Dave Matthews Band
Jarry Park Tennis Centre, Montreal, Quebec
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Groove Collective
Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
True Reflections
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Jimi Thing
Lie In Our Graves
Too Much
Don't Drink the Water
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
All Along the Watchtower

Rob B.
It was my sixth DMB show and I would rate this only the fifth best out of them. The band was jazzed tonight and Boyd was on fire, but the acoustics were horrible and a lot of it was muffled because of it. Still a great show. Lots of posers and Crash Into Me whoo-girls. Hot as hell in there. Sound was mediocre. The venue is basically an oversized gymnasium and it was stuffy in there. Out of the 6 DMB shows I've seen, this would be about 5th. Hopefully tomorrow will be more sane and have a couple of different surprizes... Two Step: Nice build, good opener. Pantala Naga Pampa -> Rapunzel. Alright. No warm and fuzzy feeling but nice to hear something different from the boyz. True Reflections: Boyd was showcased the entire night... Pretty much NOBODY in the crowd seemed to know TR at all...  A highlight for me, a chance to get beer for 98% of the crowd. Last Stop: Pretty decent as well. Liked the bridge into the end track. DDTW: Single. You knew they'd play it. Not exactly a favorite of mine, but it was ok. Stay: I thought they had the background singers piped in, turns out it was Carter. The man has range. :) Much better without the annoying cheesy 80s singers. Crush: Nothing spectacular. Stefan was grooving on it though. One of the few times the bass wasn't muffled by the acoustics. Pig: Nice. Probably my favourite of the new ones tonight. I still miss the Don't burn the pig line though. :) Jimi Thing: 13-14 minutes. Nice. Nothing ground-breaking about it. Dave should leave the soloing to the others. Too Much: Standard version. Recently: I always liked this song. Again, almost nobody knew it. LIOG: Nice. One of the night's best. :) The end of this song live always makes me smile. Satellite: Never really got off on this one. Tripping Billies: Nobody recognized the song until about a minute in, after the guitar intro had ended. Stefan and Carter were kicking it at the end... the bass was so good your body could just feeeel it. Encore: Crash: Knew this was coming. *ho hum* I like this song and everything, but it was a little off tonight, and it's just annoying to see all the couples basically having sex to this song in the audience. Watchtower: Smoking version! Boyd had the weirdest effects on this one. Stefan got to play with it first. And Dave had fun with it too. Nice to see they can sort of re-invent this standard.
Justin G.
Great show!  About 2500 people or so indoors.  Acoustics weren't great but difinitly not horrible. Dave and the band were laughing at each other during the songs, nodding heads and pointing fingers, having a good time I saw the MTV 10 spot and i was worried they might have the same energy that they did in atlanta Everyone seemed to be in a good mood a little hot but hey thats every concert. Two step- i had a feeling they would lead with TS  good stuff. True reflections- was a total surprise. Dave said before he played it "This ones an Old One" And the minute i heard boyd start singing i knew it was reflections.  the first non album song of the tour (unreleased). The last stop- and pig- probably the best two new songs played tonight dave was almost crying during the Love Love! lyrics in pig.  Jumping up and down with his Atkins. Too Much- Suck it up fuck it up suck it up fuck it up baby.. funny lyrical change (dave smiling) Watchtower- the best song they could have ended with.  An energetic, role switching, feet jumping version, No reason to get excited! The crowd was probably 60% USA and 40% canada,  I actually ran into a friend of mine from high school and i live in rochester NY.  so you can see the lengths that the US fans will go to. Dave even said "thank you for having me up here, I'm from a country south of here, and i can tell there's others that followed me."  -big cheer, that could be the us fans or everybody because they just heard dave speak and thats why they cheered who knows This tour is just underway, and if they sounded that good last night, They will be smokin' by the end of the tour.
Heath S.
