Dave Matthews Band
Congress Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Groove Collective
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Lie In Our Graves
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge)
Too Much
The Stone
True Reflections
Two Step
The Last Stop
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Don't Drink the Water
All Along the Watchtower
Typical Situation

Rob B.
The sound and venue were GREAT tonight. The band was in fine form again, and this time the mix was pretty on (though Leroi was still lost on a couple of songs). All in all a fiiiiine show. I think the songs are slightly out of order... #41 -- Nice opener and one of my faves off Crash. Pantala Naga Pampa-> Rapunzel -- Tonight it worked. Maybe it was because Leroi was hard to hear in Montreal that I didn't enjoy this one then. They let it rip and jammed really nicely at the end. Two Step -- I thought this was later in the set. Maybe not. Anyway, a good version, but not changed much from the night before. True Reflections -- Same as Two Step. Solid but the same. One the drive to Ottawa, my friends listened to this one about a dozen times because they got hooked on it. :) Stay -- Really sounded good and this song has potential. It sounded like a DMB song, not a cheesy 80s jingle. I think it was after this song that Dave said, "So, I hear you guys really kicked some New Jersey ass. I'm from Virginia, so I just kind of wipe out on ice." Lie In Our Graves -- I think this was played in the Two Step spot and vise versa. Again, solid but the same as the previous night. Stone -- First time I heard this live and it's a definite keeper. Nice build to it, nice jamming, and then it gets nice and quiet for a few seconds, and then heavy to the finish. So Much To Say-> Pig Jam-> Too Much -- Return of the bridge. Some interesting guitar work at the beginning of Too Much. Crush -- Great sound. You could feel Stefan's bass on this one. They took their time with it and it was sweet. Crash Into Me -- At least this got the whoo-girl beside me to stop yelling "Play track threeeeeeeee!!! I think this was played right after Last Stop, because I remember thinking, "Yo, this is track threeeee on the new album. Be more specific next time!" :) Again played with the electric. Last Stop -- Cool, the same. Don't Drink the Water -- Can't get into it, they've just ruined this song for me from top to bottom for me. Watchtower -- Superb. Stefan again on the bass like a mutha. Smokin. Whatever Boyd's playing is sounding like a keyboard (maybe he took lessons from FutureMan last summer). Shorter then the night before. But great. Encore: Typical Situation -- They kind of flubbed the beginning of the song. Dave did the usual vocal intro to it but he was having problems with his guitar for the first couple of minutes and Leroi was kind of left to improvise over nothing half the time. But when they got it going it was nice to hear. Hallowe'en -- Despite being sore from my first weekend of real exercise since Hallowe'en, I must have jumped three feet in the air when he said, "This is a song about love." Because I knew I had a legit chance of hearing this. Album length version, save for the Carter solo near the end. That guy just dazzles me behind the kit. It was old-school Hallowe'en. And it was chicken eyes. :) Yeah... no Satellite or Billies, so I was happy. An excellent show all around. And tied for number two of 7 with the first Jones Beach show last year. So glad I went. Now I have to look into Saratoga Springs in July... :) This show will be one of the best of the whole tour.
Sam L.
This was an absolutely amazing show.  Of the three concerts I've been to, this was by far the most fantastic, and I was really close to the stage as well.  I've never been so near to dave and the guys before, just pictures and TV.  When they first came on stage I couldn't help but thinking how 3-dimensional they were! The opening band was pretty good.  They got me bouncing to the beat, but I didn't buy their CD or anything. When the guys started with #41, I knew it was going to be a kick-ass show.  Right before Rapunzel someone through a large white thing on stage.  Dave was like "thats a big joint" and pretended to smoke it - it rocked! Lie in Our Graves was really long - fantastic! At the very end of the jam part in the middle of the song before the "reprise" boyd played this really beautiful violin part. Stay was awesome, Leroi's part in that song is great! I was probably one of the few people who knew true reflections, but thats OK, it kicked ass.  Dave didn't do the call and answer parts, but that was ok.  At this point in the show the crowd all shifted over about five feet so I was more in front of Dave, and less boyd.  It was about this point in the show when people started to go nutts.  I kicked in the head a couple times by crowd surfers and less than once a minute they were pulling chicks out of the audience who had passed out or something. So when 2step came, people were ready to go nuts.  Everyone was going crazy. At about this point in the show I noticed a few times chicks getting really pissed and just starting to beat the shit out of guys. At first i couldn't fiigure it out, and then I realized guys were probably going to cop a feel.  