Dave Matthews Band
E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Jimi Thing
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone
True Reflections
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Lie In Our Graves
Tripping Billies
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge)-->
Too Much

Levi T.
Another great show by the boys.  Dave's voice sounded like it did on Remember 2 Things.  Dave's patented foot dance was out in full force and Boyd went out on the front of the stag and jammed for a while during a song as the crowd went wild.  Kind of dissapointed that they  didn't play more from R2T, but the new stuff sounded great. Pantala Naga Pampa-->Rapunzel:  Great way to start the show off.  Big, loud, excellent jam at the end with every playing off each other and having a  great time. Two Step: As said before, a couple lines of new lyrics.  Boyd playing his violin like a guitar picking away the mostly album-like Two Step with the line "Things we cannot change." Jimi Thing: Grand fifteen minute version with tons of jamming. Don't Drink The Water: Nothing unusual here, but a great version. Stay: Good version with just Dave and Carter singing. Satellite: As usual great response from the crowd, but nothing special. The Stone: Many people took a bathroom break, but missed out on a great song.  The people that stayed sat or did a slow groove with their woman. True Reflections: Great to hear a song that is not played too often. Boyd stole the show on this one with great vocals and a killer jam. Crush: Nice version, but the jamming made it great.  Boyd and Roi were facing each other grooving and trading solos with each other.  Boyd would let his violin rip then Roi would turn his lungs inside out on the flute. The Last Stop: Great intensity everybody was groovin'.  The stops and sudden starts were tearing down the house. Great lights on this song. Crash Into Me: Nice song, but it was time for a refill of my Dew; got back in time hear the Dixie Chicken outro. Lie In Our Graves: As always there was a great jam in the middle, nice to hear Dave getting in some jam time along with everyone else. Tripping Billies: Nice new intro that threw everybody.  But great response when they started. Encore: So Much To Say: Radio version.  Carter was tearing it up. A.S.T.B.--> crowd didn't know what was going on. Too Much: Nice version with some jamming and Carter was awesome. Wrap Up: Great show, but would have liked to hear more old songs, especially Recently.  Where is Warehouse, One Sweet World, and many other good songs. I think it's about time to bring back Proudest Monkey. The Encore was kind of weak, I wish they would have played Halloween.
Coby C.
well, this was my 7th dmb show and the first of this tour.  i really like the new songs live.  i have been reading that 2 step and jimi thing were becoming standards, and it looks like that might continue for a while.  no warehouse, but true reflections and lie in our graves were great.  the e-center is the new hockey rink in salt lake city, and the sound is much better than the damn delta center, which is still the worst place to see a concert if you want to enjoy the music. rapunzel is a nice way to get the show started.  i love boyd's part in 2 step. jimi thing was about 16min.  pretty good.  dave makes great faces. don't drink was nothing spectacular. stay was pretty cool.  dave brought back satellite for the 15 yr old girls. the stone is one of the best new ones live.  true reflections is awesome.  i like dave's background "inspiration" crush is my fav from the new record, but needs a little more energy live.  when stefan kicked in though, i was happy. the last stop is simply loud and kicks a lot of ass.  crash was nice.  that and satellite battled for the crowd pleaser.  you be my dixie chicken... tripping billes... like the american express card... they never play a show without it. surprising encore w/ smts and too much.  i liked it, although the jam could have been longer in between.  great show.  wish i was going to red rocks with my friends who followed the tour bus there tonight.  we saw dave and stefan in there as we were driving on the freeway.  we gave 'em a honk, dave gave us a wave.  good night.
Zakari F.
this was quite the occasion for me...being my fiance's first show and big ol' #10 for me, we both had a great time, and i got to do a lot of my cheezy "explanations" as to what was actually going on up there. the tecnical side of the show:  the new system changes were quite interresting.  i really liked the 9X9 crowd strobe at the top of the rack that they had last year, but the "dish" (as ali called it) was a good addition.  the only problem with it is the vibrating light canisters set off by the kick and bass amps.  actually, i thought it was kind of neat. :-) since i am a classical musician at heart, i tend to enjoy the indoor concerts more for the simple reason that boyd seems to fight a 2 hour battle with intonation at outdoor venues (cold air does that to ya...).  i was very impressed with the overall sound coming from the violin this time...nice job boyd. yea...i'm a sax player, so i tend to listen to roi constanly.  i was lucky enough to meet him last tour in vancouver, b.c. and talked horns with him for a bit.  i could definately tell that there were some technical difficulties on his part though.  the salt-rich air in slc tends to warp and dry out reeds, and roi seemed to be switching and adjusting every chance he got.  he also spent a lot of time in front of the tuner.  this is also the first show i've seen that moore is using the remote flute mic.  sounds good...would like to find out what kind it is. the tech team was out 2 or 3 times looking at stephan's amp.  was there a problem?  sounded fine to me. i took a bathroom break during satellite and snuck into the far-right seating area behind the monitor board.  saw the b&w monotors for the new "carter cam." pretty neat! ok...i'm done picking apart every last "who cares" detail of the show.  heres my list. p.n.p.-->rapunzel:  i always make bets on what the opening song will be.  ali won...and i'm glad she did.  an obviously great opening for the new tour.  i think roi likes this song...the end gets really jazz-based and he tends to toy around w/ carter. kind of a "catch me if you can" aproach.  very impressed. 2 step:  boyd was great!  love dave's new lines, but other than that the band stayed calm.  love carter and roi's deep 16th note hits at the end. jimi thing:  am i praising roi too much?  probably not...this was the saxophone highlight of the night for me...great solo...threw the batman lick in there. d.d.t.w.:  pretty standard.  a lot like the album.  i found out after the show that bela and the f'tones jammed w/ them 2 days before...would have loved to see that. stay:  probably my favorite song from the new album.  did dave forget the second verse?  satellite:  i heard the first 3 notes, and the crowd drowned out the rest of the intro.  this was my "bathroom and beer" song, and i think it always will be. the stone:  i really like the chorus of this song.  i'm almost sad to say that almost everyone around me mistook the intro to be D.I.D.O.  steffan kicked it into high gear on this song.  true reflections:  last time i heard this song, dave didn't sing the harmonies w/ boyd.  an all-around cool song. crush:  finally...i've been waiting for steffan to open up a bit.  he really grooves on this song.  it almost bugs me that, even with a remote flute mic, roi still hides at stage right when soloing...boyd even went over to try and coax him out, but it didn't work.  this in no way took away from an amazing flute/violin solo.  roi tends to be more be-bop oriented on his flute than anything else...odd. last stop:  i really love the gypsy minor progression in contrast to the major chorus.  the intro was really classic...reminded me of somthing dave would do @ the dave/tim shows crash into me:  my other "bathroom and beer" song.  i've never really had much to say about this one. l.i.o.g.:  always a great jam song.  carter's diversity on the hi hats makes sure that this song never gets boring. tripping billies:  my favorite all time dmb song.  great closer!  boyd and dave face off more this tour...great!!! s.m.t.s. (bridge)-->too much:  what a coincidence...this is the exact encore from last tour's boise show i was at.  i'm glad i finally found out that everyone's calling the middle "anyone seen the bridge"...i was sick of trying to explain it to ali as the "little baby jam". overall view: the show was flat out GREAT.  really smooth, and the sets are nice and energy packed.  would have liked to see and hear more r.t.t. stuff and more unreleased songs (i've yet to hear blue water babboon farm live). see ya' at the next show.