This was my 12th show, and playing wise, I rank it among the top 5, but sound wise it was much lower down on my list. At one point I was about 6th row, and from there the sound was fine. The tennis center is probably the worst venue they have ever played at.  The Opening act of Groove Collective was very good, but a bit long. Now for the lowlights and highlights: Two Step  - Very tight sound and great opener. Pamap Nagala Pampa - I like this short song better as the outro to Jimi Thing, "What Will Become of Me". Rapunzel - Sound was good , nice to finally hear something new in concert True Reflection - This oldy but goody was great. Boyd was in the zone the entire show, and was decked out in a lime green shirt. The Last Stop - I didn't like it when i heard it on the new album, but in concert it rocks, I am starting to dig the Mediterranean sound. Jimi Thing - This rocked the house for more than 15 min. Lie in our Graves - Good as usual, it would have been cool if Bela came out for this, but he didn't Crush - This was awsome, Boyd was on again for this song Too Much - Poser song that they made sound incredible Recently - This song is so good that words can't describe it. BOYD WAS OUT OF CONTROL FOR THIS SONG! He stood on a monitor and was playing is balls off. Stay - Thank God - NO CHESSEY BACKUP SINGERS, just Carter a little bit.  This song is a good song they ruined on the album. Satellite - He had to tend to the posers. Enough said. Don't Drink The Water - Good song, first time I have liked the radio song. This song was 100% better when it was "Weight of the World" with just Dave and Tim. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) - He played with an electric guitar because of his carpel tunnel in his hands.  He had to tend to the posers. All Along the Watchtower - STEPHEN WAS POSSESSED! He was doing some crazy stuff with his bass at the begining of Watchtower. Boyd had some cool effect while plucking his violin. For the first time I saw Dave do an guitar solo - It looks like Tim Reynolds is rubbing off on him. Overall, like I said, the venue sucked, the sound sucked, BUT Dave and the Boys played there balls off, and that is why I am ranking this show so high on my list. Also, Dave is finally learning to mix up his set.  See you all at Giant Stadium.
David R.
Two Step-Incredible once again, great opening choice Pantala Naga Pampa Rapunzel-I don't know how they reproduced such a great sound from the album to the stage like that. Unbelievably cool song. True Reflections-Never heard it before, although most of the fans next to me had. Loved Boyd singing on it, and his violin was sick!! The Last Stop-Great song on the album, hoped they'd play Minarets though. Loved it! Jimi Thing-Really long version. Amazing! Everyone had their turn to shine on this song. Lie In Our Graves-Nice version, not very different, but very nice. Crush-Amazing bass for Stefan. Great build up, climax, awesome violin/sax at the end. Too Much-Got the crowd into it, amazing song! Funked it up even more from Crash. Pig-Unbelievable emotion on Dave's part, especially during the chorus. Recently-MADE MY NIGHT!!!! My favourite song on R2T, but dissapointing on Red Rocks. Played the happy jam where Boyd rocked the place!!! Stay-Much better without the backup singers, Leroi kicked ass at the end Satellite-Nice touch by adding the violin. Don't Drink The Water-Radio version is good, this is 100% better. Amazing emotion again by Dave. Tripping Billies-Cool guitasr intro, Boyd was SICK again. Got really loud at the end where Carter was incredible as usual. Crash Into Me-Nice song, but would have rather heard Dancing Nancies or Typical Situation which would have made my night. All Along The Watchtower-Much better than the Red Rocks version. Stefan was soooo good at the intro. Never saw someone go so high on the bass. Everyone was incredible on this one especially Boyd.
Alex B.