And thats bad and all I guess, but girls, if you start just waving your arms around trying to beat one guy up, you gotta understand that you're gonna hurt a lot of innocent people! oh well... Then Dave started whispering THE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE I couldn't figure what he was saying, but then they played the song and it kicked ass! So much to say rocked and at the end I say dave roll his hand around by his ear ina circle, and I was like "YESSSS!!!" cuz I knew that meant ASTB was coming, and I love Stefan's bass part in that.  Then they played 2much, like always after ASTB, except at the begining of the song dave was shifting between the normal F# on the guitar down on the second fret and the F#9 up high on the neck, like in ASTB. Then he tuned the guitar down to Drop-D, which I thought meant DDTW, but suprise, suprise, it was Crush.  There was a new outro to the song.  Kind of a staccato ending. Then came Crash Into Me, with the King of The Castle and the Dixie Chicken outro.  He played it on his electric, of course. THE LAST STOP rocks! I don't care what anyone else says.  I love the parts where everything stops and then starts again, so did the rest of the crowd.  I was so tired by this point.  I could barely stand... DDTW was pretty cool, as was watchtower, Then the encore: Typical Situation.  Dave was all worried about his low E-string being out of tune, so it took them a while to start the first verse. The outro seemed like an evolution from the type of outro they played a lot bak in 94, specifically, I know 2/4/94, except it was just the three beats over and over no strumming inbetween. I just started thinking: Halloween would've been cool, and they started playing it.  Dave said: "This is a rap song" He jsut goes straight from the f chord to the B, no G inbetween, suprise, suprise.  The ending of that song is kind of anticlimatic, I think I like the big drum solo back on recently better, but, oh well... SOme other random notes: Dave kept switching guitars and this other guy would come and take them and tune them up again, a good plan, I think! The venue was totally weird.  It was a big box shaped room, kind of like a gymnasium, but it had a carpet, and the stage was set up on the edge of the long side, as opposed to the short side like normally venues do. It took like a half an hour to get out of the garrage! They sold all the stuff at the t-shirt bar for the same numerical value, nomatter if you had canadian or american money.  Which was bad for me, but for canadians, it mean they were getting t-shirts for about $18 american! Anyone who taped it, I'd love to get a copy! ANyone with other questions feel free to e-mail me!
Michael K.
well, what can one say about this show... i thought the setlist was great.  it had a nice flow to from song to song musically.  it almost felt like they were never going to stop playing. the venue was no less than fantasy for me.  i heard only 4000 tickets were sold and it even didn't feel like that.  it was like having the dave matthews band playing at a wedding.  any and every location in the room was great for sight and sound. it is all too ironic for me that i couldn't get tickets to the giants stadium show, but got the chance to see them in this way is beyond me. in my opinion, there is no one who sings and plays with more passion and spirit than the dave matthews band.  further, the only way to even try to understand and believe what i am saying is to go and see them play live.  seek up...
Nicholas A.
What a great show.  The venue was quite nice, but being form the states, some canadian fans put me off. Many chose to be ignorant to the new album for one, along with unreleased material, such as true reflections, my favorite. Anyway, the show had more energy and dvae and Baoyd were on to perfection. I was happy to see Steffan step up and jam out watchtower and his baseling into crush is something to be reckoned with, it is fuckin' awesome. I'll get to the show now. #41- I was hoping to hear this the first nite in Montreal, My favorite opener.:) PNP>Rapunzel- This is so warm and fuzzy, A great tune played off the new album. Lie In our graves- Great jam out, with the light show, spectacular. Stay- Simply remarkable, the best off the new album. Like the ling jam at the end. True reflections-  I was the only one around me who knew the words. My absoutle fav. of the unreleased. Boyd shines like always. Two Step- Great posistioning for this song. Many think it didn't deserve to be there. I did.:) The Stone: Why not the Dreaming Tree? So Much To Say- Expected it for encore. But still great. Too Much- Even though it is called a "poser song" they jammed the shit out of this. With lights and energy, the best of the night. Crush- Steffan and Boyd shine. Like this tune! Crash- Heard it the night before. Let the canadians hear somehting they know. The Last Stop- Had a friend with me who loves this. This was played so fucking awesome, you have to want to see this song performed. With the pausing and energy biuld up, this has potential to be a GOOD CLOSER IN YEARS TO COME. ENCORE: Typical Situation- Great, so happy this was played. The music, if you really listen to it, is super. Great jam at the beginning. Halloween- Don't know about the lyric change on the new cd, but Dave came through as always. He was running low on vocal chords, but didn't let down, and that's why he is the best.