Dave Matthews Band
The Gorge Amphitheatre, Seattle, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Jimi Thing
Don't Drink the Water
The Song That Jane Likes
Dancing Nancies
For the Beauty of Wynonna
Typical Situation
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Tripping Billies
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
All Along the Watchtower

Shannon S.
This is it!!!! The Gorge show ala Shannon and Robin =) Personal comments denoted by the S: or R: so hang on and enjoy cuz surely we did =) Can you say roadtrip??? Well, we sure can, but definitely worth the 7 hours it took each way =) R:Oh yeah.. definitely worth it.. even if we *did* have to listen to Crush 20 times through, at the insistence of the *boys*!!! Next time girls get the front seats! S:The Gorge Amphitheater has to be one of the most spectacular venues in the U.S. It would be sacrilege to even mention the names of any of the venues I've been to in the same breath as The Gorge Amphitheatre. If you ever have the opportunity to see a show there, go go GO!!! We're talking about a high desert, mountainous landscape complete with endless vista views. "Breathtaking" is the only word which could even come close to description. We lucked out on the weather, which most of you know is notoriously wet this time of year, blue sky and huge fluffy white clouds. Sunshine 'o plenty =) We were hanging out waiting for Taj Mahal to go on when we all spotted a huge airplane circling towards us from the comes in close to the rim of the canyon and starts tipping its wings back and forth. I swear, it was so close you felt like you could reach up and touch it! Taj Mahal...yeah, okay just not my "style" of musician, but a lot of folks were into it "Down Home Girl" babee! =) Setlist with comments: S:I'm thinking that the best way to describe this show is--> EvErY song was a jam song with the exception of Wynonna. Pantala Naga--> S: Such a nice welcome to the wonderful universe of the DMB concert. Rapunzel R: Rapunzel kicked my ass !!! Really got the crowd rolling. Can anyone say "Open wide"?? Two Step S: Dave's just a Dancin' fool =) R: Boyd was a powerhouse here! He set the stage for the whole night! =) Jimi-thing R: Roi going nuts. Stefan and Boyd face-off --- very good jam. DDTW S: I have to say that this is probably my least favorite from BTCS , but live, damn... it rocks rocks rocks! Crush S: ohhhhh ahhhhhh just like fireworks =) swoon, swoon... R:  loved the way Boyd and Roi Played to each other. The Song That Jane Likes S: Tight, beautiful.... R: My first! I was  just amazed.... very happy to hear it on our setlist Nancies S: Unexpected and ever a pleasure to listen to...watching Dave and Boyd dancin' around each other center stage...intense!! R: I called it the "dosie doe".... So cool the way they work together as musicians! For The Beauty Of Wynonna S: Beautiful song, had the opportunity to hear it last summer, really enjoyed the slow,deep, moodiness of it. Typical Situation S: Yet another jam...Dave dancin' dancin' woooohooooo! "My pants are fallin' down, better do some horizontal" =) R: A total jam... and Dave just doing his "crazy" dance! Stone--> S: Ohhhh yeahhhh, I really like this song...and for all you "don't sing at MY concert Nazi's" Get a life, i even sang the unwritten verse =) DIDO S:This song just jams live. 'Nuff said =) R: I'd like to say that Dave's comments about being the "first show of their official US tour " was cool. Dave just loves the Gorge and it's very apparent! S: Also Davespeak saying," We're all just here havin' a good time...Some of us having a little smoke, getting high....just having a good time. Maybe having a BEEEER ... just havin' a good time". =) Stay S: Love this song, but kept listening and hoping for the back up singers =) R: But Carter does a great job as back-up! too cool! =) S: *nod, nod* Tripping Billies Last Stop--> R: I was curious as to how this would sound in a live format...wondered how they were ever going to achieve the textures that come through on the album, but no worries...tons of boyd and roi=) S: I'm calling it the Pantala outro because it just feels like the ending to the welcome at the beginning of the album. Soothing, beautiful. Halloween S: knew this was on the way when Carter started doing his awesome solo=) Also, "little chicken-eyes open and staring up at me" verse. R; MY FIRST LIVE HALLOWEEN!!!! I was  psyched! At first I thought it was gonna be SG, and then Carter went wild... wow!!!! and after the song we had the little Davespeak about "Politicians need to listen to music a little more... if they did we wouldn't have the problems we do today (sic}" Very nice =) Encore: Crash w/ Dixie Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was my first DMB concert even though I've been a fan for awhile.  I was so anxious to get there early (with my GA ticket), I came four hours before the gates even opened and there weren't many people there yet.  