MAN! What a concert!!! (First of all, I would like t say that I speak french and because of that my english is not very good...) I was my second Dave concert (last year 6/6 at Saratoga) I was on the spot at 2pm and the show began at eight sharp. The venue was ok, but it was too hot and warm... I've seen a lot of people (espacially little girl) leaving the show because of that. Groove Collective was nice at the beginning (looks like Dave), but after 30 minutes, they began to be a little repetitive. THEN, THEN... we've waited for 30 minutes... and DAVE & THE BOYS went on the stage and began with an incredible two step!!! Shit, man! This song rocks! But let see the setlist... Two Step: The best opening ever (with Seek up @ Red Rocks), with the summer '97 beginning. NICE!!! Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel: Damn Pantala... should be longer!!! But anyway. Rapunzel was nice. Standard studio version True Reflections: OUT OF NOWHERE! Before that tour, it thought it was the end of the special unreleased songs during the concerts, but there you go! True reflections! It was wicked! Boyd was in shape and my friends that didn't knew the song found it very nice... The Last Stop: VERY COOL. (With the reprise at he end) Jimi Thing: 15 minutes version! Why ask more! "Smoke my mind..." Lie in Our Graves: I wished so much for this song! This is one of my best... And the middle part was little 6-7 minutes and Dave was so happy, and so Carter and Boyd! Crush: My favorite new one. People already knew the lyrics! An extended jam at the end... WOW Too Much: It don't like the studio version of this song, but this one was pretty tight: all the credits go to Dave for this one. Pig: Nice song, but not the best at the concert. I don't know why. Recently: Man!!! What a JAM! A long one, with a Boyd jam, follow by a Leroi one and then Boyd, and then Leroi, and the both!!! OUF! The best Recently version I've heard. Stay: Without the gospels, the song is NICE. But the ending ("Makes ou wanna...stay!") was too long... Satellite: I don't like this song. It was, for my opinion, the worst song of the night. Don't Drink the Water: Very nice tune. Basically the studio version. Tripping Billies: With Two Step, I think they were the two best songs of the night! Oh my god! Tripping is not one of my favorite song, but it rocked so HARD! It was powerful, tight, enjoyable! CRAZY! Encore: Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken): Electric version. Very good. All Along The Watchtower: WHAT?!? Is this possible? No So much to Say? It was unbelievable! I think it was the first time in almost two years they never played this song (except for the Bridge concert/w Neil Young)! Maybe it's because everybody in the place was yelling "WATCHTOWER!" between each song or I don't know. I think it was supposed to be So much to Say but they changed the plan. Boyd did and incredible solo with is violon strings. The ending was incredible. The song was magic!!! The concert was the best in my entire life. The band was intense and everybody (except Leroi sometimes) was so much itno it! They didn't played Seek up, Nancies or #41, but it was a special evening. Dave is the best. I'm going now to Ottawa for tonight's concert. I'm a lucky guy. See my review tomorrow.
Dan C.
Well the venue pretty much sucked...Groove Collective was pretty good for the first 15 minutes or so and then started to really get annoying. Hot as hell in their, but still such a kick ass concert!!!!!!! The band looked like they were having the time of their lives, and especially Boyd was on fire! Stepha had some sick bass solos and Dave is incredible. Two step-great on the bands part, but I found it very hard to here(bad acoustics). Great opener though!! Pantala Naga Pampa, Rapunzel- Man,  wish this was full length it is such a cool song. Rapunzel is an amazing, fun song which Dave sung very well. Pretty much like on the album. True Reflections- an extremely pleasent surprise. I've only heard part of it once on a bootleg, and Boyd impressed me with the vocals. Very cool song. More of the audience then i expected knew it. The Last Stop- great song!I dig the middle-Eastern thing. performed it pretty much like on the album. Jimi Thing- They really jammed this one out! great solos from each band member....such a catchy song! Lie In Our graves- Boyd was smoking!! great vocals by Dave too, but it was very hard to here him come in for the chorus after the violin solo. "I can't believe that...." Crush- I LOVe the chorus! great bass line by Stephan. This is one of my favs from the new one. Too Much- GREAT, ROCKING VERSION! Dave seems to love it. A little too mainstream though. "I eat too much, I drink Too Much, I want too much...Don't smoke enough!!!!!!!" PIG- great emotion on daves part. Another one of my new favs. Gotta love the LOVE! LOVE! part. Recently- Another treat! Very cool version. What a night for Boyd! Stay- So much better without the abnoxious gospal backup singers!! what were they thinking on the album?? It is such a good song that they did a very nice job on. Satelite- very standard but very good. It might be very posery but its stll fantastic. Don't Drink the Water- Everytime I here this song I like it more! great vocals on Daves part and the sax is great as a substitute for Alanis. Trippin Billies! Sick job on this one!!!!! Eat drink and be merry!!!!!!!!!! ENCORE: Crash Into Me- Such a nice mellow song. Sounded good with the electric guitar. I like this more Rock version. Watchtower- Another unexpected treat!!! Boyd and Dave both had kick ass solos on this one and great drumming by Carter! Love the buildup! An Amazing Concert by the guys despite the shitty venue and acoustics. They really seemed to be lovin it!!!!!!!!!!
