Dave Matthews Band
Walker Theater, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Groove Collective
Jimi Thing
True Reflections
Crash Into Me
The Stone
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Dancing Nancies
The Last Stop
Tripping Billies
For the Beauty of Wynona
Don't Drink the Water
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Typical Situation
Two Step

Cory J.
The show was prime. Opened with a long Jimi Thing. They played True Reflections and For the Love of Wynona---I loved this song from Red Rocks last year, they did a killer Dancing Nancies, So Much to say was perfect. They played Carsh into Me ----the whole crowd went nuts. When they palyed the new stuff, the crowd didn't seem to know it, Crush and the Stone were amazing, Stone was good. I am sorry I don't have the full setlist. The venue was intimate and small and the first row was 10 feet away from the stage. Dave kept breaking strings which was funny to watch him just keep whalin away. His voice was still a bit rough, but still kept going. I would have liked to see Leroi and Stefan get more in the spotlight, they seemed to just hide on the sides. Groove Collective were way cool. The crowd was mainly about half US and half Canadian. Crowd just grooved and everybody was mellow. This was my fifth show and I think it was the my best overall experience. Customs were not the best and detained us for close to an hour asking what we were doing and all that crap. Red Rocks in 2 weeks, enjoy your summer!!!
Scott S.
Great show by the boys...It was great to see Beauty of Wynona in the set again..I had seen it last year at Jones Beach and they improved the version a little...Typical Situation was great and Two Step was a surprise closer...If you have gone to any of the Canada shows the songs have been played the same ways as always so far this tour...The best song for me of the night was Stay..Dave went nuts..
Nick B.
The show was electrifying.  The opening with Jimi Thing was the best I have ever heard them play.  They jammed out on it for a good ten minutes before an excellent performance of Stay.  You could tell that most of the crowd was unfamiliar with the new material.  They played Rupunzel, The Last Stop, Don't Drink the Water, Stay and Crush off of BTCS.  Having listened non-stop to the disc since its release, I was probably more familiar with the material than most in attendence.  But the rest of the crowd seemed to really enjoy it, especially Crush.  The venue made the concert.  Capacity was 1600 people and there was not a bad seat in the house.  It was an old theater with plenty of character, and Dave and the boys brought the roof down. I can die a happy man.  If you have a chance to see them on the spring tour, DO SO.  All of the venues are reletively small and the show was extremely personal.  LONG LIVE DMB!!!!!!!
Ryan B.
Me and my girlfriend drove from St. Cloud, MN to see this show.  I have been to two other Dave concerts (one in Minneapolis and one at Summerfest in Wisconsin.  I got all the discs so far and have been a fan for about 4 years.  We got to Winnipeg and right away I knew we were in for something special because Dave's bus was parked outside of our hotel. We went to the mall to get some liquer (I was surprised to know that you could buy beer in a mall).  Anyways, on the way out of the store my girlfriend leaned over to me and said,"wow, that guy kinda looks like Dave Matthews."  The instant I looked over I knew it was him.  I calmly walked over to him and said,"Dave?"  He turned around and shook my hand. I asked him for an autograph and he did it happily.  I got a picture with him after talking to him for about 5 minutes and then left the mall.  The concert was the best I've ever been to.  I've never seen Dave with the amount of enthusiasm as he had in this show.  Boyd was also very active.  My dreams came true when I met Dave.  This was a weekend that I will never forget.