It was really cool to "encounter" Dave while he was at the 107.7's  Backstage Barbecue.  (By the way, if anyone who went happened to pick up a finished roll of film, that'd be mine.  Please contact me!)  While Taj Mahal & the Phantom Blues Band played wonderfully, I saw Boyd,  Leroi, and a couple of roadies flying a kite behind the tour buses!  When DMB came out, Dave did a huge Davejump.  At first, with Pantala, I was kinda worried this would end up sounding just like BTCS or something, so I was happy to hear some of their older stuff.   On Jimi Thing, Leroi just jammed!  Boyd was particularly great on Dancing Nancies.  I was SO surprised and happy  to hear Wynonna, and you could tell almost  no one had any idea what that was.  Dave started doing some funky moves during Drive In/Drive Out.  Before Stay, he mentioned how glad he was to be back in the Stated.  When he kept on singing, "Makes me wanna STAY!", I wanted to stay.  Tripping Billies had the "sad version"'s intro.  At the "look, look up at the sky", we all pointed to the beautiful one above us.  The Last Stop had the outro from the very end of BTCS.  Carter did a nice drum solo into Halloween.  Dave had some good screams, but not full force.  Crash Into Me was the first encore that "goes out to Dean Karr who's in the house".  It came complete with "be my dixie chicken and I'll be your Tennessee lamb".  All Along the Watchtower was a great ending for a pumped, but shivering audience.  All in all, this concert was a good first for me, with more to come.
Zach J.
This is my third time seeing DMB at the Gorge, so I already expected an amazing show.  I won't even go into the massive traffic problems related to getting there, nor will I bother with getting angry with the obnoxiously drunk people in my immediate area.  I just tried not to let them bother me. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel - Great opener.  The band came out with tons of energy, and it showed.  Leroi had a great sax jam to end out this one. Two Step - Stefan had some really great slide bass playing in the intro to this one.  I love Dave's vocal solo at the end of the song.  Jimi Thing - DAMN!!! This one clocked in at fifteen minutes of great jamming.  Instead of the normal version, Dave sang, "To make me feel fucked up for a small time."  Big crowd response on that one.  Boyd never ceases to amaze me.  The man flat out wails. DDTW and Crush, though really great to hear live, were not a whole lot different than the album. TSJL - Wow, I really didn't expect to hear this one.  They played this last year at the Gorge.  Such a happy song ... Dancing Nancies - One Word - BOYD!!! For The Beauty of Wynona - I wasn't familiar with this song, save for the one time I heard it on a tape of my friends, but I definately dug it.  I liked the distortion on the guitar, gives it a dark feeling. Typical Situation - Great version with the funky jam in the middle.  The whole place was a-rockin. Stone - Really a great song that I didn't appreciate enough until I saw this version of it.  It just works really well live, and it provides a great segue to ... DIDO - Lots of fun being had on stage.  The boys were in rare form tonight, and you could hear it in the tunes Stay - No R&B chicks definately helps out the song.  Its a fun, happy song that is most groovable. Tripping Billies - The intro fooled a few people, but it was great to hear this song, especially following Stay, everyone was having a great old time (except for that guy I saw go out on the stretcher) Last Stop - I think this might have been the original ender of the show, but dave wanted to go on.  This was the best live song from the new album.  I love the middle eastern vibe, and they played it flawlessly.  The ended with the outro to the album. Halloween - Never seen this live, and boy does it rock.  Dave seemed to be whipping himself up into a frenzy.  It followed a great solo by Badass drummer himself, Carter Beauford on the Drums! Carter Beauford on the Drums! Encore: Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) - I told myself I didn't want to hear them play this song.  I thought it was so cool that these guys could go out and play what they wanted to, and not have to be confined to the radio songs.  All that went out the door when I heard the song.  Such an amazing song.  There's a reason why everyone likes it . . . It really deserves to be a popular song. Watchtower - I dug the jazzier feel to this song. Both Stefan and Boyd made noises that I have never heard come out of their respective instruments.  This really is a great way to end the show, with teh abrupt ending. That's the show, except for the one great piece of Davespeak (I'll try to get it right):  "I wish we could have all the politicians just come out here and hang out.  Mybe then things wouldn't be so fucked up.  I mean, we're not doing anything wrong here.  Maybe some people gettin high ... some people drinking some beers."  Or something to that effect.