Doug G.
Well, after an 8 hour drive my entourage arrived at Jarry Park,not sure if the venue was the outdoor stadium or the big building made of sheet metal.Sheet metal it was.I'll get to the show soon, but something cool happened before.I met Leroi!Nice guy, signed an autograph and seemed genuinely pleased to hear me compliment his playing on BTCS.I asked him about the set and he told me he doesn't even look at it until he gets onstage.Oh well.This made my trip worthwhile before the show even started.On to the show. Two Step-short but powerful Pantala->Rapunzel-big crowd reaction,biggest other than DDTW,heavy jam True Reflections-unexpected and very nice,good Boyd vocal and jam Last Stop-my favorite from BTCS, very energetic,surprisingly close to the sound of the album Jimi- expected but nevertheless cool,jam was pretty standard Lie in Our Graves-incredible jam from Boyd,best version i've heard w/o Bela Crush-very nice version,will probably be the next heavy jamming song Too Much-pretty standard,threw in some different chords Pig-another favorite,very powerful version Recently-energetic,nice version,no intros/outros Stay-next Crash into Me,so I'll enjoy this nice song while I can Satellite-standard,big crowd reaction DDTW-much better live IMHO,emotional Billies-standard,but a good closer Crash-zzz...zzzz...zzz...zz... BUT,Dixie Chicken! WATCHTOWER!-great jam by Boyd with some effects on his violin,great to hear Overall a very nice show,no Ants or SMTS,thank God.My tape came out great so I'll be listening to it for a while.
Corey W.
This was my 5th Dave show, and while definitely the best, it was very pleasing. I mean, DMB is still one of the best, if not the best, llive acts out there. Anyway, here's the story PLUSES: 1) Stefan was on fire. He's finally taking a spotlight, especially with the new material. 2) Boyd was the center attraction, tearing the place apart. 3) AS angry as some of the music was, Dave was happy as ever, loving every second of it. MINUSES: 1) The venue was hot, crowded, and terrible acoustics, and the crowd blew. OK, the canadian ladies were gorgeous, but the crowd was too alterna-sleazy for a classic Dave show. 2) C'mon guys, you have easily 40 or so songs that should be mixing in nad out of shows every night. Enough of the same sets for a tour. SONGS: TWO STEP- Great intro, heavy, not as on fire as Red Rocks or older bootlegs, but still a perfect opener. PANTALA>RAPUNZEL-offbeat, quirky, but a soon-to-be show classic, especially with the great Pantala beginning segue. TRUE REFLECTION-for a show with no surprises, this was the jackpot. Like the rest of the show, Boyd ripped it up, this time on vocals. This song should definitely be recorded at some point. THE LAST STOP-like all my friends, this is my least favorite new track, but hte live version, with Dave's intense wailing, may eventually convince me otherwise. JIMI THING- In the latter part of this 15 or so minute jam, Dave started some lead guitar jams, something as far as I know, he has never done before. Just great LIE IN OUR GRAVES- what a concert fav. Nothing out of the ordinary, but here the ordinary is more than satisfactory anyway. CRUSH: The best song on Before these Crowded streets. Being the first show w/ the album out, everyone sany along, loved it. Is it your favorite too? stop by my DMB page, w/ a top ten songs competition where I'll post anything you send on the page, at     stop by and post. TOO MUCH- surprisingly great, with some crazy ending jams. PIG- what a well written song, a great live carry over from the new album. RECENTLY- nothing special, but an enjoyable oldie. STAY- don't hate me, but i love the female vocals, but without them was even better, although the ending was so repetitive. Still, what a happy jam SATELLITE- If I had a girlfriend there, what a nice romantic song to cuddle, otherwise, bu-bye. DON'T DRINK THE WATER- One of my favorite Dave songs, especially in concert, it marked the beginning of a tear-it-up kickass ending. So intense at the end, it was acceptable as a replacement for an angry Halloween which I would have loved to hear. TRIPPING BILLIES- The classic closer, this version was sicker than ever. The highlight of the show hands down, and I"m not even a tripping fan. E: CRASH INTO ME: had to be played, and it was a nice time to appreciate the band's turue talent. ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER: Yes!!!, no So Much To Say. That enough was good to make me happy, and what a crazy, wild awesome way to close another great show. I wish they'd bring #41, #36, The Song that Jane Likes, or Ants back to the lineup, but being the only show I'm seeing till Foxboro, It was a fine setlist. Good show, but I hope they mix stuff up more.
Jay S.
News flash for Dave heads:  Dave is sporting a shaved head.  What a great show.  The band was really into it with the exceptionn of Leroi.  He didn't get into the jams.  Boyd was clearly the star of the show.  He played like there was no tommorow.  To all the people pushing and shoving to get to the front:  YOU SUCK!  It's all about a good time.  Way too many teenie boppers.  I saw a girl completely freak when they played Crash.  Get a life.  Oh by the way, the guy who submitted from Tabernacle, I saw you on MTV during Crash Into Me. Two Step:  Great intro.  Like old times.  Nothing spectacular but a great song. Pantala Naga Pampa-->Rapunzel.  Many people didn't know this one.  People had trouble with the odd time beat. True Reflections:  When Dave was tuning his guitar I knew this was coming.   Again no one recognized this song.  Boyd really jammed on this song.  It was good to hear an unreleased song. Last Stop:  Many thought it was Minarets in the begginning.  There was an incredible jam to this.  I love this song.  Jimi thing:  What is a show without it?  It was about a 20 minute song.  Great am with it.  Again Boyd was on fire.  Carter had a cool beat to the jam. LIOG:  Boyd did it again!!  He jammed great.  I was expecting to see Leroi Jam but he just wasn't into it.  Crush:  I really like this song.  It set a mellow mood which was a good break because the show was fast paced.  Dave had so much emotion in this one. Too Much:  Really didn't care for it.  The radio heads loved it though.  Nothing spectacular about it. Pig:  Another new song that was great.  Carter had good backup vocals to it.  Recently:  Totally caught me off guard.  I wasn't expecting them to play it.  There wasn't any "Give you water..." Jam to it.  Overall I was glad to hear it. Stay:  I like this song with or without the backup vocals.  Everyone thinks that this song is cheesy with the backups.  I think it shows that the band is maturing which should be an example to the teenie boppers. Satellite:  I was expecting this one judging by the set lists of this tour.  It was a good take of it.  The radio heads loved it. DDTW:  Dave was very emotional in this.  I could almost hear Bela in this one.  I jusst hope this doesn't turn into an overplayed TB. Tripping:  Speaking of which.  Nothing special about it but a good take.  Again the band was into each song with so emotion that no matter what they played, it was great. Encore: Crash:  You ever see a clip of girl Beatles fans go crazy at the concerts?  That is what the teenie boppers did.  That is a beatiful electric guitar Dave has. Watchtower:  The best version I have ever heard!  Boyd had a great jam plucking away at his violin.  Stephan had a good jam.  This song lit the place.  I was so glad to hear this as the closer rather than SMTS.  Well there you have it and I hope the rest of you are lucky enough to have a show as good as this one.
