap out of me! Dave and Stefan just had a nice soft intro, at that time I thought it was going to be Minarets, then...BOOM!!!!!!!! On came the intro to Last Stop. YESSSSSS Pig - My favorite song overall of DMB's! Extremely pleased to hear it! Too Much -- Not too impressed. Just the same 'ol song. Stay - Yes, get rid of those damn backup singers! I thought this was going to be the closing song, but... Typical Situation -- an awesome version, I like the little thing that Boyd, Dave, and Stefan were doing. Billies -- This song makes me say "Ants what?" Now I knew this was the closing song. Carter, you are amazing Crash -- ok, nothing new. Watchtower -- Love Stefan's intro! Always a great song to end the evening with. All in all, an excellent show. Taj Mahal was nothing great. Bela was playing in San Francisco that night, and I was just hoping for him to come out during DDTW, but no. I will NEVER forget last night!
Nigel H.
All things considered, a great show.  This band is not getting stale.  Stefan took center stage twice for two longs solos, once doing a slide thing with his bass, both times making it sound like a wailing electric guitar.  They jammed the hell out of Typical and Watchtower, with Boyd using violin to make a new sound that also sounded close to a guitar. Rapunzel, Lie In Our Graves, and Crush were when they were at their best to me; I could have gone without DDTW and Too Much, but they still rocked. Granny was a suprise- everyone around me was wished they knew where to get this song.  The birthday song was a nice moment.  This will be a dynamite bootleg, since a lot of songs were substantially altered and jammed on. Typical sounded like a wonderful mutation of its former self.  Sometimes I felt they jammed too long- I love the extra improvisation, but it meant a shorter setlist, which is a downside.  Another minor gripe: only one song off UTTAD.  I guess they are tired of the old stuff.  But no worries, still a powerful show.  Celebrity sighting: the radio this morning said that Chelsea Clinton was at the show with her boyfriend, and that they displayed much affection for each other during the encore of Crash Into Me.  None of our business, but amusing nonetheless.
Dan L.
Good show.  Highlights were definitely Typical Situation (jam of the night with Boyd getting funky), The Stone (great jam, little bit different than CD, going to be a great song for years), and Lie in Our Graves (pretty much the best song of the show for the last few times I've seen them).  Some jams, especially newer ones, were a bit stale, and they didn't extend enough songs into crazy sessions.  As my buddy Statton put it best "Playing at Shoreline is like trying to cook for a bunch of people" - it's just tough to present your best stuff.
Frank H.
The best part of the concert is seeing how much fun Dave is having. Dave's little grin pops up between every song and every song captures the great friendship he has with his band members. 20,000 people singing Happy Birthday must have made Boyd's night because in the very next song, he turned in an inspiring performance that made "Lie in Our Graves" the highlight of the show. "Crush" is the best song on the new album and a thrilling to see live. "41" us a lyrical masterpiece that set the tone for the entire show. "Crash" had every couple making out and "Two Step" had the audience dancing with everybeat and singing the wonderful chorus. For anyone that had doubts about the new album, Dave's performance makes you want to listen to this album for the rest of your life! The only person who had a better time at this concert than I did, was Dave & co. Awesome.
Joe N.
Great Show. Similar to the Gorge show at the beginning and end, but it was a good mix of songs. The highlight for me was when Dave visually acknowledged my "#41" sign, and then the band proceeded to play it. Fortunately, I had 11th row seats, and my seat just happened to be right next to the PA stack, so I have a great recording of the show. GRANNY! I knew there was a chance of hearing it when they played it during soundcheck... they also played Recently before the show. The birthday jam for Boyd was cool... took me a while to figure out what was happening. For the encore, Crash was expected. Then, Stefan really took off in Watchtower... it was really excellent. Finally, Stefan is getting some time in the spotlight... well deserved time. He's probably one of the most undernoticed bassists around. Anyway, all in all, great show. Good tape. I'll be there next year.
Roger D.
WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW!!! The boys were really on tonight.  Many comments like the ones above, but nobody mentioned the awesome bass solo on Two Step. Stephan busted out the harmony Dave usually sings, but the special thing was that he did it with a slide.  Pretty rad!  Granny was awesome, and I really enjoyed stay (like everyone else says, with out the background singers). Watchtower was a fabulous song to end on.  Dave was doing his dance all through the night too.  That was really entertaining too.  Really a great preformance all around, but especially Boyd... He was an animal! His birthday jam was awesome.  I hope the show in Irvine is just as good =).
Randy F.
This will be only my 2nd DMB experience (the first was at the 11th Annual Bridge Benefit).  Overall it was a great show.  I probably would have liked it better if my seats were closer, the Shoreline has good sound but a terrible volume problem if you want to sit on the lawn.  Anyways the night was well worth it.  My girlfriend and I arrived at 1:30 so we could get the best of our pathetic lawn seats. oh wel (at least I got to hear the soundcheck, they even played Recently)l.  The opening band was pretty good, but I got the feeling the crowd was either mocking them, ignoring them, or off getting beer.  They would be more suited in a small theatre.  Dave came on to introduce them and talked about what an honor it was to have them there.  Near the second to last song of the opening band, Dave walked onstage with a cake to wish the lead siner a happy birthday.  On to the songs: Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel - not my favorite song, it kind of lacked the energy since people were still taking their seats. Two Step - when I heard this song at the Bridge show, I was blown away, this time . . . so so, again, didn't have the energy. #41 - great song with a lot of killer jams Granny - I first heard this song on the Virtual Concert web page, awesome, a good substitute for Jimi Thing DDTW - WOW, they really got into it, great jam at the end Crush - ok, I guess, they messed up a couple times The Stone - great song but still sounds too much like Warehouse Boyd B-day Jam/LIOG - Boyd got a kick out of this, cause he kicked ass on LIOG, a wicked solo. Last Stop - They started with some psychadelic drums stuf then suddenly turned the lights on the crowd and blew their way through this, awesome Pig - alot better live, nuf said Too Much - sounded like they turned the PA way up just for this song, the whole audience got into it. Stay - cool, missed the choir girls Typical Situation - LONG, with lots of neat jams Tripping Billies - my favorite, awesome way to close a show enc: Crash into Me - I love this song, don't get me wrong, I just wasn't in the mood, lousy song to follow Billies Watchtower - I was waiting for this, Stefan did some weird base stuff before hand, great version, but the Boyd jam in the middle seemed kinda quirky just picking his violin, oh well.