Kyle S.
Alright, this was my 4th DMB show, but I really felt that for this show, the band should be called the Boyd Tinsley Band (BTB), because his Wheaties were laced with something that morning.  He went off on pretty much every song that was jammable.  The show was so cool.  I got to the Gorge with GA ticket in tow 7 hrs before the gates even opened.  We had to listen to this God-awful band while in line called Dana A--something Band.  This was music literally painful to listen to.  Anyway, I wouldn't have minded them being there, but they played over Boyd Tinsley Band's soundcheck.  I heard bits of Stay, DDTW, and Recently.  I figured they'd play Recently because of that, but I suppose I was wrong.  For those who get to see Taj Mahal, you're so damn lucky.  He was fabulous!  Except for the girls behind me trying to start a "We want Dave" chant.  Dave came out to introduce Taj Mahal, saying what an honor it was to have Taj there, which was classy of him.  I suppose in a perfect musical world, Dave would be opening for Taj.  Taj came out in a bright pink Hawaiian shirt, a big straw hat, and shades with bright green lenses.  He looked like George Clinton on vacation in Bermuda.  It was precious! From the GA section during the set,you could see Dave walking around backstage, and Leroi and Boyd flying a kite with the roadies over the cliffs of the Columbia River. Dave started the show coming out jumping as high into the air as I've ever seen, and said how great it was to be back in the states, and kick off the American portion of the tour here.  Said something about the beauty of the place and how lucky we were to have it and the great weather.  Not a lot of Davespeak throughout the night other than that. The highlights for me were Dancing Nancies, mostly because Boyd kicked the crap out of his fiddle, and Wynnona except everybody used that song as a bathroom break.  DDTW and Crush were absolutely fantastic live. Crush had a jam at the end I'd never heard before, and it was one of the cooler jams of the evening.  Also, during Last Stop, he put in the lyrics to the 'hidden' track at the end of BTCS. Tripping Billes  Halloween was the most unexpected song of the evening, and Carter went off at the beginning.  It was incredible.  While waiting for the encore, one of the same girls from behind me started saying that she would ask for her money back if she didn't hear Crash.  One of the most-unappreciative comments I've ever heard.  When they finally played it, it got a huge pop from the crowd, but not really the teeny-bopper type pop you'd expect. The Boyd Tinsley Band ended the show with Watchtower, which was REALLY unexpected to me, since they had so many radio songs left.  The same girls behind me started chanting for Satellite, which almost made me lose my cool.  Do you really expect them to end the show with Satellite? Boyd had a pluck solo during Watchtower, which was fantastic and something I'd never heard before. All in all, the show was fabulous.  The crowd was suprisingly great, with the exceptions of the girls behind me.  I was amazed at how many people were there, more than 20,000 was what I was told by the head of security. Apparantly we set a Gorge record for biggest audience.  The venue is designed for 15,000 max, so we have something to be proud of.  I think Bob Dylan's breaking the record the next night though. I was satisfied with the show, especially since he only played 2 radio songs!  Stay was in my opinion the best song of the night, plus the crowd was in the best mood during that part.  My watch said he played from something like 9:10-11:55, which made me happy.  Almost 3 hrs. Would've liked to see Recently, but I heard it during the soundcheck, so I was ok.  Hope to hear from others who went too.  Later!
Tyler B.