Greg A.
WOW!! This is my first (definitely not last, though) time seeing the band and they rocked! The venue sucked (seems to be a general consensus) and it was WAY TOO HOT, but the guys played great! Boyd was really in the zone, and they all looked as if they had a great time (except for Leroi, he kept wandering behind the bass rig?!?) At one point, Dave jumped in a little early with a lyric (can't remember the song!), and he and Carter had a great laugh about it... No drum solo!  A little dispappointed with that, but a great show nonetheless!! The set list is listed by others above, so I won't get into it, but here's the high/lowlights for me: HIGHS- 1) Recently - I love this track, great crowd response! 2) Tripping Billies - Again, great response from the crowd! 3) STAY - I agree with above posts, better without the singers! LOWS- 1) No Ants Marching!!  - I realize that all of the hard core fans are probably tired of it, but I would have loved to yelled the "People in every direction" part! 2) No warehouse - My favorite tune!  Maybe in Saratoga (If my wife lets me go...) 3) HEAT!!!  (Although, I felt like I was 18 and in college again, right Jay!?!?) A friend of mine spoke to a secutiry guard and they were planning to have it OUTSIDE if the weather was good, but because it rained the day of the show, they brought it into the sweat-tank! Oh well, what are you gonna do! BTW, I met Dave on Saturday afternoon, and he is really looking forward to the Giants Stadium show...I asked him about it and he said that he was pumped about it!!
Adit S.
Good, small venue made the concert very personal.  Very good setlist with the best songs for Crash (IMO).  Two step was really good.  Surprisingly, everyone knew the words to Stay but not Crush.  Dave forgot the words to the last stop...after the first verse he didn't go into the bridge.  he turned at looked at stefan and carter and then they just went on the the second verse.  I really don't find important to go through every song and comment on it because 1) you all know how good they are in concert and 2) no amount of description compares to the real thing!
Benjamin W.
This was the greatest concert in the world.  However, it was very hot and people started to pass out.  I got there at noon, so i was in the front row in the middle.  dave was about 7 feet from me.  To everyone that was pushing to get position in front, IF YOU WANTED TO BE CLOSER YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THERE EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait until they come to Giants Stadium.  See all of you there!!!
Scott M.
Boyd rules the world. Two Step- It got annoying having to convince everyone that this was actually TS because they opened with something that's not on the album. Boyd whaled as only Boyd can, but overall it was a typical live version of the song. PNP-Rapunzel- This was a great version, sounding much better than what I heard on MTV a few nights earlier. Leroi kicks ass on this song. True Reflections- A total shock. I never would have guessed this. Most of the people (mainly Americans) used this as their beer break. Boyd's singing sounded great. I'd say 95% were clueless as to what this was. Jimi Thing- This pretty much made my night. It could've been longer, but I guess 13 minutes is enough. This is one of Dave's best. Leroi was good. Lie in Our Graves- Basic live version. Pig- Probably the best song of the new one that they played. Carter went crazy at the end. Too Much- Dave had some fun- he said "Smoke Too Much" instead of "Want" and turned the end into "Suck it up, F*ck it up" Dave grinned after. He was just having a good time. Stay- The gospel inger-less version. Thank God. Don't Drink the Water- Stefan rules on this. Finally he rules on something... Tripping Billies- Dave shouldn't open with things that aren't on the album-it confuses people. Boyd went nuts at the end. My favorite live song. Best I've heard. All Along the Watchtower- I didn't think he'd play this either- Boyd's plucking ruled, but still I've heard this one before. This was my second show. The venue really sucked-it was packed and really hot and small.The band sounds better than ever. I want to hear 41 Police.