Sooooo much better than the vancouver show. The drive from Vancouver was quite a while, but more than worth it. Dan hooked us up w/ 9th row, so mad props to Dan. Teresa, is this an all ages show? The Venue: Amazing! You've got to go to understand. So beautiful w/ the most spectacular view from the top of the grass, but I was enjoying my 9th row seats, so it didn't matter too much. Taj Mahal: This guy is a legend and it was obvious. So much energy, couldn't help but groove. Would love to see him on his own. Dave came out and did a little jump and it was obvious this was going to be a great show. Pantala=>Rapunzel: Same opener as Vancouver, but way more energy. Two Step: I love this song; so fun to dance to. They've played this song every show so far this tour, notice no has complained? It's because it's so damn good. Jimi Thing: Insane. 12-15 minutes. Dave fucked it up though, and did the "sit back, relax, smoke my mind..." part twice. It meant Boyd got two solos so it was cool. Don't Drink The Water: We listened to Leave Me Praying on the way to the show and I personaly like LMP better, but it's growing on. Especially seeing it live. Oh yeah, the first 4 songs took 45 min, since that was when Dan had to flip sides of the tape. Crush: Stephan!!! Oh my gawwwwd!!! This song is soooo awesome live. Just unbelievable. TSTJL: "I have a little sister named Jane...(Oh my god, could it be?)...AND THIS IS THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES" Was great to hear. An old favorite that not everyone knew. Very cool. Dancing Nancies: Highlight of the night. Best Nancies, I've ever heard (from 50+ shows on tape & the 2 I've seen). Boyd was on fire. It just went on forever. At "look up at the sky", looked up and saw the stars. Damn the Gorge is a nice venue. Wynona: Anyone else think the begining sounds a little like Blue Water?? Very mellow, was a good point to sit after an hour of hard groovin' Typical: Nice jam. Only song really where Roi was apparant. The Stone: Not a fan of this song. It's too much like a climax that never comes. Although it did lead into..... Drive In Drive Out: New lyrics!!! Was cool to see Dave making lyrics up as he went. The 2nd & 3rd verse were completely different and boil my head turned into boil my brain. Stay: This is a very fun summery song. Carter was pretty cool on backgrund vocals. And Dave didn't fuck up like in Vancouver. Last Stop: This song is awesome, but I hope they can get a Minarets=>Last Stop segue, it woulkd totally fit. Billies: Boyd!!! Halloween: Ahhh yeah! Wicked drum solo by Carter at the begining. gotta wonder how long Dave's voice'll last if they do this one a lot though. Encore: Crash Into Me: I'm sure the girls behind us came just for this song. Was nice to hear. Watchtower: Hmmmm....awesome version, love boyd's plucking, but woulda loved to hear Ants or Warehouse, but killer version nonetheless. Only question...where was Roi?? He wandered off behind the stage a couple times and didn't really shine on too many songs. Boyd on the other hand was on fire the whole night! Dave was dancing and jumping around havin' a good ole time. Dan & Teresa, cool to get to know you, you were great company. Ada (& other nancies), sorry I never found you :( Until the Texas & Virginia (can you say roadtrip?) shows in August....
Nathan A.
Every song kicked some serious ass!  I have seen them 3 times now and every time Jimi Thing rocks with a different version.  Boyd was all night long stompin' Rapunzal is my favorite song off the new album and it was great to here at a large venue Two Step was a little better at Vancouver on the 13th, but this one was unbeilivable too Like I said I have heard three different live versions of Jimi Thing and every time it amazes me even more Don't Drink the Water was wierd, Dave did it a little different Crush, Unbeilievable passion, the whole crowd was hitting on the Upside down line The song That Jane Likes is one of my personal favorites, the lyrics really hit me Dancing Nancies, another crowd pleaser one of best concert songs, album version dosen't do it justice For the Beauty of Wynnona,it was cool, Dave seemed to be into it even if a lot of the crowd didn't know it Typical Situation, the whole band ripped it up, best version I have ever heard The stone, didn't like it much until I heard it in concert, now its cool! Drive In Drive Out, absolutley love the instrumental at the end of this song, Dave rules the world!!!! Stay, I think this song is better without the background vocals, Dave fucked it up in Vancouver, this one was awsome! Tripping Billies:  The people love it, the peoplie love it, always a nice one to hear, this one was the best ever though! The Last Stop:  Really got into this one, Dave I love his howelling! Halloween:  Much better live Crash Into Me, well for all the wanta be DMB fans this was a treat! Watchtower, was unbielievable, Carter was the shit on his drum solo
Marcus G.
Dave has such an amazing power of total emotional control and debilitation of all your troubles. If in my perfect world I could be trapped in one place for the rest of my life it would be @ the Gogre with Dave. I think that the leap onto the stage said it all to me. it was like Dave was coming home. He was an excited kid coming to play for us. this being my 4th show I was kind of indifferent to seeing him when I bought my ticket so many months ago. i knew the new album was coming out sometime but i didn't quite know when. But as the show approached and i heard the album(100 times better than crash or uttd) I knew I was in for an aural treat. It seems as if you don't appreciate dave enough until you see him in concert again. and although this wasn't as good as my first it still rocked my ass hard. An amazing show on an amazing night under the stars at the beautiful breathtaking Gorge. Thank you dave for my new appreciation of life.